Do Tires Affect Your Car’s Ride?

Do Tires Affect Your Car’s Ride?

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to help you answer the
question, can tires really affect how my vehicle rides, now I bought this matrix
used a couple of years ago for my wife, and she loved the car, but she had one
complaint, she said that it rode kind of rough, now I’ve been married to her for
36 years, and I know two things about my wife, one she really doesn’t complain all
that much, and two when she does complain unfortunately for me invariably
she’s always right about what she’s complaining about, since it was a used
car, I check out the tires, the rims are all new and shiny, and they had these
Kubo tires they had a whole bunch of tread, they were brand new, so
I thought okay, I’ll put new struts, so I put new front struts, and new back struts on
the car, and then not being a complainer, she said oh yeah rides are better, so
we’ll just live with that, but as I found out later, she was just saying that to me,
she said it still rode a little bit rough when I asked her years later, but as
good things often come out of bad things, she had a tire destroyed by an object in
the road, and I had to get a new tire, and since tires are usually better to change
in pairs, I decided to change the two front tires, so I went on the internet
and did a little research about these kumo that it came with, and this time I
decided to be logical about tires, so I typed in Kumho Tire review, and see what
the internet says about it, and what do I find a bunch of reviews that say things
like, I will never buy another car with these tires,
be aware everyone these tires are dangerous, and I will never buy or lease
another car as long as they come with kuhmo tires, and even I will never
purchase this brand again I don’t care if they were free, I would not use them,
so I figured, time to look for another brand of tires, and after doing a
reasonable amount of research, I decided to check out BF Goodrich advantage TA
tires and review them, so I checked Amazon first just for a general view and
people just tended to like him, said I purchased these wasn’t disappointed they
were excellent well priced tires, then I went into a really deep analysis, where
people say hey they’re not racing tires but if you want tires that lasts a long
time and ride well, they’re pretty good tires, so I
decided to try them out, and since my wife is an elementary school teacher
she’s not driving 130 miles an hour, she drives a speed limit, if it’s 30 she goes
30, if it’s 75 she goes 75, so you don’t need a really high speed rated tire for
her, and here they are, mounted on the car and now she says the car rides like
a dream, and then no longer skids when she takes off fast, or when she breaks,
now with the old tires that it used to be on it, and it use to skid when you took
off, skid when you brake, and rode really poorly, even though there was still tons
of tread left on it, so the moral of the story is, yes tires can have a lot to do
with how your car rides, how it handles, even how it breaks and accelerates, so
with little internet searching who knows, you might be able to make your wife
happy for the next 36 years, just by buying a set of tires, and remember you
got any questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel.

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  1. Hey Scotty I know what you mean with the kumho tires with how noisy and rough they ride. Only pity is when the tire place fitted them they claimed that that's what they had in the 2nd hand range.

  2. Love my General Altimax tires on my 99 Camry, quiet and smooth and great steering feeling. I won't switch to anything else. I think this is my 3rd set, 274k miles, 17 years with it and still drives amazingly well… Never had any major problems, still on the original alternator, exhaust, ball joints and all A/C parts. Only needed to replace radiator, tie rod ends, struts, belts, a few hoses and idle air control valve in 17 years and I could do most of it myself in the driveway!

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  4. Someone once stole my wifes credit card. I didn’t cancel it.. you want to know why? They were spending less on it than she did!

  5. My tires shake bad when I hit a bump , even my steering wheel shacks , I've replaced brake pads and rotors , front shocks and I've gotten a alignment and idea what's going on ? It's a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee limited . I've also bought to used front tires . Thanks

  6. Kumho are THE worst tires ever made. My Aveo ate the set they came with from the factory. In less than 2K miles!!! They came on the car when I bought it brand new. They are so hard, but they dissolve! 2K miles on an Aveo?
    It's not like there is a W12 engine burning out the tires in this car. Got a set of Firestones and the road noise was gone, ride was 100% better, traction is now stopping on a dime, and they have lasted so far, over 3 years and 12K miles, I know that isnt much, but those Kumho are just JUNK! Scotty… didnt know that tires effect the ride??? Wow!

  7. I used kumho in the past i have no complaints also toyo and cooper tires are very good oh and hankook are very good. For me..

  8. Scotty , you forgot to mention air pressure , if too much air in tire will be too stiff and bumpy you will every thing on the road , too little air you will feel a drag .

  9. I had some goodyear tires and they were good then I bought the same model of tires but they changed the design of them and they are harsh and noisy kinda pissed me off, why would they design a new version thats worse?

  10. Yes, tires are greatly affects the ride.And I used to put an AA Traction tires for an Mpv, the cornering ability gets better but really rough rides. Especially on rough surfaces (but it's discontinued). Later I put an A Traction rate, the rides get smoother than before.

  11. Kumhos are really bad tires. I'd never drive on ones. Bought a car on them and had a crash due to poor grip. They have high plastic low rubber content. In Eirope they regulate this, in the US there's no one monitoring and enforcing any kind of standatds for tires

  12. So, Scotty, how do we know which tires ride nice and what not? Is there some kind of rating system that tells you what kind of ride a tire gives? I honestly still find it hard to believe tires make a big difference to the ride. I always thought since they were all pneumatic, they can't be all that different, and the springs and shocks took care of all if not most of the suspension duty. One day my 4runner went flat and just out of curiosity, I tried to push down on top of the flat tire, and to my surprise, I couldn't push it down! Where before it would compress and bounce up once, it now wouldn't budge even a little. I thought I knew a lot about cars but once in a while I realize I'm still a noob.

  13. Been watching your videos for a while now and have been a huge help and informative for me. Put a huge smile on my face when you mentioned your wife was a elementary school teacher as so is my wife. Keep up the good work mr. Scotty!

  14. Scotty,
    VW included some Bridgestone Potenza All Season 225's on my 2016 GLI. They make for a decent ride but they LACK GRIP! The car puts down 220lb/ft of torque with the turbo 2.0L inline-4 from the factory but I drive with traction control off just to have some extra fun and launch the Dual-Clutch animal (crackles and pops galore with a few exhaust mods). Skip Bridgestone as well for low-profile tires, you can get better in the same price range!

    Granted my car is a lease, I'll try to maintain some tread before returning it so I don't pay extra for tires and instead lease a new rig (likely a 2018/2019 Honda Accord 2.0t Sport).

  15. For deep and accurate analysis check and nhtsa. And Kumho tires are probably better than most of bf Goodrich but you probably got verybold dry tires.

  16. While we're on the subject of how bad an effect on viewers is had by affecting them with sloppy language, I am reminded of the insidiousness of those who ensure confusion by bringing forth insuring at the strangest times.

  17. Anyone reading this have a experience with Hercules tires and care to share? They're looking to be my next set and seem pretty decent while still being affordable

  18. My 2006 matrix has Cooper CS5 tires and they ride pretty smoothly with zero balancing issues. I've had Fuzion tires from peerless tires back in the day but they wore too fast. Before then I had republic enterprise tires (Goodyear spinoff) and they rode decently for everyday driving but they had balancing issues after a year.

  19. You probably identified the problem I am going through.
    I had leaky struts and everytime I go to do some work, the mechanic would complain. So I got them changed with Gabriel Readymount but I do not see any change in the way car rides. I feel every tiny change in the road surface which I do not notice with my another vehicle. So would you say its the tires (as they are the same times before and after the strut replacement) or anything else needs to be checked before replacing the tires.
    Other than BF Goodrich, any other suggestion, preferably all season and usable in light snow? Thanks in advance.

  20. I just got new tires I am how much air I should put in them. The door sticker recommends 41 psi but does that apply to non stock tires as well?

  21. My 93 GMC Sierra . Got new tires, shocks, u-joints, ball joints and it still feels rough. Feel every bump. Every part I replaced needed replaced . Not sure what’s causing it

  22. My dad's 2003 Ford Taurus LX had General tires and he says "These ride okay. I'm going to try them on my truck after the Goodyears wear out."

  23. HI, My car tire pressure went low on RH Rear tire, I went to mechanic shop and they inflated it. Withing 2 weeks again it went low on same tire. This happened both time in morning when i ignited the engine, not sure what is the problem. Any suggestions..Thanks

  24. well it may suprise u, but Goodrich is exacly the tire company that i will never put on a car again. i am a bit of a speedster in corners and this tires just don't feel stable. but obviously, a new tire can make u feel like u r driving a completly different car.

  25. I've never heard of Kumho tires before I saw this video. Where do you get hose things? Behind a Walmart at 2AM?

  26. I changed my front tires on my Dodge Ram and HOLY what an improvement. It’s an older truck so I thought these were issues because it was 1994. It felt like the alignment was off, the shocks felt worn out, the steering had so much “play” I could move it 2 inches either way without affecting the steering, I would feel every bump in the road like it was a pothole, etc.

    Once I changed the tires to new tires, it was like a completely different truck. The driving and the steering was absolutely changed. Now it drives straight, no more play in the steering wheel, no more harsh bumps, smoother shocks and more. Unbelievable, I’ve been driving for only 15 years and owned about 10 vehicles and I never knew how different changing out bad tires could be. I wish I took note of the tires I replaced, now I have Bridgestone tires.

  27. I'm in the UK and have Kumho Ecsta tyres all round on my Peugeot. I can honestly say that they're the best I've had on to date. Previously, I had Continental, Pirelli and Michelin but none were as good in both dry and wet conditions.

  28. @Scotty Kilmer – I have a set of 7 year old directional Michelin winter/snow tires that have uneven tread wear from my last car.
    Should I put them on a new car or would that affect suspension and steering parts on my new car?

  29. Hello Sir Scotty, i am confused about the tyre pressure… The cars front door label has recommended 36psi front and 34psi rear… But drivers in my hometown usually keep tyre pressure around 30-33psi due to bad quality roads, as they believe that keeping a little lower pressure will save the suspension in the long run… what do you suggest sir?

  30. No offense, but if your wife is skidding when starting and stopping, the tires are crap, AND your wife needs to learn throttle control lol

  31. Replacing nm worn tyres but within their lifetime cycle, I expected difference only in wet. Though I experience different and clearly improved ride bot I'm wet and dry, like if I changed car.

  32. Stay away from cheap especially used tires and replace them before it is dangerous. Dont wait for the tread depth. Uncle gave a set of his tires just to try them. They were ok but used after all. One rear exploded driving 60 mph and almost got us killed. Thanks God it wasnt a front. Always buy good and new tires. They arent that expensive. No need for fancy expensive tires on a daily car. If u think tires are expensive it means u cant afford a car or your car in the first place

  33. Michelin, BF, and Good-Year are the best 3 tires imo. I think BF is made by Michelin too and Michelin is the best.

  34. I was wondering with all these us dashcam videos how people weren't able to stop even though there is plenty of space to react often times.. no wonder, if the tires they get from the dealers even are absolute garbage..

  35. Scotty, no doubt you probably put some serious flat spots on those tires on your Stingray when you slammed on the brakes and locked them up. Ouch!!!!

  36. What tires should I put on my 2004 corolla le. I have 195/65R15 91H in the back, & in the front I have 215/60R15 94H. Idk why my front tire is bigger? Or is it wider? I need help deciding so I can get the other matching wheels. Also do front tires help fwd cars drive better with wider tire size?

  37. Hi Scotty recently I found your channel and I love it. I am a rideshare driver and put a lot of miles on my
    2017 Toyota Corolla SE. when I first got the car, it rode very smoothly, was quiet in the cabin. Then suddenly after I took my car into Toyota for maintenance service, I got the car back and felt a difference in the ride quality. I bought it back several times and they did nothing. I bought it to a highly recommended mechanic and he told me to change the tires. I now have 41K on the car. Is this the time I need to replace tires or could something else be going on? I take it religiously to Toyota for oil change and tire rotation and gave up asking toyota service what it was. I even switched Toyota service locations, didn’t help. My gas mileage is good, I switch the trip odometer to zero every time I fill the tank and gas is about 34mpg. The noise and the way the car handles the roads (especially roads that are horrible) seems to be getting worse.


  38. what would be the impact of having 185/65/r15 (88s) on front and 195/65/r15 on the rear? (91h)? would it trigger something on the comp box?

  39. That's not right
    You made a review about all kumo company tiers models depending on just one model and you didn't even mention what model it is.
    It is like when you judge on Toyota company cars depending on yaris performance and safety review and then you conclude that land cruise will be the same as it is product from the same manufacturer.

  40. Scott I have an 05 crossfire 99k 2 new matching tires in the front but 2 different brands in the rear is this ok?

  41. I just bought a used car with tires that have tons of life on them, but they are 11 years old so they are heading for the bin

  42. Hi Scotty what the best psi for tire falken wildpeak HT 01 size 245 70r17 for Tacoma access cab 2.7 l ,I want to know if 40 psi is the best or lower

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