Did Raccoons Really Eat These Cakes? | The Breakdown Ep. 6

Did Raccoons Really Eat These Cakes? | The Breakdown Ep. 6

– [Narrator] Did raccoons
steal baked goods from a county fair in Ohio? We’re recreating the
crime scene to find out on this episode of “The Breakdown.” (raccoon chitters) (epic music) – [Luke] Down goes the cake. The two tier cake is down. (exciting music) – What’s up, guys? Welcome to “The Breakdown.” I’m Luke Mones and on this episode, we’re taking some raccoons
back to the county fair because of this story. (raccoon chitters) (suspenseful music) – Tuesday and Wednesday,
prior to the fair, we always do our bake good take ins. We had about 932 entries this year and when we placed them in the case on Tuesday night everything was fine. When we got in Wednesday morning, we noticed about four pieces of bread and three cookies were
eaten out of the cases. I just went over to the office and I said, “You know, we have a situation.” – Did you get a good shot of the suspect? – Well, no. We actually never saw the suspect but left his paw prints behind. A picture of one of the cake actually has a complete paw print. It was a raccoon. (dramatic music) – One thing you didn’t see in
that package we just played was the raccoons actually stealing. I think we have the mystery
of the century on our hands. To get to the bottom of this, we have several live raccoons and a replica of the county fair and we’re gonna reenact that crime. Leigh Scheps is on location, interviewing a raccoon
expert to learn more. Let’s go to Leigh. – Tell me why you’re here today. – Because I was contacted
to bring some raccoons in to see if it it feasible that the raccoons ate the baked
goods at a Ohio county fair. – And what do you think? Preliminary guess.
– Absolutely, yes. How come? – Because they’re baked goods. It’s food and they would enjoy it. – Does this raccoon have a name? – Yes, his name is Hankie. – And tell me Hankie’s story. How come you have Hankie? – Hankie was found in
Chatham in a warehouse. The gentleman that had found him brought him home, tried to do what he could for him for a couple of hours
and then found a rehabber and he was put in contact with me and here he is. – Tell me about your role. – I take care of them because without my care or somebody caring enough to get him to a rehab, or they would’ve passed away. – And all this you’re allowed to do and have them at home because you’re a licensed professional. So you’re able to take
care of these raccoons. – Yes, because I have a state permit. – Can you tell me about the raccoons and kind of their human hands. – Their fingers are
jointed just like ours. They have five little fingers and toes. Little pads on the bottom
that are extremely soft and anything really we
can do with our hands, I’ve seen them do. – So-
With their hands. – So they could possibly grab some cake and run off.
– They could grab some cake. Yeah. – And speaking of cake, the baked goods that are here today, tell me about why this is safe for them. – Because the food is made by bakeries that bake for animals. They do not use any preservatives or additives. There’s no sugar, there’s no chocolate. Everything that is in the cake is safe for them to eat. (dramatic music) – I’m just getting word that Leigh Scheps is clearing the scene so as not to interfere
with the reenactment. Only essential camera
crew and animal wranglers are on the scene to
ensure that the evidence is gathered in a sterile environment. Oh, wait. Do we have Leigh Scheps outside
the reenactment facility? Leigh? – Luke, the big question is did a raccoon steal food
from a county fair in Ohio. Paw prints were found at the scene but cops have not yet caught the culprit. Inside this building behind me, we’re about to see whether
that could’ve happened as some suspect. – Thank you, Leigh. Oh, all right. The experiment is starting. Let’s pull up our live feed, guys. Wow. There it is. That’s the county fair scene, complete with bows and decorations and my gosh, those cakes look delicious. That’s a cake with a fish on it, two tier and then we have
one in the shape of a bone. Hmm, okay. Interesting. These cakes are animal friendly. Clearly, they’re likely meant for dogs. I don’t know about you at home but I would love to eat
one of those dog cakes and by that, I mean a cake for dogs and not made of dogs. Oh, it appears we have three young raccoons on the prowl here. Whoa, where are they going? (metal crashing) It doesn’t doesn’t appear
they’re going for the cakes. My God, hey raccoons! The cake’s the other way. They don’t seem particularly interested in these baked goods, folks. Wow, they seem like
they’re more into playing with those props then the cakes. Am I crazy? I know I’m crazy but they’re
just not attacking those cakes. This is disheartening and enlightening and I don’t know how to react. We need some perspective here. Can we get Leigh Scheps back? We can? Leigh? Leigh? Can you hear me? Leigh? Leigh, there you are. What’s the mood like outside the facility? – Luke, it’s really nail biting inside. It’s very tense. No one knows how this
is going to turn out. – Well said. We need to let this
play out a little longer but I have to say that the result so far is that they’re barely even interested in going to the county fair to have a special time
with cake and treats. They’re just hanging out
off set and playing around. I gotta wonder, my friends, if these raccoons are showing
little to no interest in cake could their cousins in
Ohio have been capable of stealing those sweets? Do raccoons hate cake? Can we get Leigh back? Leigh? In a word, your thoughts
on today’s results. – Luke, it appears the
raccoons did not eat the food in our safe taste test so could a raccoon really be the prime suspect in that theft case? Cops might wanna
reevaluate a possible perp. For Inside Edition’s, “The Breakdown,” I’m Leigh Scheps. – Thank you, Leigh. Wait. What? (dramatic music)
Hold on. I’m just getting word
now that Leigh Scheps is rushing back to the
newsroom to confront Ann Blair, the county fair representative who said the raccoons where thieves. Well since we have a moment, those raccoons did such a good job, I’m being informed
they’re getting rewarded. That’s right. They’re being rewarded
with their favorite fruits, bananas and blueberries. Maybe some kisses on the nose. Fruit is being placed on the
county fair set as we speak. Yeah, look at that. They didn’t go for the cakes, but the fruit will win them over. (laughing) Down goes the cake! The two tier cake is down! God bless them! It’s been a long day full of surprises and they’ve earned this. (raccoon eating cake) He’s going to town on that bone cake. That sounds inappropriate. And down goes the bone cake. Look at that. It was just a matter of time, folks. And in the end, the
cake known as Mr. Fishy is all that remains unharmed. All three raccoons are now fully at home at that county fair, filling their little bellies with fruit and frankly, it’s just… It’s just beautiful. Okay, I’m getting word
now that Leigh Scheps is back in the newsroom and she’s ready to confront Ann Blair. – It was a raccoon. – Let’s watch that. – Ann, it’s been two years. What’s the status on
the Baked Goods Bandit? – Well, the Baked Goods Bandit, as far as we know, is still out there. We are searching for him still, hoping now that, you know, he’s caught soon because
fair is coming up. However, we do have some plans. – Plans? What kind of plans? – Having a hunt during the fair for people to be able to
find the Baked Goods Bandit. – Is the number one
suspect still a raccoon? – Yes, it is. Yes. – [Leigh] Tell me why. – There has been traces
in the building since then as well as over the wintertime. He has left traces. – Still traces. So you’ve gotten more paw prints. You’ve gotten more fingerprints. You’ve gotten more evidence. But yet for some reason, you still can’t seem to
track down this raccoon. – He seems to be very clever or he has some companions
that are actually helping him. So I think there’s more
than one involved here. – Why is this festival so
important for your community? – The Great Geauga County Fair is the oldest fair in the state of Ohio. We will be celebrating our
200th anniversary in 2022 and it’s a great fair. It’s very well attended and
it brings a lot of people into our community and
really put Burton on the map. – We did an experiment to see
whether a Baked Goods Bandit, this raccoon that you so
call say is the suspect, would eat cakes and
you know what happened? – I am not quite sure. I would assume he would because they are quite hungry all the time unless you have a full raccoon (laughs). – The raccoons did not eat those cakes. What do you have to say? – Well, I think then maybe the, what you guys made was not
something that they like. We definitely, our
bakers made edible cakes that were for humans and as the evidence showed before, it was very clear that they enjoyed them. – Well Ann, our experiment
proved otherwise. So do you wanna apologize for falsely accusing these raccoons? – Actually, I don’t want to apologize. Maybe your bakers, the
raccoons didn’t like how your bakers baked. – Are you saying that on the record? – Yes. – You might wanna look at another suspect. That’s all I’ll say. – Okay. I will let our fair directors know that. (raccoon chitters) – And now here she is- – Hey guys, it’s me again. Luke, different than that Luke. This is the comments section. This is the raccoon show and there was one comment that really stood out for us this week. Raccoon Clan commented, “I’m surprised I’m not
on Inside Edition yet. I wear a raccoon mask
when I walk my husky. XD. Did you know we were
gonna do a raccoon show? Congratulations. You made it on Inside Edition. – We have Leigh Scheps in the studio. Leigh, welcome. – Hey. – Leigh, you’ve had a
very long day of reporting and we are grateful for what
you’ve done for those animals. Thank you for your service.
– Oh my gosh. Yeah, it was fun putting it together. – Leigh, were you surprised
when you confronted Ann Blair of the Geauga County Fair, that she refused to back
down from her stance that these raccoons were petty thieves? – I was surprised but you can also see why they would blame a raccoon because they’re so prevalent,
I guess, in this area that they would just automatically
assume it was a raccoon. – One thing I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little boy is
hold a raccoon like a baby and rock it to sleep. Have you ever done that? – No. No. No. – [Male] You wanna hold him? – No. – [Male] Are you positive? – Yeah. – [Male] Okay. Thank you. – It’s not for everybody. I get that. – Leigh, what else
should we know about you and what’s it like being a
reporter here on Inside Edition? – Well I love being a reporter. I’ve been a reporter
for more than 11 years. That’s my favorite thing to do is tell other people’s stories. – Great. – Especially the heartwarming
and inspirational ones like Giovanni Mazza,
who’s the teen violinist who performs hip hop at NBA games. And also, like, teens
like Micaela Diamond, who, she’s a teen and she’s
playing Cher on Broadway. – All right, Leigh Scheps, it’s time for some raccoon facts. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – [Man] Raccoon facts. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – Is this bowl there are cards and on the cards? – Facts? – And the facts are about? – Raccoons. – Thank you. It’s important to mention
that neither of us have seen these before. We will be reading these raccoon facts for the very first time. Leigh, please take a
card and start us off. – All right. President Calvin Coolidge had a pet raccoon named Rebecca. Rebecca was originally meant to become meat for Thanksgiving
dinner at the White House but was adopted by Coolidge instead. – Huh. – So they adopted a raccoon over turkey. That’s basically what this says. – And Thanksgiving was never the same. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – [Man] Raccoon facts. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – Raccoons tiny clawed hands
are great for climbing. And they are also very sensitive to touch. Compared with most, please don’t read my raccoon fact. Compared with most mammals, raccoons have four to five times more sensory cells in their paws. – Yeah, they have it so they can use the five finger discount. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – [Man] Raccoon facts. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – Raccoons often wash
the food they consume. They will pick up a food item, inspect and rub it to remove unwanted bits and pieces before eating it like we do with fruits and vegetables. – Oh wow. You’ve been washing fruits and vegetables. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – [Man] Raccoon facts. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – There are three species
of raccoons worldwide and the species of raccoon
in the United States is known as the Northern raccoon. Northern raccoons are the
heaviest of the species, weighing up to 30 pounds. Well the American raccoon is the heaviest and frankly, we’re not surprised. – [Leigh] Well they should be because they’re eating our garbage, right? They’re eating garbage
of food that we eat. – [Luke] And you know we
throw away like millions of tons of food.
– A lot of garbage. I didn’t even know there were that many facts about raccoons. I thought it was just,
like, a two line blurb and that it’s like, “They’re small and they eat garbage.” – [Man] Raccoon facts. – That was raccoon facts. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. – [Man] Raccoon facts. – [Ghostly Voice] Raccoon facts. (upbeat music) – Thanks for joining us, guys. I’m Luke Mones and we’ll see you next time on “The Breakdown.” (laid back rock music)

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