hello today i start the whole fails from the E36 to remove a lot of fun !! [Music] just before we have to start tell you something I spend most of the week after Feierabend despaired for spare parts
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or a donor vehicle wanted I have all the junkyards and car dealers everything was not so right one but then I got a tip there a 318i convertible a while ago in payment been taken So I was not allowed to film anything like that not again but have a quick one made picture where he was not there In the back corner he stands a 318i facelift convertible also in black the basic body is completely where finished there everything is by look at it that would be the perfect donor vehicle for me but unfortunately does not want further down with the price as 800 € and I do not want more than 500 € spend and we have not yet found each other I left him my number there let’s see what’s left out there But I’m good things I hold you up to date so now we catch First of all I take the destroyed one Bumper from here you have to Remove the bumper and the cover for the towing loop that is missing from me then the four nuts with a 13mm screw off it’s missing from me next step would be the two now screws on both sides in the wheel arches to unscrew but here are missing the wheel shells because The crimped wheel arches you can the do not mount anymore so this falls away but somewhere has the bumper here be attached and there are the superbrains thought we hammered at that time just screw a hole through it countered finished as you can see it really holds bomb moderate my task is now to unscrew the screw [Music] [Music] so next step the plug of the put on fog lights that’s easier said than done think this one has chewing gum stuck but well let’s see it goes well but that’s the original plug not synonymous other side is synonymous Well next step the bumper or something there is still some left to pull forward next step remove the bonnet First, support the bonnet well so she does not fall on the pear now the hose for the Disc washing nozzles from here is the y piece Process is so off next the plug of the Engine compartment lighting stake out but they have the plug nice probably wrapped up holdase canceled luster clamp between hewn moment I get the right tool Remove the gas springs on both sides next step with a 10mm nut the unscrew our screw and the only loosen upper screw Now you can remove the bonnet I have something laid out here so nothing scratched Next Step remove the two headlights you just screw the 2 screws usually with an 8mm nut off it’s three at the original headlight one must key with a 19mm hold against this here are the headlights with now you can set the simply pull the headlight out to the front and simply peel off the entire plug next step the two parts of the front fairing has to dismantle for this you screw the two here and here with a 10mm unscrew and on both sides now just screw the two here and here with an 8mm nut look the same on the other side as the next step I build the both fenders off that’s almost it Same as the e46 of it I already have made a video and I link you here up in the info card I wanted to show you something fast Look at me here how much dirt and earth have gathered here because you can yes planting vegetables, madness, right? the two fenders are off Now let’s take a look at it like that behind the fenders with perforations Looks like they are very vulnerable I have everything now as good as possible first wire brush and screwdriver free scratched and am totally happy everything just a little rusty but nothing went through the healthy ones page looks even better [Music] [Music] So I am very surprised that the Ground substance in such a great condition is unbelievable my first conclusion for today the basic body is just mega Well, what’s the cable tree up front a disaster and the rest of the Attachments works that way but I can everything back if it is with the donor vehicle would still work then the project is really super cheap Unfortunately for today I have to go first Timely conclusion and hope that next time with her again be there if you liked it Let me thumb up there if you still have not subscribed to me next time your gina [Music] [Music]

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