Does Seafoam Actually Work? (with Proof)

Does Seafoam Actually Work? (with Proof)

Hey guys, ChrisFix here and today we are going
to check to see how well seafoam works in a small engine like this lawnmower, before
I test this out in my car engine, I want to see if it works in a lawnmower engine. It’s
easier to test, it’s faster, and we can get a good idea of what to expect when we do this
test in a car engine. In this test we will see if seafoam actually does what it says.
we will do this by looking into the engine before the seafoam, and then seeing how much
carbon buildup is in there. And then we will run seafoam though the engine, go back in,
and see if the engine cleaner actually remove the carbon deposits. So lets get some before
footage and see what it looks like before we add the fuel cleaner. So this is a four
stroke honda engine, for a push mower. Ok, this is a single piston engine. I have the
piston pushed all the way back so we can get a good look at this. You can see the little
groves for the two valves, one is an intake valve, one is an exhaust valve. This is a
carbureted engine. You can see right near the intake and exhaust valve the engine is
pretty clean but right above that, it is all dirty, there is some carbon buildup. Lets
see if the seafoam can clean up this carbon buildup. Before we add the seafaom, you want to get the engine
nice and warm. So we are going to start it up, and let it
run for a few minutes.

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  1. you would have done a better job heating engine then pouring some in spark plug hole leave over night, and leave spark plug say in a thimble full of sea foam.
    In the uk in the 70,s we used to use redex to clean engine and un gum piston rings etc.

  2. Chrisfix, I work on push mowers like Mustie1. And I also work on push mowers that doesn't start correctly. And I recommend seafoam in gas tank to clean the fuel injectors including to clean the carbon buildup on the piston.

  3. Killing Vroom's ads is so easy……all I do is hit the mute button, then move over to the ad countdown until it says "skip ads". Then i go back and unmute, It's still irritating but at least I don't have to listen to any of their pathetic pitch.

  4. Why is this helpful? Pretty piston. Great. Now what? Easier to start? More fuel efficient? What is the benefit?

  5. Just remember you are good at what you do. The silly comments are from silly people who wish they were as smart as you… Enjoyed your video. Not so much the silly comments.

  6. Lucus injection cleaner works way better… it actually will clean it …just use a vacuum line and a 2way vacuum tube… and connect It directly to a close to vacuum connection on the throttle body and start the car and suck a little at a time in engine till it's all gone …… after smoke clears drive it away from traffic till it clears up completely… then your done … that will work way better than sea foam…

  7. I put 2 16oz cans of it my goldwing gas tank then filled my tank and took a 180 mile trip then added another 16oz can in and filled tank back up the next day and road back home another 180 miles. And the goldwing ran a lot better after tbat. I am a believer in seafoam

  8. Diesel cleans better than that. To be honest, this experiment you just did was a total failure for seafoam. I watched many of your videos which I liked but I didn't like this one. Sorry this time you did not do your best.

  9. Seafoam worked very well in smoothing out my old diesel 7.3L. My mechanic says it is the only additive he believes actually works.

  10. Thank you so much I will definitely try it out 😊 thanks for your video I really loved it I lornd a lot from it thanks again. 👍👍🙂🙂💯

  11. Does this clean out the plastic carburetor on a push lawn mower? Mine wont stay cranked, so I'm guessing that's what it is.

  12. I've used Seafoam for years. 2 oz per gallon of gas and the gas is still good after two years. I use it in my crank case (I think the recommended amount is 1 oz per qt. of oil)? Refer to the Seafoam web site. I buy it by the gallon (it's cheaper that way). This stuff is like a tune up in a bottle!

  13. Interesting video but was there enough carbon buildup to affect the lawnmower performance and did it increase the performance once it was cleaned? I'm curious.

  14. So what if there was a little carbon and soot on top of that piston. The engine was running perfect even before you put this waste of money seafoam in it.

  15. Excellent test & editing too was spot on. However, what about carbon deposits from Seafoam use getting into the rings? Are they all exited via the exhaust? Great show! Thanks!

  16. Hey, in the 5 years since this test was conducted the average global temperature has increased by 0.1C just due to all that freaking smoke!

  17. I cannot stop wondering how much harm can a tiny layer of carbon on the piston top do to cause so much concern to actually make you spend money on SeaFoam.

  18. I used Sea Foam in my mower and it did nothing. Then I contacted Briggs and said NEVER use any gasoline with ethanol since it will ruin the fuel system. Since I switched to no ethanol gas I have had no problems. Unless you have an inch of carbon, carbon does not affect the piston.

  19. the first time I did this on my old toyota tacoma 5 years ago it made me so nervous.
    My old auto tech instructor said back in the 70s when he worked at a Chrysler dealership it was common practice on high mileage carbon build up vehicles to have one tech crack the throttle open at about 1,500 rpm while another tech slowly poured straight water down the throat of the carb to basically "steam clean" the top of the pistons.

  20. Thank you, I use a lot of seafoam in all of our equipment for a golf course, and I have wondered it it really works.  So, I appreciate this confirmation-

  21. so for a lawnmower, would it maybe be a good idea to let it soak like you did the last time, and then stick a nylon wire brush in there to help it out? kind of like a bottle brush but a little stiffer? for that matter, how about WD40? isn't it a solvent? wouldn't that do something similar? Just asking as I am an engine ignoramus.

  22. Bravo my brother it works I am a little apprehensive to put something like that in my vehicle ….smaller motors I'd be willing to give it a shot

  23. Why are some of you people making fun of what he did? At least he tried it. I guess some of you people don't know this was very informative, to those of us, who don't know how to do this. Like me!

  24. I have been using sea foam in all my engines…from boats to snowblowers to chainsaws to lawnmowers…I just mix it in wth the gas…keeps them running great

  25. It works but I find it much easier just to run Marvel's in all my gas. From my weed eater to my truck. Side by side testing using them both directly into the intake the Marvel's cleaned better as well.

  26. But seriously I remember the first time I use seafoam follow the directions and the car ran beautiful afterwards I am sold on this product I put it in every third tank not surprised what this video shows… I switched over from seafoam I used to use Marvel Mystery Oil but if you're not careful you can get a build up in the tank although I do put Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase and yes it works really well in there too… proof is in performance none of these products have ever let me down and I've been using them for decades

  27. I would have looked inside the cylinder, and then added a teaspoon of it inside the cylinder… and turned it over a few times to coat the piston, rings, valves and head, let it sit over night, and then tossed it into the fuel at a ratio of say 1 part in 75 and then gone off moving a ton of shit for 2 hours and then I would have looked into the cylinder….

  28. This stuff did wonders on my flux capacitor. Don't have to hit 88MPH. I can cruise through time at a cool 45MPH. Thanks seafoam.

  29. Sea Foam is VERY GOOD for removing varnish or sludge like deposits which are blocking carburetor passageways. When gasoline evaporates, it leaves behind deposits, which usually require carburetor cleanings and re-builds. Sea Foam has saved me 10 times, from taking apart my winter damaged carburetors, here in Chicago. I use it every spring.

  30. not really that much of an improvement … my guess is that there would be no change in performance. It actually wasn't that bad to begin with with.

  31. Sea foam is shit I wouldn’t suggest using it I used it and it ruined the sensor I ended up with a big repair bill are!

  32. Quicker and easier to just take the head off and wire brush the piston, also didn’t even see the valves or head

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