DINO DAMAGE! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 6

DINO DAMAGE! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 6

(uptempo rock music)
(car engines revving) (tires screeching) – [Gillian] Oh, you think so? – [Orange Car Driver]
Oh ho, I know so. Better get a tune up, bro. (Orange Car Driver laughing – Well, this looks
like a good time to unleash my newest dino. (dramatic music) (dinosaur roaring) (machines whizzing) – Ugh, gotta get
back in that race. (engine revs) Oh, a friendly dino. (dinosaur roaring) (tires screeching) Ah, oh, ah, oh! Help! Help! – Oh man, Gillian’s in trouble. – [Gillian] Help! (tires screeching)
(engine revving) (mechanical cogs turning) (tires screeching)
(engine revving) – [Orange Car Driver
Driver] Sheriff, we’re gonna need some backup. – Ah, oh, ohh, ah! – Do you think this will
really work, sheriff? – I bet my entire
police force on it. (feet thudding against concrete) And there goes my police force. (dinosaur heavy stomping) – Goal! (tires screeching) – Timber! (dinosaur thudding
against ground) – [Scientist] No
sleeping on the job. Wake up! – All they need is a good
ol’ trip to the speed shop. (fast-paced music)

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  1. There's a dino in Hot Wheels city wrecking havoc! Which creature do you want to see in the next episode? Comment below!

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