Does the Color of Your Car Affect Your Insurance?

Does the Color of Your Car Affect Your Insurance?

Hey guys, it’s Kay Cordell your Insurance Ninja and today, I just wanted to talk about something pretty easy and simple. There’s Baxter in the background Say, “Hey,” Baxter. I dog sat for him last night. So he got to spend the night and hang out, but back to business though. I wanted to just bring up something that a lot of people ask me and I feel like it’s like an urban legend or a myth that I want to clear up about insurance. I get this question a lot. Does the color of your car matter for insurance purposes? It does not. So, some of the factors that do affect your insurance rate is your driving record. Do you have a lot of speeding tickets or accidents going on? The type of car more so than your color like, you know, some cars are statistically more expensive to repair obviously if you’re a younger teenage – I call them youthful operators – young boy driving a Ford Mustang that’s usually going to be more expensive. Obviously if a car costs more to repair, again, that would affect your insurance rate. Your zip code sometimes: there’s more crime involved. I think Baxter’s yawning back there. He’s yawning because he’s tired of hearing me talk about this. Are you Baxter? No, okay, so NO, the color of your car does not matter for insurance purposes. So feel free to buy your hot pink car if you feel so inclined! So again, have a great day. Give us a call for any of your insurance questions or for quotes. We’ll be glad to do for ya! Auto and home. Thanks!

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