Do You Need a Touch From the Lord? Let Me Pray for You & Prophesy Into Your Life

Do You Need a Touch From the Lord? Let Me Pray for You & Prophesy Into Your Life

Hallelujah praise You Jesus Worship you I worship you worship you God. I Am gonna be praying I’m gonna be prophesying as the Lord leads for a few minutes into your lives So just tune tune out whatever Lt’sa to tune into the Holy Spirit for a minute who was gonna be speaking through me He was gonna be praying through me for you This is the first time seeing me like if you’re watching this on youtube. I’m Emily Rose Lewis Emily Rose Lewis ministries and founder of Kingdom living ekklesia at Academy here in Herndon, Virginia Which is where I am right now, and I’m just gonna be walking around. I’m going with praying Prophets on as the Lord leads and I am believing. Yeah, you guys let me know where you’re watching from Hey Faye from Australia. So Share this tag some people because I really believe that God is gonna show up in a powerful way one of the things that I am believing that God is gonna do through this broadcast is bring some joy to release some joy out of your Spirit because the Holy Spirit lives within you so you have the Spirit of God within you and so you got the fruit of joy And so we’re just gonna start off, um on praise the Lord for a minute God I thank you for sending though the people that need to hear what you have to say god I pray that you would just open eyes that you would open ears that you would open hearts that you would make yourself known a powerful tangible way through this time together God as we seek your face as We go after you as we come with hopeful Expectation that you were going to show up Lord God when we come together and hopeful Expectation and trusting you God to show up in a mighty way Do you know our Father loves to give us good presence? Do you know we have a good daddy? We have a good God who? Delights to do us good. He delights to do us good He is a good father. And when we asked for the Holy Spirit, which is in the spirit is love joy peace patience kindness goodness gentleness faithfulness and self-control The Spirit of God that lives within us can release those Wonderful fruit that wonderful fruit into our lives, and yes, we develop it But we can also ask for a release because that’s in the spirit and we have the fullness of the Holy Spirit Living on the inside of us God is living on the inside of us So Christ in us the hope of glory is what we are tapping into We’re not even asking Oh God come down from heaven. We need to touch from you we need you to open up heaven know the kingdom of heaven is within us and so Lord we ask that we Make ourselves available by open ourself to the kingdom of heaven is already in us so that we can we can Sit in that place that heavenly realm with you Lord Now we ask that you would open us up that you would open our eyes to what is already Available to us what is already in us by the spirit that you have put in us through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ God we thank you that we have access to you I’m gonna walk around a little bit because I feel like walking around a little bit because I’m stirred up in the spirit Oh my goodness, Lord God you are good. You are wonderful. You are powerful You are mighty you are strong you are Loving God you are a merciful God. You are a gracious God you are full of loving kindness Your mercies are new every day God, we press in we press in for more of you Lord I’m asking for a release of joy over your people this weekend where there was a spirit of heaviness That spirit has to go in the name of Jesus because the joy the Lord is our strength And so God we ask that you will rise up on the inside of us and that we would put to death the misdeeds of the body if you have sinned and you are heavy because Of your sins. Let me just tell you right now you can loose yourself from that heaviness by saying Oh my god, I missed it. I turn from you. I slip I fill I Repent God and I just I just worst take a minute to repent cuz you can’t receive all that God has for you You just now messed up you haven’t repented from your sin if you have some sin and you need to repent It’s time to repent so you can get that joy back you can get that peace back. His mercies are new every day We have an advocate. He said little children. Do not sin but if anybody does sin we have an advocate and we have a way back into The presence of God through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that cleanses us from all sin He died for the sins of the entire world And we receive that forgiveness God. We receive that forgiveness where we have blown it where we have missed it Where we have turned to idols where we have You know Partaking of something we didn’t need to partake in where we have refused to to do what you’ve asked us to do where we have Been lazy where we have been lethargic where we have been sleeping where we have been Self-absorbed where we have been selfish God forgive us Lord forgive us God cleanse us if we confess he’s faithful He’s just he will forgive we’ll forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness When you were walking in the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ You’re gonna have joy you’re gonna have peace and so the Lord is saying we’re gonna we’re gonna just take that moment Just take a moment. Say whatever it is. It comes to my god Forgive me set me free deliver me I missed it. Again. God delivered me set me free I am trusting you to do in me. What only you can do. He is the author and the finisher of our faith He is the one who started it and he will complete it He who begun a good work in us is faithful to complete it. And so we just received that forgiveness We receive it just take a minute. Oh Thank you, Jesus Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins Thank you Father. Thank you father for sending your son. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Thank you Lord for the sacrifice that you may thank you God that you nailed our sins the cross I thank you that we are dead sinn listen If you were a believer you are dead to sin and you were alive in Christ sin will no longer dwell in your mortal body You are free from sin. The enemy is a liar If you are caught in sin, you are believing a lie, because you are free from sin The Word of God says you are free free free free free in the name of Jesus addiction cannot live in your life anymore It cannot be there anymore where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty Liberty not Liberty to walk in sin Liberty to be free free free We are free from sin. Satan is a liar Satan is a liar. Satan is a liar Thank you God I pray a release for grace for anybody who is struggling in an addiction where they have struggled for a long time I’m just speaking to Clare You are free from that addiction in the name of Jesus by the grace of God the power of the Holy Spirit that lives on the inside of you is gonna rise up and bring life to your mortal body Your spirit is stronger than your flesh If you are a believer Your spirit is stronger than your flesh cuz you met the Holy Spirit living on the inside of you saying as a liar Satan is a liar. He is a liar. He is a liar. He is a liar He is a liar little by little by little by little you are gonna come up into higher realms of glory in The name of Jesus he’s raising you up. He’s lifting you out of the muck and mire He is setting your feet on higher ground You do not have to beat yourself up for a week over what you did last night. You do not have to live in condemnation Over your sin because there is now no condemnation for those who in Christ now Yes, if you were habitual sin, you’re gonna be feeling guilty because you are believer You are one of God’s chosen children and so you don’t got to live like that Okay, so but we get rid of the condemnation The conviction is to bring us to repentance we pet we receive forgiveness And then we rip we walk in the power of God, which sets us free From the power of sin and death. I Wouldn’t even talk about sin, but I only think I can get in I don’t even think if you you’ve got some unconfessed unrepentant sin You can’t even begin to receive from God like he wants you to receive the wonderful thing because the most wonderful thing the the basis It’s the forgiveness of our sins. We got to get a hold of that first. That’s the gift right now You are forgiven from your sins. You are forgiven from your sin You are not going to die and go to hell because your sin because you have been forgiven You have been called out of darkness into his glorious late and so that’s the beginning that is just the the foundational stuff and we Continually cleanse ourselves. We continually walk it out in and I’m not gonna preach. I’m not gonna preach a big sermon about sin. I Felt like the Lord said I want you to get on and release some joy over my people tag somebody share this on your wall Okay God has some mega joy mega joy mega. Peace mega power make a provision Make a provision and that is financially spiritually mentally emotionally Where the Satan has said smaller smaller smaller things are gonna crumble things are gonna break down You know it’s just gonna get harder and harder and you know the evil in the world and you’ve messed up before and you know you You aren’t you know? Whatever it is that the enemy is trying to tell you That that things are not that went up up up up that he is not God’s not bringing you up into higher places higher around more expansion greater per vision better Relationships Improvement and your mood improvement and your emotions improvement and your finances. The enemy is a liar God is a God of upgrade God is a God of increase he wants to bring us higher He wants to give us more he is preparing a people who can Handle the outpouring that he has so that he can do great and mighty things through his church in the earth He wants to do great and mighty things through his church in the earth and we have not asked hard and we have not asked For enough is what I’m thinking He we have not asked for enough we have asked for too little not that we have asked for too much The trials and the tribulation those were Testing the Lord wants you to know that if as you go through the testing as you go through the trial as you go for the Tribulation he is he is purifying your motive And when your motives are pure then when you ask you’re gonna watch it Materialize when you ask you’re gonna cross it materialize because whatever you ask in his name Whatever you ask with pure motives. It will be done for you. That is the Word of God The only reason you don’t have is because when you ask you ask him for the wrong reason you’re asking out of wrong motives But he says when you ask stand in faith And you can’t have that kind of faith if you ask in selfish stuff, okay? but when you start asking with pure motives and your heart is to serve the Lord and to see his kingdom come and your life and the lives of the people around you and you got you his heart and You got his mind and you got his motivation when you ask it will be done When you ask it will be done God Will meet all Oh not some of your needs all your needs according to his riches and glory in Christ. Oh, oh Oh not some all of your needs all of your needs all of your needs Lack has to go in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus every binding mindset has to go in the name of Jesus in Jesus name in Jesus name in Jesus name in Jesus name Lord I thank you God. I thank you for bringing divine wisdom into the lives of your people I thank you God for bringing divine wisdom and inspiration and enthusiasm into the lives of your people Lord God I pray and I Thank you that you are filling people up from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet Lord God I pray that you would just fill your people up shocky. Anima Honda Baku He is filling up his people filling up. His people clothes shot about Judas and Arabic He said they out of aku the Lord God he is one and he is Filling up his people he is filling up his people with wisdom with power with strength with joy with peace He is making you patient he is making you steadfast he is making you sturdy stable Listen, where nothing can shake you where nothing can shake you he is saying put your feet down where ever you put your feet down Where ever you claim? Whatever you claim you claim it for the kingdom and I will give it to you you place your feet down And you claim it for the kingdom and I will give it to you you go where I send You you put your foot down and you claim it you claim it you use your mouth and you’d make Decrees and you declare Kingdom Kingdom property Kingdom Relationship in the name of Jesus. It will be done. It will be done It will be done. It will be done. It will be done God is doing a major Transformation in the church in his body. He’s doing a wonderful wonderful wonderful thing he is accelerating he is accelerating his people Whereas somebody might have had to take 20 years to get past some kind of thing or ten or five or even six Three two one God is saying no, I’m gonna do quickly. I’m cleaning things up quickly There is work to be done when you ask and you’re asking Oh Lord God. I can’t take this pain anymore You got a deliverer though. Say Lord God. I know you got work for me to do and this pain is Distracting Lord, God deliver me from the the enemy deliver me from the snares of Satan I can’t be fully effective with this addiction I don’t want to get out there and I want to be fully effective for your kingdom and deliverance deliverance in the name of Jesus deliverance in the name of Jesus deliverance I see a chopping block. I see a chopping block or I shut up Akio died son, Dada Bakke I see a chopping block and people put their right hand down and chopping it off. They’re lopping it off They’re lopping off that right hand cuz they got things to do. They don’t they’re not letting people know They’re not letting people. They’re not letting family. They’re not letting mindset They’re not letting sins and habits and addictions and and just drama hold them back there cutting off their right hand Nobody actually go cut off your right hand. That’s not what I’m telling you do. It’s metaphorical You know, you said if you’re set if your hands causing you to sin cut it off We ain’t got time to be sitting around messing in our addictions. We don’t have time for that We don’t have time for that. God has a job for you to do. He has a Mandal on your life You are called to greatness. He wants to release higher things better things. You don’t need that anymore. You don’t need it anymore You don’t need it anymore Makana mashanda Bakke soda Starbuck, he’s some people through this broadcast they’re gonna go chop off their right head and they are not going to be held back any more by that one thing that’s been Standing in their way Let it go cut it off do whatever you got to do more code. I saw taboc He’s son/daughter Bakke because God has something greater. He has something greater. He has something bigger. He’s got. Oh my goodness I have some presents for my people. I got some presents that I need them to hand out I got them things that I need them to partake up They don’t even have a taste for it because they’re holding on to these lower level things He says I am refining your taste says the Lord. I’m refining your tastes motor shot a buck. He’s Sundara Bakke He’s bringing some people out of the trailer park and he is setting them in castles knock on door Bashara bakura Sandara baki Monomoy hiya Setai no more eating off. The dollar menu says the Lord Mahadeshwara Bakke he’s saying there are gourmet meals There are gourmet meals that he the grand chef who is creating food That you knew nothing about before you started doing the full Full will of the Lord in your life Until you went all in till you let it all go to you put it all on the line and said yes Lord Whatever you ask me to do. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. He’s like, okay I got something for you You never tasted before you were gonna taste and see that I’m good like you have never Tasted before you were gonna delight in me and you were gonna find there is pleasures at my hand my right hand forevermore There is pleasure People are gonna see it on your face everywhere you go they’re gonna want some of what you got and they probably many of you guys there already are oh, Jesus thank you God. Thank you lord. Thank you God. Thank you God for higher things Thank you God for elevation elevation and upgrade in the name of Jesus Elevation and upgrade in the name of Jesus. He’s calling you to do some prophetic actions this weekend He’s calling you to do some prophetic actions this weekend to activate your faith about this Where I mean, he will have you do things and and I can’t even describe it if you’re a prophetic person You know what I’m talking about do what he asked you to do. It doesn’t have to make sense It doesn’t have to make sense to the natural mind It’s gonna make sense to your spirit you do what he asks you to do it’s gonna activate your faith and your faith is what reaches into the Heavenly realms and pulls that thing that was not and and you speak what the Lord is speaking And you say what he is saying and you see what he is seeing and you call it forth and you do the prophetic Action and it’s going to activate your faith to to complete what the Lord has wanted to do in your life this weekend This weekend the night Tonight whatever it is There’s something you need to put something aside and do this tonight Stand up and say I want I want the greater level. I want the higher level. I need it tonight I need it tonight Lord. I don’t want it to wait till tomorrow This is a right now word and I need it right now. I need increase I need my upgrade I need my elevation in the spirit. I want to go into that next level of glory with you Lord I put my hand on the chopping block. Whatever is not pleasing you in my life. I set it aside god I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I don’t need it All I want is you and what you have for me because I trust and believe fully That what you have for me is better than anything that you asked me to leave behind And so I am pressing forward to that mark of perfection Knowing that you will meet me knowing that you are with me knowing that you go before me and have they my pass straight Knowing that you have divine appointments you have divine call on my life Lord that you are Sending me out like a sheep among wolves, but you have given me this Great and wonderful Protection in your name because the name of the Lord is a strong tower And the righteous run into and they are saved and the Lord is just kaverin people He is just peppering people. He sending you places that are dangerous He’s asking you to do things that in the natural don’t make sense. That might seem dangerous to your future Dangerous to your present dangerous and God is saying you have to be strong and be courageous because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world and greater is the the heavenly armies than the demonic armies There is more angels in the heavenly armies than there are demons and the demonic armies Okay And the Holy Spirit lives within you who is the Spirit of God? The creator of heaven and earth who has all wisdom all power all strength all love. He’s all-knowing You have that power living on the inside of you and whatever is blocking that release of flowing through you like the powerhouse that you were created to be has to go in the name of Jesus because He is calling you up he is calling you higher He is bringing you into next levels of glory And in those next levels of gloria’s next level Perficient his next level relationship his next level assignment Isn’t it it’s next level of harvest. There is a harvest. We are at a harvest season like never before God is moving like never before in the earth to harvest this great harvest of souls and he is calling you to be a part Of that and it’s a wonderful glorious thing and the Lord is sending you out with words of knowledge words of insight words of encouragement divine wisdom divine instruction where you are moving in a Supernatural realm like you have never moved before Because you have set aside the things of the flesh you have put to death the things of the flesh you put them to death You put them to death That requires sacrifice that requires trusting in the goodness of God on the other side of that that requires courage that requires moving past The world the flesh and the devil into that place in the supernatural realm where your spirit on fire Righteous, holy you are holy He said be holy for I am holy He said be holy for I am holy he didn’t tell you to be holy. If you can’t be holy you can be holy You can be holy you don’t go to sin every day you shouldn’t be sinning every day We’re not perfect as out of heaven But he says be holy because there’s power power and walking in that righteousness Now we’re not we’re not walking in the righteousness of our flesh But we’re walking in the righteousness that has been imparted to us by Jesus We have been right not because of our own perfection. Do not get me wrong. I’m not preaching against the grace of God It’s by the grace of God we can walk in his righteousness We can stand in his righteousness. We can stay in his righteousness And if we slip if we get out we get back in line We repent we receive forgiveness and we stand in that place of righteousness From glory to glory to glory if you are just starting out in this do not let this message Discourage you but you need to believe it. You need to believe it You need to leave what the Lord says about you. You are a new creature. You are a new creature If anybody’s in Christ, they are a new creation behold. The old is gone The new has come all that sin from your past. That wasn’t even you did it That’s why you don’t got to be ashamed of your past that that person wasn’t me. I’ve died to that person I have died to that person now, I’m a new creature in Christ. I’m a new creature and he makes all things new Okasha, teh arabic o soltera ba chorus and Arabic is Otara Baku Jesus Jesus we need you. We love you We trust you we come to you with full assurance of faith that if we by an act of our will say Lord We can’t do it in our own strength we cannot do it in our own strength, but in you weak through you we can do all things and so we Submit our will to you we submit our mind to you we submit our passion to you We submit our desire to you We submit our appetites to you and ask that you redeem them in a way that only you can redeem us completely from the curse let there be Nothing left in us of an imprint ation from that old creature that we used to be Lord. God. Let us Disappear and you let us reflect your glory in that way that you would have us the individual way that you would have us not that we Disappear and that we are no longer individual creations of the Lord Wonderful thought out creations of the Lord but that we are as he created us to be what he has in mind is forming in us in the name of Jesus by his power by his power. We want that glory. We want them to walk in your glory We want to gaze upon your glory. We want to reflect your glory God. We want to walk in power we want to walk in authority to exercise the power that you have given us here on the earth as your ambassadors to release heaven everywhere we go to change atmospheres everywhere we go to change people everywhere we go to see a harvest of souls Be reaped in Everywhere we go that everything we touch prospers the work of our hands prospers He is prospering the work of our hands Lord We walk in obedience we give when you say give we stop when you say stop we go when you say go we sleep when you say sleep we Eat when you say sleep, we don’t eat when you say don’t eat Lord God we are sensitive to your spirit We are one with you body mind and spirit in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus We will not use our mouth for blessing and cursing we will only bless We will only bless out of our belly will flow is flowing rivers of living water The fruit of our mouth the fruit of our labor the fruit of our womb is blessed and not cursed The fruit is blessed and not cursed no light on our fruit in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus unity in our homes unity and our families Unity in our souls unity in our minds. We have the mind of Christ. We have them unto Christ We are stable steady Steadfast always abounding in the work of the Lord and we know that our work in the Lord is never in vain Makara shot Ibaka. We thank you God. We thank you Lord We lift you up God because you are the only one who can do it You are the only one who can do it less of us. More of you dear father less of us more of you We don’t want We don’t need to be seen we don’t need to be known God do your good work through us that your light would shine But you would be glorified in the earth through our lives in Jesus name in Jesus name in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus Oh Shucky, our maja said they Lord give them joy Give them. Peace Given that patience that they need give them that touch that they need go send angels Forth into the field go sent angels forth into their homes God Lord I prayed just a divine wisdom to a flow out over your people I prayed that they would just walk in such great Sensitivity to your spirit and and and and walk away from the common sense life and walk from having to have all their answers and walk away from the need to control their situation their lives their husbands their wives their kids or God because they are so sensitive and so Submitted to you you Lord we want to be so Under humbled humble humble humble. We want to humble ourselves. Say the Lord doesn’t have to humble ourselves So Lord, we humble ourselves under your mighty hand. No one in due season You will lift us up and we want to do what is right Even when no one is looking We want to do what is right even as no one looking we want to do what is right in our heart attitude God created us a clean heart Give us a step by Spirit take not your spirit form ice Lord God We need you God we submit to your spirit We offer ourselves as slaves and instruments of righteousness In the earth in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus. We are not worried We are not afraid we are not fearful. We are not true We we do not tremble at what the enemy says that he’s going to do you guys if if you know what the enemy is Planning don’t be afraid of it if you know Thank the Lord that he’s told you ahead of time with the enemy I had plans so you can veto that plan by the power That has been given you exercised your authority. If you know what the enemy’s trying to do in your life Stop him. Stop them you stop them You know You can pray to a certain degree and ask God to do the things that you can’t but he use the tools and weapons He’s given you to push back the powers of darkness off your family off your life off your finances off your children Get in the word ply them principles speak declare pray and cover your family with the name of Jesus with the blood of Jesus with the power Jesus this sets us free Oh, Lord whom the son has set free is free indeed We are more than conquerors through him who loved us more than conquerors. The enemy is under our feet The enemy is under our feet the church is unified rising up one body Unified one voice unified in love we walk in love for one And this is how they know that we know God This is how you can know that, you know God if you have love one for another Lower purifier love God purifier love God help us Lord to get get ourselves and our own Self help us lord, help us lord. Help us Lord when you get yourself off your mind you get about your father’s business I know you guys can testify to this he is going to He is going to take care of you. Like you’ve never been taken care of He’s going to take us he knows and we’ll draw you away from him He’s gonna take care of you. Like you have never been taken care of because he is a good daddy He is a good husband. He is a good friend He’s a good master The hard-working farmer is the first to share in the crops meditate on that. Oh Jesus I pray that that each person’s anointing would be increased to match their next level Assignments that they’re an anointing would be increased as they Trade it in You know It’s like trade in the old life of the new life give up the old lower things for the higher things it is It’s more than a fair trade. It’s more than a fair trade. You’re not getting the Stuart under the stick with us Oh Lord those who still doubt about that set them straight lord show them your goodness in tangible ways Show them your face show them your face. God show them how good you really are Lord? We know it is your goodness that leads men to repentance God be merciful for those who doubt and and and lead them into all truth and show them your character God Which is good, which is good. How you view God how you think about God? That’s how you’re gonna experience him You you you got to understand this he’s good Hmm Start watching for his goodness looking for his goodness waiting for his goodness. Thanking him for his goodness No one that he is good Goodness, goodness. Goodness. You are a good God Lord. You were good. You were good. You were good. You were good I’m gonna wrap it Go home. I love you guys. You’re in the Herndon area on Tuesday nights We’re doing the school the supernatural and here on Tuesday nights. We start prayer 637 p.m. Class starts 7:00 p.m. I do teaching out of the word here and It’s also live the 7 p.m. On Sunday is live and Next Saturday next week. We’re all going into DC to pray and prophesy and bring provision to the homeless people Which reminds me I got to get some provision together with an Lord. You know that Oh Jesus Ask and when you ask ask in faith, okay ask for what you need in faith Okay, I’m gonna go clean up my house Okay, guys Share this tag some people Partner with this ministry if God puts it on your heart We cannot do what we’re doing without your partnership and God is doing good things. I wouldn’t Africa in January and you know God’s Opening some doors for me to do some speaking engagements and since I’ve made myself available at this time I’m not like you have to give me such a short amount of money I’m like Okay God you send me and I’m gonna believe you for the Finances if they can’t if they can’t get me there on their own and so that that’s what I’m doing And so the Lord has you partner with this ministry partner with this ministry. It’s good soil You can do that on my website it has to be on my website if you’re partnering and that’s where the monthly donation thing is and also, I’m fasting this is day seven of Fast so I’m feeling really great right now And I’ve got two more weeks that I’m gonna be doing this fast. So hop on that fasting from glory to glory. There’s two Teachings there is an ebook I also have the paperback book you can buy or you can get it on Amazon and then we have a Closed group where I am vlogging about my fast every day when I fast and so there’s seven up there this week And so you can jump on and do some fasting with us. That’s a donation of any amount that goes towards the ministry and Anything else Some of you guys need to fast in order to even cut off your head There’s something you can’t even get you can’t even get them off you without a fast So something you do need to faster me and or with yourself or however you want to do it But you do need to fast. It’s important to get free from some stuff that’s been around. There’s some disciples We’re trying to cast a demon especially ancestral stuff that’s been around for generations They’re like this kind of doesn’t come out but with my prayer and fasting yeah, this is a tough spirit That’s what wedged in there And I’m praying for you guys and if you have prayer requests send them on through the website and I pray over them then I sent them to the protein which I have seven people on the prayer team that pray over y’all’s requests and we believe in prayer and these are people that are hand-picked part of my tribe and We pray over you guys and I pray over everybody anyway That follows this ministry know this is a corporate fast. So that is why I’m mentioning my fast a corporate fast where the Bible says too fast secretly he’s talking to he is talking to Pharisees who were like, I’m Fasted and they put they put ashes on their face like this is so hard You’ll see how holy I am for fasting. He’s talking to their heart attitude There are corporate fast and there are leaders that need to train people Like I’ll sometimes tell about giving that I’ve done not to oh, I’m great I give like as a leader you have to lead by example And also since I’m calling people to fast with me, it’s corporate. I’m doing a fasting vlog not because I’m like look at me I’m so great at festive But because I have been called to train people in fasting that so I’ll have a workshop and wrote a book about it and so part of that is sharing my process with other people and it encourages their faith to kick-start them on a fast a lot of times people who can’t seem to get the Get a hold of the grace to fast on their own when they get with other people that are fasting it’s like there’s a corporate grace too fast, and sometimes it’s easier for Them, you know starting off too fast I love you guys

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  5. I receive all there is to receive from this fresh phrophetic word in the mighty name of Jesus thank you Jesus for your grace and glory I come into agreement with your prayer in Jesus name

  6. Thank you sister for waking me up. I fell for a bit in the flesh, but thank you JESUS for restoring me. I pray for increase in power and authority LORD. Thank you FATHER.

  7. Phx Arizona! I need Joy yes!! I'd rather have peace and joy than all the money in the world. I confess my sins Jesus, 1 John 1:9. I confess I lack the joy of the Lord. I don't want to be concerned about bills, my marriage, my children. I repent, in Jesus name. I found myself being jealous of my neighbor-friend who won a big cash settlement in court just the other day. $$ Here I am faithfully tithing and barely getting by with my rent and bills. I confessed this jealousy and greed in Jesus name!! I am free, I would rather be joyful and happy in the Spirit Jesus. β€β€πŸ™‹ Help me Jesus with joy and peace!!

  8. I think the LORD TRULY DOES PLAY (FAVOR)ITES! HE loves you and wants to bless you, but my experience is HE PLAYS (FAVOR)ITES! I pray for those and (myself also) who need provision (Job/career), protection, healing, guidance, direction and FREEDOM! I feel though that the LORD knows you better than me and I'm not sure HE even knows I exist! (For Real) Yes, I do REPENT in Faith, I just don't have or NEVER have experienced this JOY from the HOLY SPIRIT that people talk and believe in…WHERE IS GOD WHEN YOU NEED HIM!?!? I TRULY NEED A 100 FOLD Blessing because of going through HELL (too many trials) this life has put me through and it has not counted for good, even though I'm looking forvthe Silver Lining. I'm just tired of this life, nothing but HELL or dry deserts for many years now going on decades! What are WE (or me) WAITING FOR ANYMORE!?!? (PLEASE REMOVE THE SPIRIT OF DELAY OR WHATEVER IT IS) WHERE IS HIS PRESENCE OR BLESSINGS!?!? Just saying my sister! (I like your messages a lot though) I don't even care anymore about this life. This has been a failed experiment in life! Where is CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT? JESUS IS KING!πŸ‘‘πŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸ€”πŸ˜³πŸ˜ž

  9. Will you pray for me to fast! I have tried so many times and I know there some things won’t loose me until I fast I hear it in my spirit all the time! Will you please please please pray for me to fast in Jesus name ! And thank you and God bless you sister!!!

  10. I connect in faith……..l ask for the grace of God to be in position to receive that which the Lord has purposed for me.

  11. I pray Lord Jesus that you continue to restore my mind and health.and return the finances that the devil has stole from me and my family .In Jesus name 100 fold. Amen


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