Did I Just Buy a Porsche for My Birthday

Did I Just Buy a Porsche for My Birthday

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about why people like driving Porsches now this 12 year old Porsche and it’s a
fancy cayman with the big 6-cylinder engine that’s also water-cooled so it
doesn’t have the problems that air-cooled engines have now the engine is more in the middle here you can’t even see it so we’re gonna jack it
up a look at it from the bottom needless to say these things are not easy
to work on when they need work as you can see crawling under the car
there’s the back of the transmission then the engine that’s way up there the
bottom of the sump, catalytic converters you can see there’s not much working
room on these babies but the mid-engine design serves a big purpose if you have
the weight of the vehicle towards the middle of the car that’s for perfect
handling these things are made for serious drivers look inside what does
this baby have six-speed standard transmission that’s what these things
were made for and look in the back seat there is no back seat these are true
sports cars there’s one right so they’re not like the old 911 that were
air-cooled which ran perfectly fine at higher speeds with wind blowing but stop
and go traffic they weren’t all that hot and their a/c systems they were
pretty crappy but these ah they work quite well when they’re working now is
the age they become endless money pits but when they do work they are fun to
drive the a/c systems work perfectly fine in these when they work on when it
breaks start shelling your money out like no tomorrow and of course they
perform they have been seen drilled rotors gigantic Porsche brakes on the
front and in the back even the back ones have drilled rotors in them big old wide
tires for handling and they are fun to drive they’re like modern-day go-karts
but just like go-karts don’t expect a smooth copy ride it’s a tight handling
race car type drive it’s not for the faint of Hearts or somebody wants to be
riding around their living room couch this is the car for you so yes they’re
really fun to drive now just realize those Boxster
engine designs of three cylinders on one side and three on the other they really
aren’t that powerful I mean you can get a four-cylinder Mustang that’s got like
365 horsepower these days yeah there are a lot of fun to drive around that’s for
the overall quality as they age hey it’s nothing special paint’s chipping off
various parts and don’t want you’ve got a big crack you look around there’s wear
and tear plastic still starting to look rugged some of the leather stuff
starting to crack the steering column plastic coating starting to come off and
it’s looking a bit ragged but this baby does have a hundred and forty four
thousand six hundred and twenty three miles on them yeah at first a little bit
of engine oil these things all doing I get older but it’s still got a pretty
solid engine watch you’ll start her up listen to that and as any serious sports car what’s in the middle giant tachometer the speedometer is over on the side you’re serious driver you care
about the RPMs to get maximum power this thing was designed for someone who
what’s the seriously drive a car but of course realize if you seriously want to
drive one of these things you better have some serious money to either buy a
new one in the first place or to repair a used one as it breaks down as they
break there a German luxury car so parts are really expensive with the engine
in the middle a lot of times you got to drop the engine to do any serious work
and you know that’s gonna cost the thought they’re very expensive cars to
maintain have to realize that don’t think you’re gonna buy used one say oh I
got a great deal on use of course you only paid $8,000 for yeah then you’re
gonna pay probably twenty thirty thousand dollars in the next few years
if you seriously drive the car just fixing it as I’ve shown in previous
videos even something as simple as a headlight system they got super
expensive multi-wire switches that go to computers that go to modules to go to
headlight assemblies and if you have to replace the entire headlight system on
one of these things man you’re talking many many thousands of dollars instead
of $10 for a halogen bulb like in my old Celica they may be the same color
but you really can’t compare them in terms of the money you got to spend but
of course handling wise the celica is nothing compared to the Porsche they’re in completely different universe the Porsche handles like a race car this is
just a redone Toyota Corolla after all now if you’ve got an end of supply of
money and you were in a sports car go right ahead and buy one with the
standard transmission they’re real old-school
sports cars but don’t under any any reason you can take off by one that’s
ten fifteen years old that you get dirt cheap for four or five grand or
something because they turn into endless money pits
I have had scores of customers do that in the past and every single one of them
kicked themselves in the rear-end for not listening to me if they actually
bought one what am i customers bought one and heck I think he’s putting like
eight hundred miles a year on the thing and even then he’s thinking about getting
rid of it he says those repairs are driving him nuts
it’s not very many miles, as they age all the complexities those vehicles
start to break and man they are expensive to fix just think they have
two radiators hidden in the front that means the radiator always is instable
all the way to the back where the engine is they get a leak what a
pain-in-the-butt fix and that’s nothing they don’t care what you have to pay to
fix it they handle great everything is for handling and speed and maintenance a it’s an afterthought when they build these things if you can’t afford to pull
the engine to do regular maintenance don’t even think about buying one of
these things I remember years ago I was checking out a Porsche Porsche dealer
for a customer that’s talking one of the German mechanics there now you work on these Porsches all the time what are you driving he said I Drive an f-150 v8 pickup
truck being a really good mechanic he could have easily a florida parce but
hey he wanted to be a Texan and drive a Ford v8 pickup truck they didn’t want to
throw a bunch of money into his car fix that because he made a living fixing
other people’s and he knows what a pain-in-the-butt and how Spencer they
can be to fix them right when they do break down by twisty roads
hey they’re fun for zipping around like a giant go kart as rattly as that may
be just like a go kart it’s got a lot of miles on it so you’re
gonna hear a lot of bumps they’re not silent cars that’s for sure
and this one has an airbag light on and a check engine light I’m gonna check
that out later but heck it still runs pretty good and that’s really the name
of the game for these things fast giant go-karts for zipping around if you’ve
got a lot of spare money to play around so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. With 2.7 million subscribers… come on Scotty, you could afford a nicer example Porsche!! You get what you pay for and it looks like Scotty paid dirt cheap for this one so it's a mess to begin with. Still, I hope you enjoy it and drive it like you stole it! I love Porsche and have owned several of them for over 20 years. Never had issues and their reliability has been awesome, but I take immacluate care of my cars. I will agree with Scotty that parts can be expensive if you buy from the dealer. Shop online and you can find discounted parts from dealers out of state. Keep up the great work Scotty!

  3. 2015 to 2017 Ecoboost mustang 310 hp 320 lb-ft
    2018+ Standard Ecoboost Mustang 310 hp 350 lb-ft
    2020 Ecoboost Mustang Hi output 330 hp
    350 lb-ft.
    So scotty 365 hp? where? i want one lol

  4. Get the Porsche, have some fun before we die, or……. be sensible with money ,the rent, nice shoes, tattoos, clean pants, and oh damn , still die.

  5. You don't have to pull the engine for regular maintenance! Spark plugs are accessible from the rear wheel wells and the timing belt is accessible from behind the seats by removing the fire wall. If you do some research, you will see that these cars are not any more expensive to maintain than other European cars from the same time.

  6. Hey Mr. Scotty, I’m toying with the idea of getting an late ‘80s to early 90’s corvette, or a late ‘90s mustang as a fun/project car. Would you consider either of those to be huge money pits? Mainly just wanting something sporty, without committing a ton of money to it.

  7. I have a 20 year or 911. A lot of what he said I agree with. Its not a daily driver unless your on the highways. But if you enjoy the process of driving. If you enjoy going out on the weekends just to cruise around, there is no car better.

  8. What's the difference between porcupines and Porsche's? On Porsche's the pricks are on the inside, slow down Scotty, you sound like your grasping for air, not good….

  9. So you paid $8k USD for a battered 145k miles Cayman S or you could also buy a $18k for a well maintained Cayman S with 85k miles. Not sure if $10k savings is worth the eventual headaches!

  10. A few years back a friend (wink) drove another friend's new Cayman. He had the beefed ups suspension in his, but it was a paddle-shift automatic. He drove it on a canyon road. He said he thought he was driving fast, but the owner kept saying "punch it, punch it", as I (oops, he) was coming into corners. He said he was hitting corners at 80mph +, which was over 2X the posted limit. So, yes, these babies really do handle amazingly (According to my friends.), and have pretty darn good acceleration as well.
    Since this time my buddy has now replaced his Cayman with a new 911. Maybe he'll let his crazy driving wuss friend drive it again? We'll see. I can't wait to hear the reports. 😉
    Have fun working on that thing, Scotty. Cheers.

  11. OMG !!! Remi Gaillard !!! very nice touch (from a French guy) hahaha

    was… the ceiling cloth pinned with stacks ? lol

  12. Completly Not ture! I have not had an easier car to work on. Yes, you need to spend most time under your car when you need fixing it. Have rebuild rear suspension on my own and I'm not a mechanic. Personally I bought a boxster even older for $2k, it was crashed and it costed a bit to fix it but now I have no issues with it, those engines very reliable when taken care right. I'm happy driving it and don't want to sell it)

  13. I think a great, more affordable option is the e46 M3. Loads of fun without engine out repairs. Hard to think of many other Porsche alternatives.

  14. "Mid engine design… for perfect handling".
    One of the biggest myths in the automotive world. In the hands of a professional driver on a closed course (where you have brake markers) okay.
    For the average driver on the street probing the limits of tire grip, its a poor choice due to snap oversteer.

  15. As a ten year Porsche owner I have to say he is spot on. When they are running great they are one of the best cars to drive, but they are very fragile. He never mentioned suspension issues which are very prevalent on these too. They are weekend toys and not daily drivers.

  16. Everyone, Let the SCOTTY ROAST begin!! Ha Ha ha. You dont have the money 2 buy it, you stole it but only to REV THE ENGINE!! Ha ha ha. Wipe your fingerprints and toss it in the lake after the joyride ScottyO….🚔👈

  17. I dont think people take Scotty seriously anymore. We just love to mess with him and see his new video to see what funny things we say about his advise. 😜

  18. 😘🇩🇪 money pit unreliable go cart with a rough ride. We love the money pit.💐🇩🇪💞 😍😘PORSCHE..👈😜

  19. 💞 LOVIN DA 💸 PIT..💋PORSCHE BMW AUDI AND VOLKS 🇩🇪☝ WOHOOOO!! We love gROWN UP MONEY PIT go carts!! 💪😕👉 💘

  20. Mid-engine is the most impractical and stupid design. They are difficult to work on; often you have to lower the engine to do repairs, which means lots of labor hours and a big repair bill. The radiator is in the front. That means miles of pipes so that the coolant can weave through the chassis to the front and back (hint: leaks).

  21. Do you know the difference between a Audi/BMW and a Porsche driver? The Porsche driver actually knows he is investing in a expensive car that requires expensive maintenance. At least in Germany, Porsches a generally well maintained by their respective owners and Porsche is one of the few luxury car brands where the car actually holds it's value or even goes up. Audi drivers on the other hand buy their overprized car and afterwards don't even have enough money to do an oil change every year. As a result these cars depreciate in value faster than you can count as they are completely beaten down after just 5 or more years.

  22. "And looking at the back seat….THERE IS NO BACKSEAT HAHAHAHA!" This dude just can't go one sentence without trolling.

  23. The shades? You sound and look like you are a car thief, that you stole that Porsche. Moreover, you pronounce "Porsche" the way an illiterate hillbilly would. The 'e' is NOT SILENT! It is German, pronounced "Porsch-eh," you backward illiterate! Furthermore, there are many beat-up Ford F-150 pickups for your lowly kind! No, Scotty "The Car Booster" didn't buy that Porsche, he stole it from a used car lot. The owner's goon brothers will find him and "change his oil" and leave him broken down in an alley.

  24. Have to disagree strongly with Scotty on this one. '03 Carrera 4S with 150K miles. Have it since it was 40K in 2013. They are not as bad or expensive as Scotty says if you work on them yourself. If you don't, then yes, be prepared to pay premium hourly rates to somebody else and premium parts markup as the dealer doesn't accept 2nd hand or replacement parts. They are extremely well made and can handle some serious abuse. As with every other car, if you buy it 2nd hand, know your sh*t before buying and set a budget for yearly maintenance. Some parts are expensive, some others can be had cheaply new, replacement or 2nd hand and is perfectly fine. Hell, I have a new Kia and parts are more expensive on that. Best value years are 01-04 911's provided you take care of the IMS bearing ($400) during the next clutch service. Boxsters and Caymans are even cheaper but don't expect their value to stay up. I drive mine daily and can't be happier. I get on with a smile and get out with a bigger smile, EVERYDAY. Hardly had any issues other than what is expected on any other car. Brakes, alternator, water pump, shocks. Do not expect good MPG as that's NOT what they're meant for. 😀

  25. Scotty _ your awesome

    You remind me of my dead uncle Ned _ but on steroids

    And I miss him_ so your grouse!

    Stupid money pit Porsche’s … I’ll lease one instead_ thanks for the advice

    Stupid money pit maintenance after thoughts

  26. Scotty- Says that the flat horizontally opposed engine layout is old technology and inst reliable when hating on Subaru's.

    Also Scotty- Literally buys a car with a flat 6

  27. The tear and wear isn’t because of Porsche it’s because of the way the owner treated it, I have a 2001 996 and it’s in perfect shape

  28. I’m so confused if you just bought one why are you talking about how expensive they are to fix it? Isn’t that the opposite of what your channel is supposed to do?

  29. I had an 05 boxster. Great car, but , so afraid of the first time something goes wrong (never). Maintenance was more than average but doable for a schmuck like me who does it himself.

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