Do I Repair the Old Car or Buy Another Vehicle?? The Challenges of An Older Vehicle | Driving Smart

Do I Repair the Old Car or Buy Another Vehicle?? The Challenges of An Older Vehicle | Driving Smart

[STARTING LIVE STREAM] Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart
Drive Test talking to you today about my vehicle. For those of you who were at the
Smart Sunday live event last week, I talked to you a little bit about the
fact that the vehicle broke down. The 1988 Honda CRV that you’ve seen in most
of my videos. So the vehicle broke down last Sunday on the way back from the
beach. I got it towed back here on Monday I believe because last weekend was Labor
Day weekend. A friend of mine–a couple of us–we changed the fuel pump, and we changed the spark plugs and a couple other things we did, and realized that it was
beyond our ability to fix the vehicle. So long story short, Tuesday I got it towed into the mechanic. The mechanic was really busy because they were catching up after
the long weekend. And because they were really busy they didn’t get a look at it until
yesterday (Friday). And so the mechanic called me late Friday night and said to me that
the problem was that one of the valves was burnt in the top end of the motor
which is an expensive fix. It’s going to be–you know–probably two thousand, three thousand dollars to fix the motor. Now on an older vehicle this is something that
you’re just going to expect. That it’s going to cost you a fair bit of money to
fix the vehicle. Eventually it’s gonna go. So when you’re buying used vehicles this
is something that you’re gonna have to do and as you go through your driving
career at some point what’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna be faced with
this problem. Now the challenges is how much do I love the vehicle? Do I want to
fix it, do I put a new motor in it? You know, a new crate motor is like four or
five thousand dollars. So we’re looking at probably six thousand dollars to
change the motor out. Can I buy another used vehicle for $6,000? Do i fix
the top end because the problem with fixing the top end is then the bottom end
goes, which is one of the things that they talk about in terms of mechanics
and those types of things. So there’s a lot of variables in terms of fixing a
used vehicle whether you want to fix it or not. And if you decide whether to fix
it or not is gonna cost you a lot of money how long is the vehicle going to
last after that because you may or may not know my Honda CRV has three hundred ten thousand kilometers on it, which is about 180 thousand miles. So
it’s a high mileage vehicle. Do I fix it, do I not fix it. You know I
purchased the vehicle three years ago for $3500. I really haven’t done anything
to it except maintenance… you know change the oil, put new tires on it–those types
of things–adjust the valves and whatnot. So I haven’t put a lot of money into the
vehicle. So $2,000, can I buy another vehicle for $2,000 to have it fixed. If I
spend $2,000 on it, how much longer is it gonna last? Is it gonna last six months,
it’s gonna last a year, is it gonna last six weeks, or six days? I mean this is all
variables that you don’t know when you’re trying to get a vehicle fixed. So
these are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself and face. You know,
do I just buy another vehicle, do I change the motor out, and then when
the mechanic’s in there, it’s easier to fix some of the other stuff in there as
well. So the top end gets fixed and then say another thousand dollars and put new
bearings in the main crank and the pistons, and put new rings in it. Do I do
that as well and then basically I’ve got a new motor or do I spend the
money and find a crate motor which is basically a new motor and have a new
motor in it? Or do I find an old vehicle with low miles on a motor and put that
in? Again that’s another variable that you’re not going to… you know
have….you know you’re just not gonna know. It’s another variable.
Sajid…thank you so much for that for your comments. I’m actually live
streaming on my phone, so if I don’t answer you back know what that’s what
I’m doing is live streaming of my phone. Usually I livestream on my computer so
there’s a little bit different with the comments coming through and it actually
worked out fairly well. So yeah, 320,000… I mean that’s really good.
I miss Sajid whether that was miles or kilometers. But these are the questions
that you need to ask. So do I replace the vehicle or do I
repair the vehicle? Today, well I’m thinking about this. Actually I have
until Monday because the mechanics gonna get back to me on Monday about how much it is to rebuild the top end. And you know, if it’s 1,800 to two thousand dollars,
maybe I’m just gonna do that and then go forward, and take my chances on getting the vehicle fixed. So that’s where we’re at and I
haven’t been able to make any videos this week because I haven’t had the car,
but I am working on a video today and I’m hoping to get it up for you tonight
on autonomous vehicles. I’m gonna do that today. That’s my task for today and I
promise you, come whatever, I’m going to get the course up for you: Pass Your
Road Test First Time – GUARANTEED. And I’m gonna keep this under five minutes and
thank you for your comments, thank you for your lovely comments. I’m gonna stop
clapping my hands banging my hands together in emphasis because it doesn’t
come through well on video. So as I said, I’m gonna leave it
there because I just want to keep the video under five minutes around five
minutes. Good luck on your road test, thanks very much for watching. Have a
great day. Yes excellent! Joseph, you passed your road test in one take!
Awesome – that is really great and you are most welcome Seph. That’s terrific news!
It really makes me happy to hear that people are passing their road
tests first-time. Hothot there – have a look at the video on the channel on
fundamentals of driving. Leave a comment for me on the website and I’ll go on the
computer and I’ll type that in for you. But fundamentals of driving. That’s the
video you want and that will help you with your turns, will help you with space
management around your vehicle and it’ll help you to control the primary controls:
the steering wheel, the throttle, and the brake. So know that. Have a look at that.
Okay so as I said we’ll leave it there. Good luck in your road test. Congratulations
to all the smart drivers that are passing. Oh what I was gonna mention is is all the smart drivers who have passed the road test – I’m putting that on
the website for successful smart drivers. And there’s a bit of a glitch with the
website. The IT person is looking at it and he has assured me that he’s gonna
have it fixed for Monday. So we’re gonna get that fixed and then as I said
tomorrow’s live event is at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Smart Sunday
number four and this week’s topic is any question about driving. If your truck
driving, bus driving, you wanna start a career as
a truck or bus driver, or you’re getting a license – I will answer any question
about driving. That’s tomorrow’s topic for Smart Sunday number four. So be sure
to tune in tomorrow 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time for that live event. That’s for those of us here on the coast, so Pacific Standard Time 6 p.m. live event Smart Sunday
number 4. I’m gonna answer any question you have about driving or a driving career.
Good luck in your road test… I paused there! Good luck on your road test. Have a
great day. Thanks very much for showing up. Thanks very much for your comments
and questions. And remember, pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer.
Have a great day. Bye now. [SIGNING OFF]

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  1. Thanks a lot for your amazing videos.. They really helped me too much.. That's why I could pass the driving test so easily.. I always recommend your valuable lessons to friends.. I wish you all the best and please keep on motivating people

  2. Because it's a Honda with a manual, I would fix it up. You never know with another vehicle, you might get more issues. You should be able to get at least another 100,000 km on it, easily. And the body is in good shape. If it was an automatic CRV, I'd junk it. Since the automatics have a high failure rate, I wouldn't put work into the engine, since the transmission would be prone to failure, especially at 300K. Some people spend $3,000 and more to rebuild transmissions in those cars.Have you every considered buying a used engine from Japan for that Honda. Some have really low miles (~30,000 miles).

  3. hello there, i hope all goes well with your car. and with the comment from Brian Lawrance, i would check out eric the car guys forum you probably can get someone to help you with your question you may have.
    i would also look for a local Honda mechanic who could help you with your issues with the car and for a new motor for the car. best of luck with your car.

  4. Hi Rick, honestly your car has over 300,000 Kms and its 19 years old. New cars have many new features and if you want u can still get a manual in a suv. Look at the Subaru Forster, they come in manual still. Honda is always a safe bet. New cars are also safer and have more power. I hope you come to a decision soon!

  5. Sorry to hear that about your car and thinknyou for your videos helped me pass my permit and license both only missed two things my opinion if you can fix itbfor under about 4 to 5 grand then just get something new

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