Diesel Car Ban – Now Legal

Diesel Car Ban – Now Legal

Hi Guys Hope You Are Doing Well Today We Are Going To Discuss Diesel Car Ban So Lets Get Started So For Past Few Days In Every Newspaper There Is This News About The New Car Rule That Is Passed By The Supreme Court That 10 Year Old Diesel And 15 Year Old Petrol Cars Are Now Legal But There Are Some Terms And Condition So To Know In Detail Watch The Video To The Very End I Will Discuss All The Terms And Condition In Detail And If You Have Tuned In For The First Time Welcome To ThatBeamerGuy Focus Of This Channel Is To Provide You Knowledge About Car Diy’s, Product Reviews And General Maintenance Tips Mainly For Us Indians That Have To Rely On Foreign Youtubers As They Cannot Find This Content In Our Native Language So If You Are Interested Then Please Hit That Subscribe Button And Join The Movement Supreme Court Passed This Rule To Ban 10 Year Old Diesel And 15 Year Old Petrol Cars In Delhi Ncr Because Pollution In Delhi Ncr Was Increasing On A Massive Rate And The Most Pollution Can Be Done By Old And UnMaintained Diesel Car As Every Measure To Stop Pollution In Delhi Ncr Was A Fail But This News Made A Drastic Price Drop In Second Hand Car Market When The News Came That 10 Year Old Diesel And 15 Year Old Petrol Cars Will Be Junked If You Found Driving Old Car Most Individual Panicked And Sold Their Cars For Very Very Cheap Rates It Is Not Necessary That Old Diesel Car Will Pollute The Enviornment New Unmaintained Can Also Pollute The Enviornment I Have A Swift Dezire Zdi 2011 With Over 2,60,000 KM But When You Look At The Condition And How It Drives I Am Sure If You Dont Look At The Km You Wont Be Able To Tell How Old Is This Car Because It Is Properly Maintained So Few Days Back A News Came In The Newspaper That Elaborates The New Rule Passed By Supreme Court So What Are These Rules, Now 10 Year old Diesel And 15 Year Old Petrol Cars Are Now Legal To Drive But You Will Have To Re-Register Your Car In Simple Terms You Need To Pass Your Vehicle As You Do When You Purchase A New Car In India Re-Registration Cost Will Be For Example A Scooter’s New Registration Can Be Done For Rs 1000 So To Register That Same Old Scooter Now You Will Have To Pay Rs 2000 So Now You Will Have To Pay 2Times For Re-Registration On Your Vehicle But If The Re-Registration Is Done You Dont Need To Register Every Year The Date Mentioned On Your New Rc Your Car Will Be Valid To Drive For That Period Supreme Court Has Passed A Rule That You Need To Get Your Vehicle Tested Every 6 Months In This Test Your Vehicle Will Be Tested If Your Vehicle Is Pollution Free Or Not And If Your Vehicle Passes The Test Then You Can Drive The Car Without Any Problem In India There Is A Pollution Certificate That Can Bought For Rs 50-100 This Certificate Determines That Car Is Pollution Free Or Not But India Is India So To Determine The Pollution Level A Nozzle Sensor Is Clipped To Your Exhaust During A Pollution Test I Have Rearly Seen A Pollution Test That Is Done Properly With A Nozzle Once I Was Getting A Pollution Test And The Man Who Was Doing The Test Entered The Pollution Values On The Certificate By Himself When I Asked He Said That Nozzle Is Just To Show People And The Values In The Pollution Certificate Are Entered By Our Staff You Must Be Thinking Every 6 Months For A Pollution Test That Is Just Govt Way Of Making More Money As I Am Sure The Corruption Wont Stop Car Pollution Test Will Be Cleared By Bribing Individuals Maybe, Maybe Not But This Test Can Help To Stop Pollution In U.S This Type Of Test Is Performed For A Very Long Time That Is Known As Emission Test And The Govt Their Emphasis That Whether You Car 1 Year Old Or 30 Years Old If The Car Passes The Emission Test Then It Is Legal To Drive In This Emission Test Car’s Brakes Lights And Also Determines The Pollution Of The Car And If The Windsheild Is Cracked Or Your Car’s Headlight Are Yellow And Fadded Or Car Can Pollute The Enviornment In This Case The Car Will Not Pass The Emission Test So I Think The Decision Made By Supreme Court And I Think This Should Be Implemented Way Before But Better Late Then Ever On This Channel Launch Obd2 Scanner That Is Worth Rs3000 Can Be Yours As This Giveaway Is For The Entire India And If You Want To Win Then Details Are In Video Description It Is Very Simple You Just Need To Subscribe To ThatBeamerguy This Giveaway Will Be Announced On 1000 Subscribers So I Hope You Learnt Something From This Video And If You Liked The Video And You Want To Then Please Hit That Subscribe Button If This Information Was Helpful Do Give This Video A Like And If Not Then Is Also A Dislike Button So Stay Positive And I Will See You In The Next One

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  1. Could you please share more details on getting the fitness certificate 10 year old, it would be a great help if u could make a full video on this topic. It will educate the unaware seller

  2. Sir mere pass beat diesel hai 2012 model delhi NCR mein kitne time tak chala sakta hu bs 4 hai.. ise rakhu ya sale kar du please suggest

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