DJ Duvvada Jagannadham | Telugu Full Movie 2017 | Allu Arjun, Pooja Hegde

DJ Duvvada Jagannadham | Telugu Full Movie 2017 | Allu Arjun, Pooja Hegde

What message to the civilized society? Smoking and Alcohol are harmful to health! Mother Annapurna, bless.
Come on all … carefully. Started early morning
to complete by this time Do not forget anything?
Everything is taken care Have you given water to everyone?
Yes. Annapurna Catering … Pure Vegatorian!
(Card delivery) Deal is for 20,000.
Here is 5,000, what is this sir? Forget about the count
I gave it, be happy. Sir please, with your kind heart
offer some more Enough? Need more? In this way despite being too small,
Vamana won the victory against Bali. Grandfather … if God is one,
Why so many forms? and names? to say clearly, We should see
what he does, instead his form To catch up good work
All the people are the form of God! Our good deeds should be visible,
Not us (people behind good deeds). 10 years aged boy is guard of
18 years aged girl, funny What? Will you come into the class? leave.. Your younger brother?
Yes. Sister forgot to take the pen! friend, are they our college students?
How do I know? I only see. We’re freshers (new ones), sir.
What? Are you fresh Our good deeds should be visible,
We are not (people behind good deeds). What’s up? why you feeling shy?
Come on! Do a kiss! They did wrong. Why do you hit him?
What ever happens , we have to bow down! your face is covered with ink?.
otherwise they fire to our house This is not rudimentary, you should never when it’s on the neck I mean, can I remove it,
If I need to fight, father? Open this rudimentary with your hand,
That will be equal to my death. “After two Weeks” “Secunderabad” come to this address with all
these stuff. Ok father. Be careful. It seems rainy
OK. Closed case file, opened again!
Very bad … I will not leave you anyway!
– To leave, you should catch me first How do you use that departmental
pistol? Look at it … brand new! Setting this way, here’s the pressure
Boommum! try with this Hey kid, why are you here
leave the place Hey! Who are you, Get down the
pistol! What do you want Money? Take this! Get down the pistol! Where are you from? Bihar,
Chhattisgad, Orissa, Jharkhand …. Vijayawada, Satyanarayanapuram
agraharam sir Brahmin society! What is your name hey move..move
– who is that? Sir, main accused in college-girl
rape case! – I see. you go. Okey sir, hey sit.. What’s the name I’m asking you! What’s the name Hey, I’m asking the name.
What are you looking at? Jagannatham
Duvvada Jagannatham Why did you shoot him? I’m asking you!
Why did u? can’t you be in control I can’t control over culprit
people like this So, you kill..? As Ravan kidnapped sita,
we are firing at him every year Why shouldn’t fire them, when
they ruin our sisters lives That’s why we are here? We arrest
them and w’ll present in court. How long did it take to
complete this, sir? 3 months, 6 months or
1 year! So what? Until then how did you sleep, sir?
I cannot sleep. That is the reason i m back of that Lala Look at this! All of them have
committed such a crime! I’ve typed in my hand. So
what Everyone sh’d be killed !? Yes, they should be killed, right! If we protect justice
Justice will protect us, sir. I am impressed! The words are breath!
Want to become police like me? No, sir!
Why ?! what if they shoot in the market? My grandfather says “good things Should be
visible, no need of the person behind it” As Arjuna met Lord Krishna,
Now for this Krishna you are Arjuna Lets Sleep from now on, happily Let others also sleep happily like us. Rowdy Sheeters Laala, Osman Bhai,
Narsing being killed in span of days another One terrorist killed! There
is no information to the police? Is the new gangster coming in town?
Say, sir! Why silence? please answer! A new gangster has arrived in the city!
Who is that? We haven’t got his whole information Just got the name.
What sir? What is his name? DJ Present – “vijayawada” Brahmin boy became “Allu Arjun” Oh! Supply in 1 hour!
Why are all standing like this? Jagannadam Sh’d come to complete
Curry – even Pulihora also Waiting for the Jagannadham!
can’t move ahead without Jagannadham Jagannadham is the face of all! Okay
I do not see any work! Where is Jagannadham?
I do not know where he went. I guess, He is there in the market “Stylish Star Allu Arjun
As Duvvada Jagannadham” Hey.. Hey, Stop it! Brahmastra learns to come and play,
What message to the civilized society? Gaanapati sir did not come yet. Enough! Can’t you practice your learnings What is it, yesterday?
A verse has started. Oops! No verse? Lets read the same
doy you know, tell us first? So late, civilized society
What message you want to give? I used to come before! I am impressed
at you and can’t stop you Yes, Dad! I’m coming now It doesn’t feel good, lack of humanity
society should change for sure Yes, Dad!
Are you? Why so late All b’cause of you, what did I say
in the morning? -What did you say? I said, As I encountered cat, I wait for
some time. And what did you say? What did you say To give these messages to everyone.
Not to follow themselves. What happened there?
Scooter tire got punctured. Market got stuck everywhere POLO COOKING FINAL! Get down? Hing? did you add hing? They said no for Hing,
as it is Intercaste marriage Now intercast marriages are every where
even in our society also But, without hing, polo civilized
What message do we give to society? I Just, wash them out Hello, who’s saying?
Hello, Madam. can I speak to Sir? I rules in my house. You tell me Great! You said, do not give hing.
Apart from Hing, polao is the tasteless! However you accepted Brahmin guy,
taste our food also If you do not like it, exclude polao.
Give up the girl. what you say? How so easily? We are
“Kamma” they are “Brahmin” How to leave our girl
alone in Vijayawada Are you kamma? Did not you say?
Do not worry! here in Vijayawada, Godess will bless
you all time Nol problem for your
daughter. Be bold. But, We don’t have negative feelings
Better! Hey! Many of these things has
explained. No controversies, right I’m going to evening prayer.
Sharma, are you coming? All the work seems to be done in
one hand. Nobody is working! Hey, Can’t you stop complain on us
Hey stop, I am coming Don’t mess with uncle,
I know about you, right? “Sanskrit Slokas” What’s up? Can’t reach you on Moble
It is in silent mode. Tell me When will you come to Hyderabad?
One minute! Yes, Dad …? Force! When will be our next cooking
in Hyderabad? -on 23rd but, we will go on 22nd itself Come on 23 June! What is he saying?
– Not listening at all Prepare his wreath program.
Have you agreed to mourn? Sraddha is only for dead people,
not on wedding ceremony. Asking such a strange question what
will the civil society answer? When the words fails, Bullet will serve
– No need, warn them first No warnings, I will kill! Who are you talking about killing? What’s wrong with hearing? Not kill,
I’ll cook. I will cook. Where to see? Tilloo Marchant … entred with construction business.
Now stepped into drug business. Targeting School standard girls
with the help of agents Blackmailing Girls’ parents,
by bad videos of overdosed girls He killed 3 police officers,
who tried to took action on him. First, we will finish his agents
He becomes weak If we kill 10 agents will die,
15 more will be made. Direct attack, let’s switch off main
What do you mean? Talloo marchant Yes, yes, I’m in place.
What did you say? 7th Floor? hey, which floor it is?
– I didn’t count, bro. Oh great team, they didn’t count But, you said 5 people
Here are 4 people only. Yes, he is also here. What darling?
Went to the toilet? come! What’s the name?
Here, who is Tallu Marchant? I’m Tilloo Marchant, it is the 7th floor,
we are 5. Candidate Confirm! Call me later You’re not the architect? I hate to explain my identity!
You tell them, bro, – DJ What? what is it? like school student, DJ Where is buildup, Elivation
a sound introduction Dear all, Presenting the most interesting
and Entertaining Character DJ! Now start the entertainment!
Hey, who is a DJ? Not the DJ who play PUBs
The one who play with Bodies! I saw it for the first time! In front of me
Such gapeap, talk like this! Only once a person looks me,
Then he dies! No 2nd chance If you live like a king,
How do I survive, annihilate you? Say it once, I finish him! You kid, don’t know, not to interfere Sit quietly! The thing is to stop (Aapeyyali)!
Everything sh’d be closed! Hey! What is this “Aapeyyali” again? Your head! What did you come for I got it! However,
Ask the leg well. Then the next thing. Hey, what is the “Adukkovali” (ask) again? Hey this is one of our problems in India!
So many states and so many languages! He did not understand my words!
However, body language can understand! Because, my Body Language Universal! “Aapeyyali” (to stop), that means it! Didn’t you understand? Now understand!
Leave it! Leave brother! “Adukkovali” (ask), that means it! Don’t drag the matter, want me to
pay Tax? -by 30 September, sir. I did not study much like you.
I have read up to this. My dad .. ambitious Be nice, wherever you are. According to him, there is no relation
between education and job. good morning. Shot ready, sir.
Where’s the flower pants, sir? Some people get kick in flower pants,
I got kick in half pants. Whatever you say I get kick in it. “Advertising, Nayudu Constructions” Looking at this guy’s action,
feeling dead.. Don’t see! Who said to see?
Sir, My intention is not to do it. If someone buys it, will buy on the
brand of “Nayudu Constructions” Not for my acting or your direction. I may not a Model,
but role model for many.. What is he saying?
You’re better off. Idiot, I hired you to deal all these,
I want profit, dont want to show my face By name Nayudu, People shoud know
only my construction business Got it, sir. At last, I found the “Agro Diamonds”
chairman. Calling for 3 days. but failed Sir doing wrong. Making a big mistake.
What’s wrong? We’re doing business. Not business, Fraud! We offered plots
at low, Many people paid the money but, we don’t have enough land,
and invested that money in other place, many people approached police already,
don’t know when I get arreted Don’t worry, Have Beer If something happenst,
I w’ll open your name, first What’s up? threatening me?
Do not fear sir! If that’s the case … Taking 5 lakhs per month,
Can’t he take pressure for 5days Don’t play with me. He is alive
take him to hospital They are coming! The traffic is very very bad in Hyderabad. Good, You are her on time Shastri, Have to do something.. Thought to be little
stylish as we came to city For Annapurna Catering’s
own custom policy Everyone has a good
reputation, remember it all. After my last performance, Maithily with her
husband enter like DDLJ’s Shahrukh-Kajal I do not have such a shine!
What !? Before marriage we shouldn’t see
each other, Zodiac sign problems! What is the nonsense happening here
I do not understand anything! What? Only you saw the photo, okay?
Actually, I could not even see the photo. Without a test drive,
we don’t by a car even, How to get married without
seeing the pot !? Hey Shastri, the lady called me Ray!
w’ll do Test drive! I’m excited too! What the hell, Test drive before marriage This offer is bad at all! Listen to this aunt, listen to it.
What is Shastri? The horoscope insults before marriage
Viganshara Shastri going to see girl! Not Viganshara, call me vigs.
Vig is not your head! You see? He omitted name before marriage,
After marriage, he forget us! I said before! Hey you stop! Jagannadham we will take care of cooking,
you take care of your friend Leave me on this matter!
Hold him with me. At any cost you can’t see her
before marriage, Thats fix Maithili asking at every 1 hour, Leave me
just for 1 Hour, please No need! To know about the bride,
I’m going to know, I’m telling you. you will go in my place?! You did not even exchange your photos
What’s up if I go. It will be informed about it,
Zodiac provisions will also be protected. Did not say that this! Listen, so listen! Silence! What’s up? asked to meet at Swimming Pool,
will they meet in pool? Oh my god! What are all these You can’t do
censor before marriage However, getting married in 2 days
– So what Movie should be shown on time only!
Can’t show the climax in teaser! After such a small costume,
What message to the civilized society? There is no problem. The pot is well.
Not Tempting I am her to talk decently, not in half dress I just you about you, right?.
Sit down … let’s talk. I’ll ask a question.
I will answer the way society feel proud. Tell me! Can you cook?
what you say? What Can Cook !? Can you? Not a problem, I can do it well.
Can you? How to cook polo, say. All said right. But,
what about Hing? where is Hing! Without hing, we will go to hell.
 Really? Yes, absolutely! Next question, what about children?
After marriage the child will certainly come! I mean, if it takes 2-3 years to wait … For gifts given by God,
Why will I wait so much? I don’t wear even socks, how can I wear …..!
Not possible! What socks! If needed,
I will make you wear shoes! oh, She is totally ineligible! I need to
talk to my aunt about you Actually, I am the pot. Actually, I’m the bride. Just give a miss call, Will be there I know why I’m thinking!
Get rid of thoughts! do! Say, Mythu.
Can you meet once? Asked to come like Salman Khan, right?
– Up to you Not only on the bare-salman khan,
Looks like Babe! See, What ‘s happening Shastri, Vigneshwar Shastri You have heard
the name! That’s why you have chosen! What is the matter What are these Poses
in half dress at midnight Asked you, not to show face even.
Here you showing ….! getting married in 2 days, Whats wrong?
You need Sharstri’s permission for all? Think of me, If I say Uncle-Auntie
marriage w’ll be cancelled! Be careful! Pooja, like the cold head
manage them. Please It is not Shastri. Think you are in the place of
Vigneshwar, -Yes, I have. So what I think I’m in the place of Maithyl,
Yes, there. So what Do not you like me
I’m not good to see? Your figure is so.. super! That day
during the swimming pool …..! What is it? by telling me, what are you doing? Our wedding tomorrow.
Then, the first night should follow waiting 1 more minute here,
Feeling high fever Mythil ….
Maithil! Come on from here. Come! You should remove like this only after
marriage, all right? Got his weaknesses!
I’ll do a good deal tomorrow. When there is such a cough,
why to sit beside the oven? Can’t you stay with you daughter We can’t stay at the girl’s house,
Not sure that they take care Not for free, Helping in Kitchen,
bringing kids from school, like so.. I used to do all this before. Now the technology has not increased!
Being sold online, Home delivery. The Kids are taking the school bus.
Where is my work? Hey Jagannadham, With this smart
technology people should come close people should come close,
why gap is increasing Problems are not with technologies, Uncle
Problems are among the people to use it. Excuse me! Who made the coffee?
Who made the coffee? Hello, who? I said right, ladies will dominate,
these days are not for good relations Who made this coffee?
Looking for a long time! You started a brawl! Yes, I made this coffee. If there was
an Oscar, it could come to this coffee! Yes! this coffee, worth oscar award What’s up? Why are you coming close? Why are you taking me close? What’s up? What are these Kicks up
Do you want to tell this society with this act? Kohli kills six, what do you do? Claps!
Evergreen dance? Whistle! Made coffee good in our city,
This is how we praise them! Who made this sweet?
It’s me! I am Then, I have to parise you. Hey make it fast, Marriage finished long
back, How much time you want to close Hey, I am leaving
Where are you going by leaving this work We are in Hyderabad, right? may be
going to daughter’s house – Ok leave Uncle, forgot the bag!
Your losing your memory. And, you also … not
cylinder, Will be the oven! Nobody helps even upon asking, but you..
without asking.. I can understand everything
by looking at your eyes. I don’t know how to feel at my daughter,
but feeling bad for not having son like you Am I not your son? You are
More than my parents. I grew up in your hands. OK, I leave.
Yes, carefully. Hi Pooja, – Bye Shastri
– Hey Pooja, wait They got married.
– So next marriage, right? If You talk openly like this,
Iam feeling shy She has to be shamed, Pooja reading
at the best fashion college in India thought of leaving to Italy
or Paris for Master’s You think, she gets married to you, and live
her rest of the life in kitchen with you? Shastri … Actually, we just played
prank to deviate you form groom Entertainment for me and enjoyment
for you, balanced right?, -Balanced? No heart feelings, right? So, keep your flowers to you. Shastri
has adapted the flowers in his ears. Stop!.. Listen, tell me frankly if you don’t
like me. don’t criticize my occupation if you can’t say good things, don’t say bad even.
Filling 10 people’s stomach is not a crime. You are in my heart, but
hurt it with your words I’m Wonderful! you can’t realise it now.
You will be back with love in your heart! In our fire of unfinished love,
You’re gonna get fired Remember! Shastri, why you gettint tired
– not tired, it fired.. Fire! Last word, Do you know what an english
writer said about relationship of lovers? The relationship betwen two
lovers, sh’d be like gas stove And lighter Shoudn’t
be like fire and water. I doesn’t know English much. forgive me If
Grammar is wrong, congratulate me if correct Bye.. Very happy, Two things
I could thought I see in my life. 1. Shastri will love, 2. Shastri will apologize,
These two things were seen for you. Happy life today! Thanks a lot
Thanks a lot! Committed suicide.
What caused suicide! See Jagannatham, I can’t tolert heat … Hey Jagannadham, one said that
the land at low prices. So, I deposited all my income in
the “Agro Diamonds” company. When I’m there to pay last installment … “Agro Diamonds” should be punished
– We stravaed to save this money I gave all the hardships here.
I’m finished! I was destroyed! I used to dream about survival, but now, I
could not find any reason now for the survival For whom you did all these, Father?
You are old, you do not understand. Everyone is asking for plot,
I am ashamed of myself. Death is right for me.
But, it takes courage to die! When I was on the track Instead of train
sound, I hear more of my heartbeat. I stood bravely. No one should get situation like
me to die while having children If you do by mistake, it is wrong.
If you make mistakes, it is fraud! If it is done with hundreds of
people, it is a great sin sir! There is no need for such a
great person in this world. His name is Stephen Prakash. Used to do Cricket bettings
and Hawala business, suddenly became chairman of
“Agro Diamonds” 2 years back Used weakness of middle-class
people and cheated for 9000 crores The middle class is repeatedly deceived! Scams framed for them, They do not
understand these traps. Where’s he now? -Delhi.
Preparing to go to the Supreme Court. He is Sameer Chandra. CEO of
Agro Diamonds CBI arrested him. We always behind goats, leaving the
tiger. That’s our attitude sir. He is not a goat! To be built
Like a nail! Tomorrow he will be witness to the court. If he said truth in the court,
They have to pay 9000 crores That’s why I’m sure they plan to kill him Then …..
We’ll switch off the main! You Kill the people?
You kill before going to court? Call your guys and ask
them to down the gun! DJ, there is no need to be so excited.
It is necessary to save CEO Hey, Connect to our guys! If there is a shot out, I
w’ll blow his head, here! If bullet out there, his head
will be blown like fruit Stop it! Stop! What !?
don’t talk, just stop it! DJ, stop … stop DJ!
His survival is important! Cheated 9000 crores to be recovered.
leave him! Till now you survived for the money!
Now you have to give them! The CEO of Agro Diamond is
accepted to support the court People are dreaming that they
w’ll get their money back Who is DJ? Who is DJ? Its Just an Inquiry? What it’s
my mistake that hired you. If something goes wrong,
we have to pay 9000 crores! Do something! Do something Sir, while you were at the Home Minister,
There was a big scam. How are you feeling I’m proud! Sir!
I’m proud to catch the culprits. I’m not saying,
Believing in the work. Friend..! Friend..! Now, come out now.. Greetings. Home Minister! That’s it. Agro Diamonds.
Tell me, What is your capacity? 9000 crores! You are in strong position. when you
get chance like this, have to use it properly Oh God, I can buy Ministers and
become CM directly! I’m excited What if you disconnect me after
becoming CM, for your sake What if you disconnect me
after brought you out the case That’s why, let’s get my son
married to your daughter Here is his photo with details, he is not
like me, He is lovely lovely boy Fantastic, Bro-in-law, when will
you see your daughter-in-law I don’t need to! My boy is enough
More important than that … What?
DJ! Need information about him,
like I can write his biography DJ … A Book by Royyala Nayudu Oh, awesome!
‘some’? means you like him ‘some’ Ramp Walk to Fashion Show
The only young businessman. His walk, his style! Oh my god!
There are also indoor fans in our college. Here’s the details, call him
and meet in some place. Hi, pooja. Oh! you have my number?
Yes, like you have mien. Dad sent. So, when are you coming to India?
Why am I? You come to Abu Dhabi! You can come in the morning
and return by evening Recently 3 Malls launched here, If you
don’t like me, You can shopping there! Hey.. What a surprise
Welcome Pooja -Thank you so much Pleasure is mine.. Nice shades I like your taste of brands Pooja, This is the biggest coffee
shop in Abu Dhabi, – amazing This is the coolest place to sit
– I really love this place So, how is your day?
Time went very fast today! Time just passed away, but I’m sorry if I
wasted your time definitely not! People forgetting to
enjoy the preset by thinking future I do not like it. I may say “OK” to my father.
– Feeling the same. But, my choice is not enough.
My mom will also have a choice. When will we meet aunty?
It’s never possible! Because, she died 20 years ago.
But, I talk to her every day. Yes, mother, Sorry I had to open Anyhow, she is becoming our family
member! That’s why. sorry! Mother. He is out of here. Tell me now
Ok, sure mother! Mother wishing you.. You too also wish her. Do it ..Do it.. Do wish Mom liked you very much!
Congratulations! Just had Shopping, you could
have bacteria in hand, right? Though we can’t see, it is so
powerful, like my mom. sorry mom! Put your hands … wash well
Wash very well. Now, eat. Nice sandwitch
Please have it, One second.. It is very strong yarn. The pot is tied
to the bride. I’ve got one out of there. Never open it! It will be better if
you keep it. You sh’d be good always No problem, Mom. new, right?
Slowly adapt to all. sorry pooja, talking to mom was delayed.
Sorry, I can’t drop you. You already have a lot
Had spent time My driver is waiting outside. I’m Wonderful! my memories
will burn you a lot! I Love Brands, by Somebody’s brands we
can guess their Taste and Character No! All companies will say, our brand is good
Nobody will say, only good people use our brand That’s why, something with the brand
Should not be verified. If possible, We should become a brand I can’t take you through flights.
But, I thought… make a round entire my area
with you on my scooter What’s up? Then, Awesome!
Chewing gum! Why upside down? I got to know, mad! Some people are far away from them.
Some people are far from how far. How is Shastri now? I was away while near,
I am close to the time away. you are crazy like him? Or did you like crazy?
You stop! What is he? businessman,
That means money is good. What business Annapurna Caterings, Pure Vegetarian Catering! Meaning, cooking and roaming? Dad! on your words, I met Avinash,
Now in my words you w’l meet Shastri. But, what should I say to my friend? Tell, every one gives birth to boy,
But he given to mad? Cook!
Yes, friend. We are totally confused No need to be Confused. All lovers
won’t get married, Vice Versa let your daughter love this cook,
But ask to marry my son. As I said,
Tell her. She is stubborn, gave this card to
meet him with marriage proposal! Murder for Marriage, Murder for
Scam, also muder to make you CM for us murder became profession,
couldn’t move ahead without of it OK. I will see this matter.
What did you do about the DJ? Do not worry, we have our men in
the department, We’ll catch him. OK. What is the name of the cook?
Shastri. Jagannadham Shastri where are you? The church.
What is his name? Suri Babu He needs a job.
I’ll do everything for you. Say sir! I already did a Mistake
with you, how come again? Give me last chance, If I can’t prove
it, I don’t show my face again Okay, okay? But, don’t involve
directly, Just do the direction. Write down, Annapurna Catering..
You will hear good news in 2 hours. Middle class family! can’t survive if you
cut the hands and legs, So.. Kill him Temple, right? Not here,
get him outside. Who is Jagannadham here?
He’s sitting there, he’s It’s been a long time. Need to get prasadam.
Okay, I’ll get it. Priest, how much time we have?
– 15 minutes to offer. enough? enough!, Not even cooked, it would
also be served in this time. Sharma, Open the Rudraksha
Why? Shastri, Don’t forget to keep
Chanting Mantras Sir, he is running, sir. He can’t be missed at any cost!
Let’s ask the team to cover all the ways Whenever I call, your voice is heard confident.
Now you’re scared, who’s scared? Call him I don’t know who are you, How did you get him,
What’s your relation with Stephen He’s a bull! I hired him for my works.
But now he is the most wanted person in this state. So, if you leave him, I will
leave you too, If not … DJ.. It’s DJ Asked him to get Shastri?
How did he caught by DJ? I made a mistake by leaving him once,
Now there is no mistake! If you return the money, stay alive!
If you want to escape, you will die! Nice joke, after very long time
very laughing! I heard many of these jokes. I’m not anonymous,
That you can kill! I’m tsunami! You can’t see me in your life
It’s your boon, you heard my voice By hearing your voice, I guess
your age is 55-60! Your language said, You didn’t study well,
hardly 5th standard, In your lost mind, you confessed
your the big fish, bihind him You are a coward, that’s why you are
using private number Your screams saying that, You have
plenty of money, earned illegally! Whatever you are, wherever you are,
do whatever, I will see you soon The day I see you, that day; Remember
I w’ll kill you the the same day, I see you! Let’s see! Whether you see me, or
I see you, first Hey mad? If you see me or i see you
Both are same … I’m sure, you’re dead. OK. These threats I have seen in movies also.
I waiting ….. Oops, Illiterate! It’s not.. “I Waiting”
it is .. “I am waiting …!” I don’t let you wait for much time
I am coming ….. It is being heard, chairman of Agro Diamonds
Stephen Prakash is now in Telugu state! New Twist in Agro Diamonds Case!
CID investigation begins! There were many like stephen prakash it is not correct Although the CEO is arreste by police,
Stephen Prakash still missing! Unless Steffen Prakash in custody,
This is the case. Have to find Stephen Prakash, Urgent!
All right, sir. It doesn’t have to be said. If not, he, I, you
Everyone will be in trouble! Why do you say that, sir? It is nothing
Do not let it be! Ok sir There was a CM on the phone. Anyway
Stephen will have to catch up! CM Sir is abroad. Now it is midnight there!
Do you suspect me? Do not have a phone abroad? Don’t they have facilities at midnight He is feeling sleepless and calling me
Keep your logic with you! Do not see me My name may be blossom (flower)
But, I do not bloom! Your dialed number is out of the network,
Please try again later. The girl is not there? No.
Get saved! Can be eaten in peace. Madam phone sir!
Tell me, I’m not at home. All right, sir. Madam, I’m your father’s secretary. We are
Now Chennai. Sir busy with an important meeting.
I ask him, call you later. Good! Parise is good to tell lies!
Learned from you, sir. What’s up? Calling again! In Chennai’s Tamil language …
the phone is busy. Hey, are you in the house?
I was kidding with you We know you are a good drama artist
But, I could not forget Shastri! I’m going to “Vijayawada”
I will fix my marriage itself. Breaking News! The minister’s daughter
ran away to marry a cook. What happened next?
After the break, I’m going, bye.
Hey pooja! Listen to me Hey, can you serve curd.
But sir, stone … Even when buying rice, there are stones.
Here it is big. That’s it! Curd please There are not cases against DJ,
Moreover he solved many cases Ask, he has the detials of cases
that DJ solved Do you have the detials of cases,
he solved?. – Yes! 5 years data of MJ Market, Secunderabad,
Mahankali Station.. Five stations like this
The case has been solved. Ask him to find, Is there any common
point between these 5 stations Can you find, any common
point between these 5 stations Not you, That person!
Ask to remove clothe, and bearth ease. Wow! Actually, you got the best man,
I will catch both DJ, Stephen Prakash! after cheating 9000 crores, No one
will come on to the street! There is someone behind you
Who is he? Yes, Dad. Who? Jagannadham?
Yes, Dad. I am Did you go to the Kathyayani’s house?
Where are you noe Whenever we are in Hyderabad, You are
missing for 2 days, did had any secret marriage? What do you say! Can not be heard
better, Close the mouth! All right, I believe you! You want me to bring Kathyayani to home!
will be there, don’t call me till tomorrow Sir, You use punishments
from 3rd degree to 360 degrees of your department,
and get him open up What’s true? What about
You do not understand? Now implies! I see him. leave to me
Shastri, you leave. let’s don’t trouble each other
it’s better you tell the truth If I don’t, You will kill only me!
If I say, He will kill my entire family. Kill me!
I will not say Here, Annapurna catering…
Pure Vegatorian? That second house What’s this kind of sitting!? Will fall!
I’ve fallen on you already! Please smile, once.. See this way, selfie, bro-in-law! Kathu, you take everyone inside.
don’t you come?, coming in some time Paris, America does not turn out, in hype
Do you want to give message to civilized society? First tell me, who is that girl?
Why is she so close, taking Selfi with you? Have seen, Have you noticed
The envy of the girls did not go away. She is, the only daughter of
Gantana Gajapati Shastri. As soon as we born, our parents
fixed our marriage. And, I just know it yesterday.
They will say.. and you agree? Then? How long, I should take
selfies alone? Life is hell, without Supporters at the old age
and without partner at middle age, right! Dear, brother-in-law …
Come on, Kathu … That’s not Shastri. I’m back to my misunderstandings
In fact, I realized my love, when I was away from you. Hey, you wait All my thoughts filled with you only
Now, you are there everywhere with me! Now you understand? Yes.
Did you think our love is normal? Excellent.. Now I’m convinced. But your parents?
I’ll explain them. You manage your house How to manage? You are already
been there as a big trouble in the house! Think about me once
Talk to your parents, Shastri. How are you here? Come to meet Shastri.
Mythil! Another auto coming. Vigneshwar? Hey Viggs!
Why do seperate auto Came to get seperate.
That’s the case! Come. what? Did you come for a divorce?
I’m ready in all ways to manage you. On First night, He said, ok to settle in America.
Now, saying, he can’t leave his parents. After marriage, many people have many words
in weakness. I’m also said. What Shastri? Actually, I’m unmarried, right?
There is no such experience. But, at first night you have to commit on
something else, not like this, right! All this is for Shastri!
What did he do again? He is also a mediator in marriage.
It’s a logic too. It’s going to be over! he just said, Maithil. He? For a long time, I see
You supporting me or him? Marriage means Sacrifice!
No family will survive without adjustments I’ve done a lot of sacrifes.
Now ask him to do that. what you say? Are you screwed up?
Vignesh has sacrificed his love! Awesome figure, trials to trap
him exposing her body daily Right? but he never lost his control
It’s called Sacrifice! He never told me about that?
I forgot! He remembered that’s it. How to forget? It doesn’t easy to anyone
to forget that kind of figure, right? There was another. How much she gave the signal!
Vig does not respond. It says Double Sacrifice! There was one another in our hype. But,
He gave the message of Sacrifice to the civilized society. They never bring him in front his parents
like you.. These many affairs?.. for this face! Hey Jagu, so far the topic is divorce
Now, There was doubt about of it. I’m ready to go to America. Viggs?
No more! Who will convince parents now? I said right? after marriage, He forget us.
By higher studies, see what the people are doing now! It’s wrong! I do not want to read!
I forced me to study! Did you hear Shastri? You stumble! Well, you lived in the village,
How did he study so high level? Just for him, we left the village!
Now he says he leaves us for America! Uncle, When you can come to the city your son?
can’t go to America to for his son? What kind of it is, uncle? If you do, Sacrifice. If he did, selfishness.
If you did, right. He did, wrong. If he go to America before wedding, you feel proud,
But, if it is After marriage, thinkinf of ‘leaving’. Well, think about yourself
Fear is not America, your bow If you are a like a father-in-law,
she look like, daughter-in-law. If you are like parent,
She looks like, daughter. That’s why-
Achieving without faith is impossible. There may be change in mediam, but
communication will there at all time There may be change is language..
Not in love.. uncle! Distance can never reduce the love Even then, if you feel loneliness,
Come to my home, What do you say uncle Jagannadham … Why should burden you?
What is there to understand? If a glass rice, a pulse
Increases. What is there to burden? Can’t you be with us in our house? I’m bored! of Eating my mother made meal
You cook for me, aunt? Of course, Shastri! Tell your friend..
he can go whereever he wants? I w’ll be with you Who made this coffee? Who made this coffee?
Tell me quick.. Made a coffee? This coffee can be made by anybody, for anybody
I’ll only marry him! Are you mad, Do it, For that why should
you disturb my marriage But, you said your marriage is fixed?
I said …. So, you are not gonna get married? I’m not that lucky so? I am getting marry
to that polao face.. Your curd face is lucky to get this polao face.
Now on, Whatever you do, should be with me only. So, You have to be praised hard this time
No.. No.. Oh my god Hi, Dad. I’m happy. I’m sending
a gift to you. Check it out. Dad, my marriage is okay. Once you
Check WhatsApp How is the son-in-law, know? Hey, Reddy. Sir.
Find the Royyala Naidu, quickly. Do not forget. “Nayudu” cement. Devotee Hanuman!
Why do you shout? Slow down What’s the cement shall we use to built
bridge to “lanka”? Either cinematography or cement
No compromise about it, Bro. Make it with “Nayudu” cement. The Mahishmati empire is also built
With our “Nayudu” cement The most strong cement
Our “Nayudu” Cement My daughter is going to marry cook!
Sent the selfie! Look at this We have to go there now.
Say ‘OK’ to this proposal, I’m coming soon. Why is he excitd at his photo!
I did not understand anything. I understand everything. What?
Madame marriage fix with the cook! I’m ready! Let’s go
Meanwhile … Why does such a wizard make up?
I’m need to see him, but I don’t want him to see me. You have many arts within you The minister himself came in relation.
We are very happy. That’s right. This is like Krishna
visit Kuchela in history! Though I’m a minister, I am
father of a girl, right? Whatever you say,
So it will be. Take, Sir, made from pure ghee.
Give to me my staff!, first! There is a separate place for them.
go back and eat breakfast. My staff will eat with me!
They are no different from me. Close your mouth, call him, first.
Present the pot! My staff will see him One minute!
I’m calling Dad. What are you doing here, sir?
Everyone is waiting there. Your parents will see me for the first time?
To impress at introduction, little touchup Already you make room in my heart
No need for anything else. Come on … Let me go, you
Do not get out of the car anyway. Oh, your fate was opened! Do not bother!
Why? Home Minister’s son-in-law! Talk to your father-in-law, for a
catering contract in Assembley! Ah! Annapurna catarening in Assembly!
Excellent! What happened to you? Sister!
what happened? Teke left there. What is this? . Where is Stephen Prakash? Do not quarrel with anyone, I was saying.
I did not do anything to anyone, mother. You indulge in Quarrels since
childhood With everyone I swear by God … I don’t know Stephen Prakash.
Believe me at least, Brother. You do not know anything.. I know that. They beat me in thought of I’m Stephen
Prakash, They didn’t listen to me at all If anything happens to me, Please
take care of my Parents, please. Don’t worry… Nothing will happen to you. wrong number, sir! I don’t know Stephen Prakash.
Who gave this no? who are you? 10 people can sleep in peace-
That’s why we started this game, sir. But, for me today
My family is in danger. Are you aftraid, Shastri?
feeling sad, sir. When the children are afraid, parents w’ll give them courage,
When the parents are in fear, I don’t know what to say, sir. Although everyone has retired from the police job,
This station is right here. since years I am like this station, Thought to serve good
for all, every minute Never thought, I will be defeated and
retired one day, like this. Shastri. Okay, 20 years back we started our services
from here, let’s ended up here itself. Leave Stephen away. Not important.
Your family is important. isn’t it? Excuse me, sir
I’m Sorry! I’m sorry, b’cause I’m not going to leave any
one, The question does not arise! Mother, father, sister, you, me-
Whatever happens, do not leave him! In history, Arjuna wanted to stop war
not the Krishna, sir! Once the war is started, shouldn’t
stop so easily, let’s fight to death It’s meaning less to wait for them
Let’s declare the war For him thousands of families have gone,
Do not think of my family alone, sir Let’s go for high this time.
I will hit him, like the way.. All his organs will become obsolete!
His heart will stops beating Then, say, Shastri.
Whatever you say, I will. He feels, No use of attacking my family
Now, he plans to attack me. He doesn’t leave me any way, and I won’t
leave Stephen Prakash any way. Then, the big fish will come out!
This not him, I’m waiting! Swearing by the name of my family
I will kill him the moment I saw him. If not, My name is not Duvvada Jagannadham,
I’m not the son of the Seed! Why this devotional tour, suddenly?
Have you ever gone to “Kashi”? Tell me. By running catering on name “Annapurna”, Lord’s
Ego hurts, if you don’t visit? Is Lord Shiva also egoist?
Why not? Ego had to be worse in the heart. What is the need of Ego to visit a holy place?
nothing like that. Come on, come on! Take care of house, That’s why I’m here.
also pour water to trees at back side Who are you all with the sticks? Where is Stephen Prakash?
Stephen Prakash? Who is that, sir. He can not be DJ, Sir. Don’t think on his innocent expressions!
He is acting with full preparation. Not responing back to our hits.
Grow, grow, increase the dose. Please tell me who’s that sir. Or take me
to him. I explain my trouble to him. He is not the one you thought!
Will be dead, if contineous… Moreover, It becare more crowded In country, Everyone puts attension on
other’s than on themselves Bring him to “Hyderabad”, quick Give me as much as you want.
However, Say your sir’s name. What? What the hell?
Your sir’s name? Nonsense! Since then! Sir’s name! Sir’s name!
Suri, Call the boss and settle the matter! Sir, He is not that one.
Thrash his face, he will come out! He w’ll dead if we hit again!
– Kill him! You heard right! Kill him Sorry brother. Sir asked me to kill you.
Get killed? Killing me? I’m not angry at you, My profession
Sir, gave me the money, I obey the order. Tell your last wish.
I’ll fill up. Want me to serve, hygine vegetarian food Before killing…
Say the name of sir, once That’s against our profession.
Suri, make a quick finish! I can’t do it. My grandmother said, don’t kill
cats and brahmins, will be a great curse. This time, you kill! Sir, first murder in my life, bro’s!
Wish me good luck! Now, Cut the throat Wait a minute! What?
You promised of last wish If you kill me, when this “Rudraksha” on me
You will Go to hell! What if opened?
Chance of going to heaven. I guarantee! Take it off, and kill him Please tell Sir’s name once! Please tell the name of sir! Putting hands together, beg you
Please tell Sir’s name once! Your sir’s name ….
Don’t want to say? See how many people died?
Please tell the name of sir. Brother, say sir’s name.
We are dying! Your grand mother said, not to kill
the cats, dogs… But, forgot to say, not to play with Tigers Royyala Naidu!.. Royyala Naidu! Nayudu Construction’s Royyala Naidu!. said right? brother? asked 1000 times when I was on ground, But
you said when I was on air. Hence you’r there! Your’ bad luck is…
You are little late Very bad timing!
It was on your forehead …. There is no work with him.
give me the gun I know who’s behind you?
Sorry … you’re going to die. What did you know?
-Royyala Nayudu! See his facial expressions, on hearing his name?
Hey, Where is the money? How much is your share? What’s the share, sir?
What’s the share? This is what shares is! If you don’t have any share,
Why did you go to temple to kill DJ? That attack at temple is not for DJ,
It’s to kill, Jagannadham Shastri! Shastri! Why? Royal Nayudu fixed his son’s marriage
with Minster’s daughter But, Minister’s daughter loved Shastri. Believe me, I have no shares.
Royyala Naidu’s son, controls the money Where is he now?
Kill me! But I do not know anything else. To know about Royyala Nayudu’s son,
I have to meet pooja now. Meanwhile get the details about him and
his business, Keep me inform. Sadness changes man into 2 kinds, pooja.
one makes weak, another one makes brave. I am the second one That’s why I’m different. If you think everything is wrong,
You can get out of here. No need to give any explanation! If you think I’m correct, Tell me
complete information on son of Royyala Naidu If someone goes 7 steps ahead,
Should walk the rest of life I’ll keep you in my heart for the rest of
life. – I will be with you forever! Said, He is innocent, will die..
How can it be happen like this Not only that, after a great work on cases
solved by DJ cases, I got one common point What is that?
F.I.R writer “Purushotham”! “Purushotham”! … means, good in men. I take him immediately and makes him up and down
Then, DJ will come out automatically Pooja said. You two colleagues
at fashion institute, right? Generally, How you plan
these marriage functions Simple sir! First we collect client’s information
Then we prepare proper scetch What about my scetch?, – Your scetch
done in Hyderabad itself. Your finished. I mean, Your shopping is finished
by today.. You can come to marrige location, directly.
These are the scetches There may be bacteria in hand, sir.
Those are very powerful. Clean it well!
A little more … 2 side. Well done! My choice is not enough…
My mom will also have a choice. I talk to my mother every day.
fine. I also talk to my father every day. My mother died 20 years ago!
Okay. So, My father died 25 years ago! Yes, Dad. sorry! I had to tell! I’m styling his dress for wedding.
Have to spend much time together, that’s why. You know He too, Talk to his mother. Saying Hi. What?
My dad is telling you ‘hi’. Dad, your voice is breaking..
Dad… It’s clear now … okay.
Want to know about your mom? What’s the name Ther will be so many right? will be easy.
with soul card. What is the soul card? As our ‘national identity card’
Like there is their soul card. Mother is so innocent! She doesn’t had any card
I wonder, How is she getting survive there? What’s the need of survive?
She is dead, right? I mean, to survive there?
have to die here. Is not it? Shall we go shopping?
There is less time for us! where are you? saying Today and Tomorrow
Its about 9000 crores, don’t mess with me Yes, Mom.
Yes, Dad! I’m shopping, mother.
I’m shopping, Dad. I was 7 years old when my mother died,
Then the maid used to take care of me. She used say every day, your mother
left you as burden on me…. Such people should be punished!
Who Should punish? only mother, right? That’s why, I sent her to Mom. I too killed my father. Really, sir. My mother had died in my childhood.
Father used to say same, like your maid That’s why, One fine day,
I sent him to my mother. Playing games with me?
You think, I’m fool? IHow can you talk to your
father, when you are angry with him? Should
talk to your mother!. My mother is angry with me, sir!
Why? I killed my father! Then how can your father talk to you? My father is happy, sir! – Why?
I sent him to my mother? There is a logic! right..
That’s the case. Okay! Hello, where? I already started
to the Airport. What? roof top!
Okay, you stay there. Where are you coming? I too ….
Not required. Stay here Had to face little difficult to get new notes.. Get it in Hyderabad. Where in Hyderabad?
Madina Cafe, Old City. DJ in Hyderabad, Duvvada Jagannadham in
Vijayawada. like, 2 SIM cards in 1 phone. And you are the tower to supply signal! Wanna see, what happens if I involve directly
Come on, tell me where is he? As you got me, He went to get
your son. What?.. my son..! Want me to drop?
No. I have a car too. Besides, lot of marriage works
Okay, I’ll see you in the marriage. Hey, cool! GPS is on in phone. Don’t worry!
He will come in search of me. Hey? Where are you?
There at your place, father. Stop it! Stop it! Did you met DJ?
Yes, I met him. He is very Cool Guy! He’s cool? he is DJ, idiot!
– I know Dad. What do you know? fool! You do not worry, relax! relax..? OK,
Can be taken. Where is the money? here it is…..! Where is the money ?! Give me the suitcase, sir.
And how many times DJ? Don’t make boss me, think friends.
Okay, sir. But, at least jacket.!okay. Cash or card?
Dollar! DJ … the coat … What? Did you give coat to DJ?
That’s not the coat! 9000 crores! Idiot! Don’t fire on me?
I will tell my mother! Will you tell mom? Yes. – Tell her
She was a mad! Had given birth to another crazy! Don’t say anything about Mother..
I don’t care even you are my father! I do nothiong with you and your mother..
Its upto you, Call him for your sake! The day I see you…
I will kill you on the same day! How dare, you cheat me? Sir, please listen to me. I already listened a lot of you! This is also, fraud? Here is your the money!
Money..! Yes, it is your’s
count it, if you don’t believe! My money …
Yes, My father asked me to bring here. Your father? – Yes, Your mother told to my father
My father asked me to bring here. What! His mother told your father,
And your father told you? Yes, Dad. DJ aslo talks to his father like me.
As it is huge money she asked me to help you. Aunty?
Father! Aunty means, my mother! Say thanks to Uncle, DJ!, – Uncle?.
DJ’s father, dad! sorry DJ. My dad is going to be a little confusing.
What? Me !? He is making fun of you, idiot!
He is cheating us! What? If I will cheated, why did brought money here?
Right, father. Why did he broght money here? Hey Look at there. For him
To save him. He should come Who is he, sir? And, why should I save him?
Who is he? Don’t you know him?
I do not know. So, we can kill him, right? See his
facial expressions.. changing bitter.. Tell me the truth, DJ.
Can I ‘ll kill him! Kill him! Yes! Yes! Yes! Kill him!
Kill him right now Kill him, come on Dad, What! Auntie! – Mother..!
What’s up, how ? DJ, What about mother! Can’t you take care being with her..
Mom is safe, right? Idiot! Your mother died 20 years ago!
DJ fools you, fool! Dad, That’s their family matter, right?
How do I say? DJ will say! Tell me DJ..! Your mother crying, for you, killing an
innocent by leaving the one who killed her. Then, who killed my mother?
Tell me! Your father! Me !? Do not believe
He’s making you crazy! Honestly, why did you kill mother? Why should i kill her, I love
her like mad, you know! If he loves much, Why all the business’ on
“Nayudu” name, Why not on the name of “Pullamma” That’s right, father.
Why didn’t you use mother’s name? If you say ‘Pullamma’
Who would buy that thing? See, He didn’t even like the name “Pullamma”
forget her, People are far away! Dad, Don’t you like the name “Pullamma”? I love your mother!, That’s why I didn’t
din’t get married again, after her. If there is so much love, How did he
survived these many years without her? He is doing magic with words
– Kill him first? DJ, want me to kill my father? Let your parents be together atleast
from now on. mother is waiting..! Mom, Dad is coming.
Dad is coming! Sir … Anyway, he is your father.
I will see, you go I said, right? I w’ll kill you, the day
I see you, – Mom, Dad is coming? You.. Mental… Here’s your story
Closing the clock! You filled happy in all the lives,
who ever cheatd by Agro Diamonds Why don’t you meet them
once, They should know you No, sir. Not required.
Why Shastri? My grandfather said in my childhood … Our good deeds should be visible,
We are not (people behind good deeds). Sir, it’s going to be like before
I’ll be waiting for your phone. Agro Diaonds decided to give plots
to all depositors, as committed Till today, You don’t know
my mother, She is very great That’s why I’m going to start project of
residency on my mother’s name”Pullamma” Lets say thanks to “Pullamma”

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