DINO DEFEAT! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 9

DINO DEFEAT! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 9

(exciting music) (dinosaur roaring) (car beep) (metal crunching) (car beep) (footsteps) (baby dinosaurs laughing) (metal crunching) (eating) (child crying) – New News! Dinos are destroying
everything in their path. But, why? Our Sheriff is on the case. (vehicles crashing) – Ahhh! I don’t feel too
good about this. Yep, I shoulda seen that coming. (helicopter whirring) – Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What could I want with all
these car parts and fuel? Ha ha ha ha! (car engines racing) – [Elliot’s Brother] I
gotta warn you, brother, I’ve never hit it full speed! – [Elliot] Me neither, brother! (engines roaring) – [Car Racer] Oh,
here comes the ground! – [Elliot] Brace yourself! (cars hitting ground) (dinosaurs roaring) – Ha ha ha ha! Your timing is impeccable! Go get ’em! (dinosaurs roaring) (car engine revving) (dinosaur grunting) (car engine revving) (cars hitting pavement) (dinosaur grunting) (tires squealing) (tires crashing) (dinosaur roaring) (loud footsteps) – [Elliot’s Brother]
These guys mean business! (horn honking) – Are you asking for trouble? I just happen to
have them right here. (tires squealing) (cars crashing) (dinosaur roaring) – Oh, I can do this for days! (butting hitting) (car engines revving) (exciting music slowing down) (cars crashing) (flying dinosaurs squawking) (dinosaur roaring) (car crashing) – You got him on
the ropes, Sheriff? (tires squealing) (button pushing) – [Elliot’s Brother]
You can do it, Elliot! (cars crashing) (dinosaur roaring) – Big bro! No! (tires squealing) (engine revving) (button hits) (belly rumbling) (dinosaur groaning) (dinosaur burping) (cars crashing) (dinosaur crying out) (loud footsteps) (crashing) – New News! Hot Wheels City
is safe for good! All the dinos have
finally been defeated! (exciting music) (engines roaring) (tires squealing) – Good work, little bro! – You too! (roaring) – Uh, that’s a walking shark. – Oh, great! Now they can walk on land? There’s no where safe! (beeping) – Wait a minute. – New News! Creatures have been
spotted in Hot Wheels City! They’re stealing
auto parts and fuel. But for what? (mechanical parts moving) – Ha ha ha ha! I love to weld! I just took an online course. Very satisfactory! (exciting upbeat music)

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