Dodge Charger for sale & and a field of project cars! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 38

Dodge Charger for sale & and a field of project cars! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 38

(loud bell rings) (wind whistling) – Well we’re just driving down the road, and saw the shell of an
old Torino back here. And then see a Porsche up there. So there’s obviously a car
person that lives here. And I’m not sure how many car people there are in Midland, Texas. I know there’s a lot of truck people. So, I’m gonna in see if he
knows where any old cars are. Alright. Well, there is a car person here. And he’s got an interesting car or two to show us. One that may be available for sale that needs to be restored. (lively rock music) (car engine) Thanks. What’s your name? – [Ron M.] Ron Macintyre – [Tom C.] Ron, Ron
Tom Cotter. How are ya? So what do we have here? – [Tom C.] ’72 Dodge Charger, okay? Do you drive it? Is it a good driving car? – [Ron M.] It’ll drive. 318 engine. – [Tom] 318 and it’s got a TorqueFlite. And it’s got air, power steering, power brakes. – [Ron M.] Power steering, power brakes and air conditioning, yes. – [Tom C.] So you have a 318 in now but you got a 360. – [ Ron M.] Over that’s being, yeah, it’s about half done now. So the 360 would sit right in there. Not a problem. Everything would work. – [Tom C.] This is a
car you’d want to sell. – [Ron M.] This is a car
that I would sell, yeah. – [Tom C.] What are you ask for something like that? Throw the other engine in what would it cost for the whole thing? – [Ron M] Everything? Somewhere in the 8 to 10 I guess. – [Tom] 8 to 10 thousand. Now this car is a solid car? The floors are good on it? – [Ron M.] Everything
looks really, really good. – [Tom C.] For a ’70 car, that’s darn solid. – [ Ron M] It looks…even the trunk, even the trunk, really good. Solid. – [Tom] Yup. So how did you find this car? Was it on eBay or something? – [Ron M] My wife was driving up to see her mother. She was in Kansas, and
she’s driving through the a town called Nowata, Oklahoma and she drove through and she called me and said, “Hey I saw a car sittin on the side of the road.” So my brother lives nearby, probably about 15 miles from where she saw this car. So I called my brother
to go by and look at it. And he came down and he looked at it. He called me and says,
“It looks like a pretty decent car.” – [Tom C.] Let me tell
ya. That wife’s a keeper. If a wife calls you about old cars, you gotta gem. – [Ron M.] I know, I know. – [Tom C.] How many miles are in this? – [Ron M.] I think it’s like 57,000 or something like that. – [Tom C.] Yeah, 57,900 miles. Can you imagine that for a 1970? Do you have the key? – [Ron M.] Yes, you wanna start it? – [Tom C.] Yeah, that’d be cool. (engine stalling) – [Tom C.] It’s got that ole gear reduction starter… (engine starts) (revs engine) (engine stops) (engine starts) (engine running) – [Tom] How do you beat that? I mean, you got some Kreager Megs, it’s got killer exhaust, and it’s got a good body. (engine shuts off) – [Tom] I feel like buying it. (laughing) – [Ron M.] It is for sale. – [Tom C.] Yeah. So we
looked at this ’70 Charger but now we wanna take a look at a Torino in the back. There’s nothing scientific about finding old cars by the way. You just gotta keep your eye open and get ’em where you can. Now Ron tells me there’s rattle snakes out here but because it’s Winter time, February
when we’re filming this. We don’t have to worry about it but we probably don’t wanna walk back here in the Summer. Interestingly that Ron bought this car as a parts car. He’s restoring a 429,
4-speed, 1970 Torino. Bought this as a parts car and he said, “I can’t cut this car apart, it’s too solid.” And as a complete car, even though it’s disassembled here, the doors are off it, the trunk’s off it,
the grill is out of it, the scoop’s off it… All those parts come with it, comes with a complete interior. The seats look good. The door panels look good. It’s a 302, 2 barrel, automatic on the column, bench seat. It was most recently dark blue but if you look where some of the parts were taken off of, it was actually a powder blue car. This quarter panel has been kind of caved in but it comes with
another quarter panel. Lookin at a 48 year old car and a desirable body style. He wants 2 grand for it. It’s probably a fair buy. You’d have to roll up your sleeves and put some elbow grease into this thing. But, you could do worse than to start with a solid car like this. Sometimes car people who you would imagine would know where all the old cars are, it doesn’t register. They look for pretty cars at Cars and Coffees or pretty cars inside peoples garages. But they don’t pay attention to the stuff that’s lying in the back yard. So even car people could
be fooled sometimes. We were told yesterday, don’t expect to find any
cars in Middleton, Texas because they’re all gone. Well, we found a couple here, a nice Mopar and a Torino, both solid cars, both
at reasonable prices. So we’re gonna see how many more we can find and prove that guy wrong. (blues-rock music) – We’re having lunch at a deli, it’s one of the beauties about driving a car like this, is that it starts conversations. And so, guy came up to us and, “Is that you’re car?”, yeah. And we start talking cars, do you know of any old cars? So now we’re on our way to see a couple of guys, just a couple of miles from where we had lunch,
that are old car guys. I think it’s this road right here, we’ll see what it is. Apparently they have old cars that are in a field, and they buy, sell, restore, strip, sell parts, whatever. I don’t know if it’s it or not, it’s a dirt road. We’ll see. I just saw a Falcon Ranchero so we just turned around. Next to a bull, holy crap. So this turned out to probably a good lead. Hopefully somebody’s home. Knock, knock. This is cold calling, I might as well be selling Encyclopedia Botanicas here. We’re here, we just pulled off the road cause we saw some cars on the way to another place down there. And I said, oh look
there’s a Falcon Ranchero in the back. And I knock on the back door and Susan already came out the front door, and we met right in the middle. And Susan is the best
person I’ve ever met. – [Susan] Well, thank you very much. – She’s got all sorts of
cool cars and stories. So if we could start, you said the 40s truck is not for sale, but tell me about the Thunderbird. – [Susan] My husband does a lot of racing and with the Baker Boys here in Middleton. And they go locally and as you can tell by
the junk around here that he’s a collector. What ticks this guys knot, he came across this, which is really, really rare to find. It’s never been wrecked or anything like that. I had called him up and he said he wanted $1,000.00 for it. Which is really a good find because it’s not a kit. It is original. – [Tom C.] This is a fiberglass drag car, it’s gotta narrowed rear end. It’s gotta purposed filled frame. It looks like it’s got those big tires that are gonna fit in here, it’s all tubbed out. It’s got rack and pinion steering with a square boxed chasey. A thousand bucks. – [Susan] Hmm, hmm – [Tom C.] Such a deal – For a ’57 that’s not bad. – [Tom C.] Yeah, yeah. The (mumbling) we don’t need to see but the cars over here. So this is a ’40 Pontiac I think, right? And this is a hot rod. We take a look at the inside here, it’s got an automatic, it’s got bucket seats. It’s an unfinished symphony. Flat black, it’s got GM
V8, probably a Chevy. – [Susan] It’s got a $5,000 stereo in it. – [Tom] So it’ gotta,
probably a Chevy or, – [Susan] Yeah, I believe it is. It takes two keys to start it. My husband designed that himself, so nobody could steal it. – [Tom] No kidding? – [Susan] Yeah, he did all this himself. – [Tom] Wow. – [Susan] You know we couldn’t even go to the drive-in or go out to eat without somebody coming up and going, “Hey, I got laid in this car.” or “a car just like this” and you’d be like, What. Hey dude, you know, we’re at the movies. – [Tom] Oh man. It’s got American Racing Mags in the back. And how much are you asking for this? – [Susan] He said 12. – [Tom] $12,000 okay. – [Susan] Which is a very good price. – [Tom] Is that a driving car? – [Susan] Yes – [Tom] That’s a driver. – [Susan] The seal’s out of it right now from just being set up. That’s all. – [Tom] Okay. So these McLarens, let me talk about these McLaren’s for a second. These were Ford Mustang coupes that McLaren, a subsidiary
of McLaren race cars, or at least use to be, which is in somewhere outside Detroit. They would cut the roofs off the coupes and make convertibles out of them. And they were two seaters. This is a two seater, Mustang convertible, as opposed to the Mustangs you would be able to buy in a dealership with a four seaters. So this whole panel is
probably fiberglass. It would lift up and
the roof would go down so it would be a total, clean finish. And they had five liters with five speed transmissions. And they had suspension modifications done to them. So this was the Mustang convertible before Ford came out with
their own convertible. Interesting car. You know all this stuff, it’s amazing. – [Susan] Oh yes, I once hung out with Mickey Thompson, in San
Antonio, Don Garlits. At which I think is pretty awesome. – [Tom] Okay, so here’s
your private little yard, junk yard. – [Susan] I’m still laughing. – [Tom] Okay, so let’s
look at this Volkswagen. A Volkswagen drag car. – [Susan] I knew the year on this but I forgot. I’m sorry. – [Tom] Look at that. – [Susan] Oh yeah, he raced this over in Pinwheel. – [Tom] It’s still got
a Volkswagen fTomt end, but that’s a Ford motor. – [Susan] Yeah, he had
a Ford motor in there. – [Tom] It’s probably a 302 or something. – [Susan] Yeah but it was
board out and the hole – [Tom] It’s got a fiberglass fTomt end, it’s got a roll cage. How much is this? – [Susan] I’m pretty sure that he had $1,200 at this at one time. Because that is more than that in it. – [Tom] Oh, I’m sure. $1,200. – [Susan] People use to run up back when it was, and they’d say “The Volkswagen’s up
there, the Volkswagen’s up there.” And people
would bring their cars, because it was so light weight. And it would woop, woop, woom, they’d say, “Oh.. – [Tom] Could it do wheelies? – [Susan] It was just unbelievable. – [Tom] So we’ve gotta
MG midget over here. – [Susan] Yes, sir. When he was doing a tire job over in Saint Lawrence there was an old, rich farmer. And I told Rick, I said, no more cars, no more junk. And he said,
“Well, just this one.” And I’m like, Okay. – [Tom] So it’s gotta, can’t tell, but it’s probably a 1275, which is the largest engine you can get in this car. Could be a 1098, dual-side draft SU’s. It made great little race cars. – [Susan] I’ll tell you what, that ’79 right there. I gotta title to that. But this one you know, excellent body. – [Tom] At $1,000? – [Susan] At $1,000. – [Tom] And you gotta title? – [Susan] I gotta title. – [Tom] It’s got everything but an engine and transmission. Okay, now I see back here a Falcon? – [Susan] Yes, sir. A ’64 Falcon Futura. – [Tom] Okay, so this had a 260 V8 in it. – [Susan] Yes it did, but I had a 289 in it. – [ Tom] Did you really? – [Susan] Yes, I did. – [Tom] It had a floor shift? – [Susan] No, it was an automatic. And got pulled over several times. – [Tom] So this was your car? – [Susan] That was my very first car. – [Tom] You’re first car. – [Susan] Yeah. – [Tom] How old were you
when you got this car? – [Susan] 18 1/2 and
paid $150 bucks for it. – [Tom] What do you want for it now? – [Susan] I’d have to have at least 13. – [Tom] $1,300? – [Susan] Yeah – [Tom] You only paid $150. – [Susan] I know but it’s, you know, whatta you call it, sentimental value? – [Tom] Oh, okay. – [Susan] And I have the hood. I have everything for it. – [Tom] Do you have an engine for it? – [Susan] We got 25 motors. – [Tom] Okay. We got
wind picking up, right? – [Susan] Yes. – [Tom] We got another Ranchero here. – [Susan] Now that one I’ll let go pretty good. This one, I’ll let this one go for $600. – [Tom] $600 bucks, you
have a title for that? – [Susan] No. – [Tom] No Title. – [Susan] Are you kidding me? No that one somebody dumped on us. – [Tom] This is the incorrect hood. The correct hood’s back there. No engine, no transmission. Just 600 bucks, okay. – [Susan] Yeah, $600. I’ll go $500. – [Tom] $500. – [Susan] 500 dollars. Because you know, just the emblems alone, are worth 70 bucks. – [Tom] Well, let’s
look at this Econoline. – [Susan] Oh, we’re
saving the primo for last. – [Tom] So it’s got no fTomt end, no rear end. No engine. Well. – [Susan] Did you really
expect motors to be in these things? – [Tom] Well, you know it’s – [Susan] Oh it’s all in here, take all. – [Tom] What’s the story with this? What year is it? – [Susan] That’s a ’63 Econoline Van. – [Tom] Is he selling that or is that sentimental? – [Susan] No, I’d sell that one. – [Tom] It’s just a body. – [Susan] Yeah, but that one I’d have to have at least 15 for that one. – [Tom] 1990 was last… – [Susan] Yeah, that’s about right. – [Tom] Okay, so 1500 for that, good body if you wanted to have a Econoline project. The hardest part is to find a good body. The easy part is to find the fTomt ends, rear ends and engine. – [Susan] But you know, they have a thing called eBay and Yahoo. – [Tom] So last but not least, in the garage here we have a 19, I think 77 Chevy Blazer. This is a first gen Chevy Blazer and it had the removable hard top, and the rear part of
the body is fiberglass. This is a two-wheel drive car so you can drop this thing down. A lot of guys like love these cars cause they could slam it on the ground. And this car, it appears
to have new fenders. It’s got a V8 four barrel high rise, its got wire wheels. It’s a project for sure. It was last on the road in 2010. And it appears that these fenders are bowed out, kinda flared, customized. They have a title for the car and its 1800 bucks. I mean, that to me is a good deal. This is a project car that somebody could make it into a tow vehicle or just a cool ride the way it is. And it’s half done. There’s a great motor in there. And I think they have a lot of the pieces to finish this car. So 1800 bucks, how do you beat that? We say good-by to our
friends the Aubrey’s. And appreciate you letting us walk around your property for a while. Happy hunting. (blues-rock music)

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  1. Watched all the 38 episodes in one day, love the show. Would be nice if the episodes are in the 30 min range, cant get enough.

  2. Cool show, do you get info on these guys you visit that they were contacted by people willing to buy those cars because of your presentation on youtube?

  3. Nothing beats my first 2 cars I bought for $200.00 a 65 cadillac calias coupe and a base model 69 Lincoln continental coupe cadillac fired up and drove away. Replaced the spark plugs on the Lincoln and scored big! Both are long gone, miss that Cadillac though in 2002 mind you!

  4. Gm released the Blazer in 1969. The first generation lasted till 72, when they went to the square body like that 77, but you could even argue that the second generation was the 73-75 blazers with a full convertible top. Makes me wonder what else this dude is wrong about when he's talking about cars I'm not familiar with

  5. She sounds annoyed that some dude said "hey, I got laid in a car like that". But she has probably told that story a thousand times and just loves to repeat the story and gets a private chuckle. How immodest of her. Feigned sensitivity. She probably could make a salty sailor blush.

  6. Great episode! Really enjoyed this one. That gal sure knows what she has on the lot. Would love to hear her stories from the dragstrip. That '69 blown Camaro on her shirt is not something you see a woman wearing very often! 🙂


  8. Great show. Tom is a gent.
    Does anyone know the success rate of making a sale of all these cars after they are featured?
    Seems a great way to advertise

  9. Nowata Oklahoma is 20min from where I live in Oologah. Pretty cool that that the charger came from the small and super weird town.

  10. Tom, McLaren is on 8 Mile Rd. in Livonia, MI. A northeast suburb of Detroit.
    Keep up the great work. Always interesting to see what you're up to.

  11. I'd try to bundle that Charger, the Blazer, & the Ford van. I'm a MoPar fan, so the Charger gets back on the road 1st, my dad had a '76 Blazer when I was a kid so that'd be next, & the Ford…well I'd flip it. Some Ford nut might buy it, shove a 302, 5-spd., & a 9" rear in it, a pair of seats, & then hold on for dear life.

  12. that low of original miles, I would not do a engine swap leave it low miles number matching. number matching cars are getting hard and hard to get cheap.

  13. I'm a Chevy Guy-but would Build that 70 Torino GT FOR SURE! My Uncle Had a 70 Torino King Cobra with a 429 SCJ. It had a Blk Shaker Hood. He Said it got 5mpg!! Have a Couple of Pics of it in My GrandMa's Yard.

  14. Max I'd pay for that Blazer is probably $700. I'm sure in 2010 running and driving it was likely* worth more than $1500 but it appears to be pretty much tossed together then thrown to the side. I bought a 1988 F250 with newer paint, a working older rebuilt 460/C6 combo and a decent interior for $1750 in 2010.

  15. This is what I would call "looks like a muscle car but not." The last of true muscle cars ended in between 70 – 71, depending on when the body changeover started. For Chrysler, this body started in 71, so this was not. While a few of these came with 383s, 400s and 440s and I think a few 71s may have had 426s, most of these had the the 318, 340 or 225 slant 6, with most getting the 318. While I think one of these with the big blocks is definitely worth looking into, one of these with a 318 is to me nothing special. This car while pretty good for 70s smogged down standards couldn't get out it's own way today, as a Honda Accord would knock it off in a drag race without even trying. This one at least had the buckets and console shift which was a nice option as far too many of these with the lower end engine only had the bench and column shifter. As a child of the 70s, I can tell you that a car like this would have been driven by a younger couple with no kids or perhaps a family with one or two kids but wanted to look cooler than driving around in a four door or a station wagon. The big block chargers of this era would have been the only ones that people oohed and ahhed about.

  16. I knew an old guy in Caldwell Texas who had a bunch of old cars on his place back in the 90's.. The one that always caught my eye was a mid 70's Cadillac El Camino he had just sitting in a pasture on his property.. I've no clue if the car is still there or even if the fellow who owned it is even still alive. But it would definitely be worth checking out if you're ever in that area..

  17. hot rod momma! yeehaa! she's great! hanging with mickey and big daddy,bet she could write a few books! fun episode! ▪☆☆☆▪

  18. I have the exact same car . And it’s a ball to drive it . And I bought my car for 2,000 bucks . I bought my charger and 1970 Torino and a 1972 Chevy 3/4 ton C /20 all for 4,500

    1972 Charger 2,000
    1970 Torino1,000 straight as a arrow running great
    1972 Chevy 1,500 $ 3/4 C/20 truck great daily driver
    So they are out there
    I left a note on that charger six years prior to actually getting it .i instructed the owner to save my number in the glove box in the note , and it was found by family when he passed away. he was an accountant ,so he saved everything numeric order . my letter only turned on his accounting side, to save my note as well as everyone else after that. and they were all numbers in ordered so I was given the first chance to buy it .
    So don’t give up keep your eyes peeled you can find them

  19. FOXBODY!i like how you actually talked about it!figured that wouldnt get any kind of camera time…nice…to bad that car will never probably see the light of day again on a bad people start projects or have to turn everything into a race car,shame is all

  20. Ford came out with their convertible the same time as mclaren did. I had an 87 which was a convertible and it was the first year of that body style fox body. Just for future reference

  21. The Mopar gear reduction starter a.k.a. "Highland Park Hummingbird." (Chrysler's location for many years).
    McLaren is on Eight Mile Road in Livonia, MI, a northwest suburb of Detroit.


  23. I’ll probably be at least the 200th commenter to point out that charger wasn’t a 70…..imo those 71 on up chargers/roadrunners/satellites/gtx’s etc etc take an acquired taste I know a few guys that absolutely love those body styles!!…..not really so much for me when the cuda’s & challengers were still available in those days but each to their own….aside from that that car was in great shape and those old 318’s will wake right up with a set of J heads on them….love this channel if I could only hit the lottery or something similar this is all I’d do is go to bum fuckt nowhere USA and ask around the gems r still out there!!! But it sure helps to have some fairly serious cash on hand

  24. in the mid 1980s my father bought a 1970 VG Valiant two door 770
    318 motor off an old guy who had it since new my father paid $ 2000 for it
    only had 25,000 miles on the clock when i turned 18 my father gave it to me i drove it
    a few years till some woman jumped the red light and t boned me pushed the rear quarter panel and window into back seat
    and passenger door that was the end of it

  25. Imagine you running out of gas and leave your charger on the side of the road, and only to come back and it not be there. LMAO

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