Doggie School Bus picks up pups for ‘school’

Doggie School Bus picks up pups for ‘school’

Come here, Buddy. Come here, Rufus. My name is Arat Montoya and I’m the owner of Doggie School Bus. We are about to go
pick up the doggies. These dogs I have right now: Hunter, Tracer and Dina. And this is the rest we’re going to pick up. The average day is 20, and the busiest day has been, like, 35. He’s right at the window waiting for the bus. I tell him in the house, I said ‘You
wanna go to school?’ and he runs to the door. He’s always happy when he comes home, and he loves going. I put on the stripes, make it looks like a
school bus. I put on the letters, parked it in the
driveway, and I got 16 customers in like two weeks. For a full day I charge $30 and I pick
up and drop off within a five-mile radius. I’m the happiest man in the
world doing what I’m doing, watching my babies.

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