Do Parents Know Secret Emoji Meanings?

– I know this one.
– Well that’s a schlong! – Really?
Did you know this? – My 15 year old knows what
a drugs for sale emoji sentence is? What’s the matter with my parenting? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So we have
a fun challenge today for our parents in the cast. Can you tell us who you’re with? – I’m here with Sophie, my daughter.
– Yeah, hey! – This is my daughter Asia!
– Hi. – She’s awesome! – This is my son, Hunter. Oh look how cute he is.
Isn’t he adorable? He’s so cute! – (FBE) How do you guys feel
about emojis? – I am a big fan of emojis. I communicate in emoji
quite frequently. – She puts emojis
when she like jokes around, but it comes off mean,
and so then she has to put emojis– – That’s not true!
– So everybody knows she’s joking. – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
be testing your knowledge of secret emoji implications.
– Secret emoji implications? Woo, I don’t even think
she even know what secret emojis is. – I know a lot, I know a lot, okay? – Well I know the eggplant is a wink,
it’s a, it’s a, it’s a penis. – It creates a whole nother little
slanguage or something, you know? – (FBE) Slanguage?
– He said slanguage. – Yeah! – (FBE) So in your first round,
we’ll just be seeing if you know the second meaning
of single emojis. In our second round,
I’ll show you some emoji phrases that you’ll have to translate. And our third round will be
testing your newfound emoji knowledge with some pop culture references. Sound good?
– Oh fantastic. That sounds super fun. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) What does this mean?
– I don’t know. (laughs) Goat.
(both laugh) She’s a goat, she’s a goat,
she’s a goat, that’s all I got. – Greatest of all times?
– Yeah! – Greatest of all time!
– Yeah. – Right? Ugh! – Greatest of all time!
– GOAT! I’m the GOAT!
– Okay, what does it mean? – It means the greatest of all time!
– Okay. – Can I tell him?
– I’m the GOAT, I’m the GOAT. That means you’re
the greatest of all time. – There you go!
– GOAT, yes! – Okay, dad.
– Yes! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, you got one.
Here’s your next one. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Just a little bit. What does that mean?
– Tiny violin? That’s all I can think of.
– I know what this is! – Ooh, the second meaning that, that means that he’s
coming up a little short. In the bedroom. – I’m assuming it means
like just a little bit? Or does it mean small penis?
(laughs) – The second one.
– Oh, bummer! – Little. I’m gonna guess that one is for
how was your date? (laughs) And the person would say
“he was…” (laughs) – (FBE) That’s correct! While it is a tiny amount,
this emoji does have a second meaning that is referring specifically
to one small thing. – Uh, [bleep] size?
– Yeah. I knew that.
– Okay, okay. – I didn’t even know that!
Maybe ’cause it’s zoomed in, I don’t know.
– I told you she wasn’t gonna. – I would have never thought that. – Yep.
– Dang! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Oh my God.
I use that emoji all the time. – All the time.
– Literally every five seconds, because that’s what my dog
Ginger Peaches looks like. So I don’t know what
the rest of the world uses that emoji for,
but I use it for my dog. – Nasty dog.
You nasty dog! – It’s also meaning that you’re ugly,
because if someone’s called a dog, they’re ugly.
– Oh maybe like mmm. I’m hungry.
Mmm, doggy style? – I have no idea what the second
meaning of this would be, if it doesn’t mean adorable. – (FBE) So all the dogs are super cute
since this can be used as an insult to call somebody a bitch. – What?
– Are you serious? – Just say bitch.
Like why would you want to send a dog. That doesn’t make sense to me.
– Asia, you said bitch. – Okay.
– I’ve never seen that used, but I understand that.
– I’m gonna start using that then. – Bitch!
– It’s right in front of… – I said female dog! – I guess Ginger Peaches is a bitch,
in the kindest sense of the word. So I feel like…
– Female dog. – Yeah, it would be a double entendre.
– What a bitch. – If I sent it. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Next up is…
– Okay, movie camera. Old school movie camera,
like from my day, not from your day. – Yeah. – Um, I’m assuming it means
go to the movies? – I have no idea
what the second meaning on this one would be.
– I don’t know what that would be. – Video shoot?
– Maybe? – Let’s go video camera.
– Let’s go to the movie, maybe? – It’s a camera.
– Good! – Action?
That’s it, that’s all I know. It’s a camera, film.
– Let’s get some action tonight. – Oh, Asia!
– Oh, we ’bout to make a porno! – (FBE) That’s actually pretty close! – (laughs) I’m good at this!
I had to come back strong! – (FBE) This one is often used
to ask somebody to send nudes or naughty videos.
– I was gonna say that. – Wow! – But I really did not want
it to be true. (laughs) – Really?
Do you know that one? – I don’t know that.
– Really? Did you know this?
– No! No one asked me for naughty videos.
They know better. – Girl, I love you though.
I love you, that’s good! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Okay, next up is…
– Oh! Eggplant!
Yeah, I know what that one is. – It’s an eggplant, so, um…
– It’s a what, momma? – It’s a penis. – That’s the eggplant emoji,
and that means penis. – I think we all know
what this one is. – One…
– (both) Two, three, a [bleep]. – Oh, I know what that is.
How big is it? – What is it, dad? (laughs)
– That means erectile function. – I know this one.
– Oh that’s a schlong! – Nice, good.
– That’s a, yeah! – Good for you, hey good for you.
– Thanks. – This is the kind of things
that a mother and daughter, a moment we have together
that we’ve never rehearsed, and yet it came out perfectly. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
– That’s a butt! – T-H-I-C-C!
– The bootay! – That’s a peach, it’s your butt!
– Yeah. (laughs) – That’s some bootay right there.
– Bootay! – That’s a butt cheek!
– That one just looks like it. – It looks like a booty cheek. – That means booty.
– Oh my God. – Okay, I thought the apple
meant the booty. – Have you seen the apple emoji? – Yeah, the apple emoji, yeah.
– It does not look like a butt. – It doesn’t, but…
– It looks like an apple. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Okay, next up we’ve got…
– Oh, that’s the wind cloud, and that means fart. – Oh, what is that, a fart? – I don’t know actually. – It looks like spooge,
I’m just guessing. – Is that a money shot?
Do you know what a money shot means? – Yeah, I do, I’m just really upset
that you said that. – Oh, that means the cannabis smoke.
– Is that a cloud? I’m on cloud nine (inhales). – I think that means, I don’t know,
like vaping or like smoking, something like that?
– Oh! – (FBE) Actually, that does mean
vaping or smoking. – Darn it!
How do you know that? – Okay wait, yeah okay.
– Sophie’s seen that one! – Let’s get blowed away, ugh! – Vaping is bad for you! – It’s not bad mom,
it’s what the cool kids do! – No, it’s the worst! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Are you ready for round two?
– Let’s get it! – (FBE) Alright, so here is
your first emoji phrase. – Car wash, I don’t know.
Stop rain? – A fist and water.
I don’t, fist pump? – Somebody fighting, you got punched?
Tears coming, I don’t know what it is. – Power drops, no.
No, I know. – I think that’s a fist
and a squirt emoji. I think that means to jerk off.
– Yeah, I think so. – Do you know what
I’m thinking that looks like? – I know exactly
what you’re thinking of, and I think you’re right.
– Oh, jacking off? – Yeah.
– Oh! – Yeah!
– Female masturbation. – (FBE) Male.
– Male! – Are you, what do you think
females do to themselves? ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, here’s your next one. – I’m gonna say that looks like
it would mean like taking uppers. – I don’t know what they
have to do with each other. – I think it’s like feeling bad,
and then taking a pill and then feeling great,
so it must be getting high? – Take a chill pill, sunshine.
(laughs) That’s like what a mother
would think that that was. – Coachella!
No, I’m just playing. – That’s an ice something,
so it’s an ice flower. – (FBE) This is something
drug dealers use to show that they
have drugs for sale. – Oh, did you know that?
– I thought it meant allergies. (both laugh) – Cocaine, a little bit
of methamphetamine, a little bit of trees, flower,
you know what I’m saying? – Wait, how come you know that?
I didn’t even know that! – I don’t do them drugs. – Did you know that one?
– I knew that one. – God damn it, my 15 year old
knows what a drugs for sale emoji sentence is?
What’s the matter with my parenting? ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Okay, next up is…
– Bowl run, a bowl run. A bowl, like, I don’t know,
going to buy booze? – Bowling and a runner.
– Mm-hmm, you got it. – Is this running out
on your bowling tab? – Is this like the after the crash? – It looks like he’s just
going to hurt himself though. I guess he’s on them drugs. – Spare me, Mike.
No, that’s not what it is. – (FBE) So it’s what is used
to be threatening. It generally means
I’m going to strike you, or I’m going to hit you. – (laughs) If someone sent me this,
I would be the least scared. – I feel like you sent
just a bunch of strikes I feel like that’s
almost more threatening. – Strike!
– Oh strike, yes, I’m gonna strike you. – Okay English.
– That’s that slanguage. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) What is this? – That’s the devil,
he’s pointing. And they’re like
throwing up gang signs. Is that a gang sign? – That has something to do with sex.
– Mmm! – Angry sex. – That is naughty sex. – Sexual deviant.
– ♪ Let’s get it on ♪ Hey! – Well that’s do you wanna [bleep]? – (laughs) That does make that!
– That was gonna be obvious! – Ugh! Ugh!
– Whoa. (laughs) – Ah, wow, it’s a string of emojis. – This is like more awkward
that I thought it was gonna be. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Here’s another one for you. – Oh, that’s gotta be Psycho.
The movie Psycho, like shower murder scene? – Somebody was cheating or something? And then they got surprised,
and a knife came out, and they was in the shower? It’s like Fatal Attraction, this is Fatal Attraction right here! – I’m gonna Psycho kill you
in the shower? That’s the only thing
I could think of. – Psycho.
– Okay, let’s just. Yeah, that’s what it looks like.
– It looks like Norman Bates, yeah. – Mm-hmm, that’s what it looks like. – Oh, this person is psycho. They got the shower curtain
just like the scene in the movie. I love it! – That’s calling someone a psycho. – Doesn’t it seem
just easier to write psycho than find all those emojis?
– Okay! – My knowledge, thank you!
– That’s good, okay. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) So inspired by that last
popular “you’re a psycho” emoji, we’ve put together some of our own
sequences of emojjis that stand for different movies. Are you ready to guess them? – Yes, let’s do it,
this is gonna be fun. – (FBE) Alright,
here is your first one. – Little Mermaid! – Little Mermaid.
– Yeah. – Little Mermaid.
(yells) I think I’m gonna do okay on this one.
– You’ll be okay. – Little Mermaid!
– Mmm. – (FBE) Correct!
– Come on! – It’s like the dirty version
of Little Mermaid. Like saucy Little Mermaid. – No, but I like that mermaid,
it’s so cute. – I know, it’s so sweet,
why am I making it dirty? ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, what’s this one? – Oh, this is like, okay,
this is easy, come on girl, you got this. – You clownin’.
– No! – Oh no, oh, is this Saw?
Is this like Saw II? – Bozo the Clown?
This ain’t It? Joker!
– (FBE) It is It, but it’s a certain It.
– Oh, Two It. Double it?
– It! – Okay, but like how many?
– Its. – It 2. (laughs) – It.
Two. – That’s gotta be It.
– Two clowns? Oh.
– It 2. – Oh, It 2!
– Yes, duh! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – That’s the lightning, ow, train.
Castle, Lords of the Rings? – Aw man, this is too much for me.
– Are you serious? – No no.
– This is just enough. – It’s not Harry Potter, right? – Harry Potter.
– Yes. – Oh this is Harry Potter.
– Yeah. – Harry Potter.
– (FBE) It’s Harry Potter. – Oh my God, I’m kinda killing it. – Harry Potter. – Okay, see, someone else
is very good at popular culture. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Well there’s…
– I don’t what that is. – There’s two people.
– That would be a boy and a girl. – And then there’s infinity.
– Infinity. – And then there’s swords,
infinity, knights. Um, Marley and Me.
– Mmm, Kingsman? – This is the Incredibles.
– No, I was gonna say that, but then there’s these knives
that’s like throwing it off. – Wonder Twin powers activate.
– That was my first thought too, was Wonder Twins, I’m like,
Wonder Twins, I don’t think is right. – Avengers: Infinity Wars? – Uh, I think so, yeah.
– Yeah. – Infinity War.
– Infinite. – Yeah, yeah, Infinity War. – Infinity War!
Bang, in your face! – (FBE) This is
Avengers: Infinity War. – I was gonna say Avengers!
– Oh! – But there was only two,
I thought it was like a boy and a girl like superhero going together. – Oh, that’s, wow I’m dumb.
– Wow! Infinity Wars.
– Infinity Wars. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – See like, I’m trying to,
like, I could say James and the Giant Peach
without the water, but then the water’s there,
and I’m like what is happening? – Arachnophobia is a good guess.
– But it’s a spider and a dude, but then the house and the water. – Spider-Man, the one just came out. – It’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.
(laughs) – Spider-Man: Homecoming.
– Spider-Man: Homecoming. – Yeah, Spider-Man: Homecoming.
– Homecoming. – Spider-Man: Homecoming!
Ew, you guys, what!? – Oh my God.
– Y’all nasty! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Vivica, are you surprised
by his performance? – I am surprised.
– She knew more than I did. So, I thought I knew what was up,
and I, yeah no, the second this started happening, I’m like oh yeah,
I don’t know any of these. – I got knowledge, I got knowledge!
Okay. – That’s the problem, apparently. – I didn’t know you knew
[bleep] right away, but you did. – I didn’t know you knew
[bleep] right away, but you did. So, that’s a beautiful moment. That’s a Hallmark moment
between the two us. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thank you so much
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