DIY – how to fix front bumper – Car bumper repair – Repair Loose bumper – save $$$$

DIY – how to fix front bumper – Car bumper repair – Repair Loose bumper – save $$$$

Subscribe, Like, Share. Hi, guys welcome to my video today. I’m going to show you how to repair your front bumper So what happened? Is that you can see from the From here that the the clicks for this broke off really the scenes where the screw goes right in? that broke off that usually goes right there with a plastic thing and Then the bottom piece right here you see how that thing I’ll broke off so how do you fix that it’s very hard because the part that attaches from [the] bumper to The frame of the car you know it broke off. So that really you can’t I? Really fix it unless you you know you either replace the whole bumper or if you can get creative Which I’m going to take the cheaper route and I’m going to fix it myself So basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to take off this clip right here simply Take that clip and move it up part of the bumper here where you can drill a hole drill a hole through here And then just move the clip right in the middle and attach it to this guy let’s go ahead and get started So some of the tools you’re going to need you’re going to need a drill the drill bits some of the clips that Go inside here But we’re going to try to reuse this part this part goes bad you can purchase it at your local auto parts store So sit tight and let’s see if we can do this, okay? So to remove this plastic thing is all you need is a screwdriver, and we’re going to pull it [right] off So you just get it right in there? I’m going to pull this out I’m going [to] get this thing in the back. Just push [wait] [for] the key and this thing comes out like that There’s actually this clip here you just push down like that boom it’s going to come out You’re going to see the hole right there, so this guy we’re going to reuse try to reuse it by clipping it up here like [this] we’re going to drill a hole [through] here And a hole through here, so we can just [reattach] this guy so it’s not off fluency like this, okay Okay guys, so I have the clip here and what we want to do is we want to measure to see where we want to put it so the best thing to do is to You know to place it. You [know] right in the middle for somewhere where it’s more stable so what you want to do is first you want to measure and See where you want to place [it] and then after you do that Once you get it to a position where you want. It what you’re going to do is you want to use? You want to use the drill bit I fist adjust [Maxim] lots of locations on the inside of this flap and then there and then [the] bumper so that way you know where to grow And where to place the water make the hole okay? So let’s go ahead and do that Okay, so the clip remember goes with this part going inside this guy, so we’re going to do is we’re going to push it right in like this and You’re going to hear a snap right there So there you can and you can adjust that if you need to move it up or down So I think I’m going to put it right there. I want to Put it together with the inside flap and the bumper so that way I can make Make a mark with my drill bit see where I need to drill the holes and this part into this part of it So let’s do that so then the part of the bumper goes right through here, just like it was before so I have a thing I can mark it here I’m just going to pull that [out] and then [I’m] going to mark this part you With that I have my marker Where I want to do my home, and then for this part. I just take it off, and I can see the mark right there Where I want to make the home somewhere there Okay, so now we’re ready [to] drill the hole and I got my drill bit right here I’m going to start with a really [small] one, and then as the hole you know. I’ll make the hole bigger So we started with this moment? And we’re just going to make the hole where we marked it [sneaking] pretty good, so Let’s get a bigger drill bit and let’s make it a little bit bigger. [so] that’s our screw Goes in smoothly so I can measure the bigger drill bit to see if this one is LC. You can see it. It’s probably [a] good size right down Let’s finish with the big drill bit and drill through the hole here okay, guys now [that] we have drilled our both of the hole what I did notice was [that] the clip and the screw was actually broken as you can see I Broke off so what I did is I went to the auto parts and I found um the trim panel retainer Okay, guys what I did is I put the clip right on the inside panel in the dumper and Then what I did is with the drill bit [I] kind of went through to make sure that the holes are lined up, right? So you can see that the drill goes all the way through [and] so [that] I know that [there] that the holes are lined up and now I can insert my Retainer the Trim panel retainer. It’s going to push your way [through] there and go join these two parts together [okay] guys, so now I push the Retainer what I use is I use this little block, and I just pushed it, right you can see it went through in both of the Bumper and then chair is all sealed and hooked up, [so] you can see this nice and tight so hopefully this video is helpful and your you can fix your bump right now, so you can see – [it’s] pretty good

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  1. Great video. Hate the corolla/camry bodies. Good engines but they've increasingly made their bodies like disposable items that are flimsy and come apart at the slightest impact with parking blocks etc. #NeverAgainToyota … never again.

  2. Video wasn't helpful cause mine is a 2010 civic. But definately inspiring to do a cheap fox instead of changing the bumper, thanks!

  3. what is the actual name of the other piece not the retainer the one that u used to push the retainer through

  4. I have a 2010 Honda Fit and went over the parking block and then backed up and ripped the entire bumper cover right off the car basically! It was just hanging there by something on the inside, so I have a lot more than just doing what you did but that's good to know none the less. How they can design these car so cheaply with nothing but plastic holding the covers on is a big joke. It never would have happened with an older car that was made with steel and metal parts instead of this plastic crap they have nowadays! 😤

  5. I'm,a young women .. I have the same prob. All the auto bodshop want me to,change whole,bumper.. Its $ 1000. So I tell them this video. I didnt show them. Explained what you are done. They said ok and it cost i$100 it is batter but I think I can do myself. Can u tell,me what,i need? I think I need bricket and bolts? But I dont know the name . i have genesis coop.

  6. In many cases it's not that simple. And most of those retainers/clips are not re-useable, I've done a few bumper repairs which have required removing the bumper

  7. Panel retainers! Those are magical words! There’s also “Scrivet clips” I cannot thank you enough for this information

  8. I live in a semi-rural area where not all roads are necessarily paved and terrain can be uneven. I drive a 2012 Subaru impreza … You can only imagine what a disastrous combination this is lol…

  9. This video made my day. It's exactly what I need! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this to help others. It will definitely help me!

  10. I can’t thank you enough Esteban! This is exactly what I needed to do for my Forester. Your video gave me enough information and confidence to get this done, and it looks so much better without that unaligned trim. Keep up the good work!

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