Doing This Will Make Your Car’s AC Blow Twice as Cold

Doing This Will Make Your Car’s AC Blow Twice as Cold

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about a common car air conditioning problem and how you can fix it the
problem is this say the passenger side is blowing cold air but the driver’s
side is not blowing cold air, now a car like this 94 Celica it’s a simple air
conditioning system it doesn’t have dual controls or anything it’s got AC you
turn it on or off then it’s often a very simple problem just being low on
refrigerant now this may be a 26 year old car but I’ve only had to add
refrigerant one time now here’s an old broken AC compressor
all air conditioning compressors leak somewhat over time the fan belt spins it
spins a shaft the shaft has to have a seal on it if that seal was perfect it
would run dry burnout and all the freon would leak out, they all leak a little bit of
refrigerant and AC oil in order to lubricate that seal now in a case of
Toyotas it’s often a very slow leak I mean I had to add refrigerant to
this thing once in 26 years so it’s a very slow leak but when it leaks out
enough it will affect the performance of your air conditioner if you understand
how our air conditioners work it’s totally logical the compressor
compresses the refrigerant it’s hot then it pushes it to the condenser in the
front which gets rid of the hot air, hot air gets blown away then that gets sucked
into the evaporator inside the dash that expands and gets cool there then it’s
sucked back into the compressor in an endless cycle and since most cars have
the evaporator on the passenger side if you’re running low on refrigerant the
passenger side can still blow somewhat cool but by the time it makes it over to
the driver’s side it’s not cool anymore so just being low on refrigerant can
make it do that so if you know how to use AC gauges you can hook them up to see
if your low on refrigerant and if your are you can add some and if you don’t you
can just pay a mechanic to check it it doesn’t take five minutes and here’s a
money saving tip guys are always trying to sell people stuff say your low on
refrigerant they’ll say oh wow your compressor is leaking you need to buy a new
one before you spend a whole bunch of money if it’s been years or if the
system never has had any refrigerant and first just add some refrigerant I’ve
done that on cars and sometimes they last five six years before they stopped
working to get in then you just fill them up once every five or six years
always start simple and work your way up and if you do add refrigerant if your
system doesn’t have any of that leak dye a lot of them are made with leak dye but if it
doesn’t you can add a little bit of the leak dye in to so then when it finally
leaves out you’ll see the dye coming out of the area and you’ll know which one is
leaking now many cars just have the single AC system leaving this relatively
new matrix it’s got a single system called on one side not on the other odds
are you just low on refrigerant but if you have a more modern dual control
system where you control the left side and the right side independently like
this lexus then things can get complicated because here as you can see
you can adjust the driver’s side from cold to whatever temperature you want
and the same thing on the passenger side you can adjust that too, now here of
course you’re doing the level of sophistication all run by computers that
can make your head spin but basically here’s how it works the computer system
take the inputs there’s temperature indicators inside and inside the dash
are blend doors that open or close to a certain degree to make it whatever
temperature you sided here now of course a lot of its fantasy you put it on 69
degrees it’s not gonna stay exactly 69 but you can make it soap one side can be
as hot as you want in this case will go too hot or the other side can be as cold
as you want in that case the passenger side it would
turn the duct to the heater open using the actuators that open the door so
you’d have hot air blowing here but on a driver side it would only open the
actuator for the AC system so cold air would come out here and you can guess
what happens with computer actuated systems when they break I mean thank
heavens this is a Lexus they hardly ever break so I don’t have to mess around
with it but when they do break unfortunately you’re gonna have to find
a guy like me that has one of these really fancy computers to access that
data to do bi-directional testing I’ll show you how it works on this Lexus well
the beginning is easy it just plugs into the data port plugged in then we put on the
car and we’re looking for stuff for the air conditioning system well the air
conditioning system on this particular one
it’s part of the body system so we’ll push body it’s got all kinds information
I could join that the magnetic clutch is off now cuz they see just the cycling
and on a second they’re not back on again
you get all kinds of data you can analyze and as various active tests that
you can do to not question you don’t have one of these fancy scan tools good
luck trying to figure out what’s wrong it’s one of those blend doors is
breaking plus most of the time it’ll be something like an actuator motor you
gotta take the whole damn shit a car apart to access it repairs can easily
top a thousand dollars on many cars these days of fun of those stupid little
doors breaks but it is another tip that might save you a ton of money let’s say
you’re having electrical problems the first thing I advise all my customers to
do is have the battery load tested and have the alternator load tested many
auto parts stores do that free you can even buy a quality thing to test it you
stop these days for seventy eighty dollars you know buy an expensive one
like this midtronics this thing was over eight hundred dollars and it was new
today you can get 60 70 $80 versions from other companies that work quite
well realize that all computer-controlled systems require a
steady accurate supply of voltage if the voltage goes too low or too high
squirrely things can happen if you’re cold on one side hot on the other maybe
there’s just not enough power going to the other side
always check the battery and alternator before you start spending a ton of money
doing computer analysis and turn the dash apart and here’s another trick
let’s say this side is blowing called and this sides blowing high well the
extra weird is dropping here sometimes just going back and hitting the dash really hard
if it’s a stuck actuator a lot of times they’ll unstick I’ve had some
customers that drove cars years that way when one went cold on one side and not the one side they give it a
good whack and it would start working and realize those stupid doors are
generally made out of plastic and they can stick as they age and if hitting it works
what the heck so now you know a bit more about car AC
systems and what you can do if you’ve got hot air blowing out on one side but
cool air come out of the other so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. My 2005 rx330 Lexus floor vent for ac and heat doesn’t work all other vent do. What gives? Scotty please help are anyone else that may know

  3. Scotty the first thing I check is the battery on most issues on a car that is more than 4 years old. Surprisingly many issues are solved from bad gas mileage, engine stutter,transmission shifting AC or whatever. If it has a computer control CHECK THAT BATTERY. And don't start tearing stuff apart until you have correct and constant signal/base voltage. May start and run ok but a battery that is going bad will drive you nuts.

  4. Now you can just plug your phone in and get the same readings with almost as much accuracy as those expensive tablets.

  5. Thanks scotty, I tried just smacking the actuator a little on passenger side and it's worked great ever since

  6. I’m a commercial HVAC guy . I once fixed a friends older Chevy that had zero pressure left . I used nitrogen to pressure it and it held pressure , I evacuated it and the vacuum was good and it held . I charged it up and once it started and the rubber to metal hose connection on the suction line got cold it started to leak like crazy . The soap I had used earlier and remained intact started to make huge bubbles ……. what a waste of time

  7. My grand marquis ac is not as cold as It should be it’s cold just not as cold as it should be would I bee safe to recharge it or can I over fill it doing that?

  8. If you don't get much air and a lot of noise and maybe a bad smell, change your cabin air filter. It's a simple job that most anyone can do. There are Youtube videos for most cars. Wear gloves, there might be almost anything in there including mice!

  9. Hello Scotty last weekend in New York it was 100 degrees plus and I have a 2018 Hyundai Tucson with the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine. When I had the AC on the car with the gas pedal pushed down would hardly accelerate. is this normal it has not happened the last summer before of 2018

  10. Scotty i have a 2018 accord that's blowing cool air even when i move the button from 72 down to low and vice versa, the ac remains the same. went to the dealer and they said the car needs a AC flush to restore it back to cold. i live in new York city and this is my second summer. any comments please.

  11. hi….i have a 206…i accidently banged up on a kerb and even though i can still drive the car the steering wheel was hard to turn,could this be a fuse that might have blown and need replacing?…thank you..please reply….ROB

  12. Hey Scotty, when I change the temperature on the AC of my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee it goes from cold to warm for about 20 seconds and then back to cold and stays cold thereafter. What’s wrong?

  13. BEFORE you spend a lot of money, WHACK that thing if it works, lets get a drink, if not…… Ooooo😳 TIME to call Scotty……🤤

  14. I enjoy your vids you show a lot of passion for your craft and you also can explain things in a way thats easily digestible

  15. If you've got hot air blowing out of one end and cold air blowing out of the other end…. You're watching a Scotty Kilmer video.

  16. Common scotty have some dignity. There is only so much dash board hitting days i can go with untill i finally want a good car. Ur videos look like they are being made for only college kids/ uber eats drivers who dont have all that much. Have some self respect. You are unapologetically cheap and pathetic. Gonna stop watching ur videos cuz they r now made for teens with corollas and civics.

  17. Thanks for all the advice and wisdom, it’s just fun to learn about trade, and life in general, from you

  18. Scotty, you probably got a deal, but your wife's car looks like it is Lexus badging on a Toyota Camry. Do you recommend paying a premium for the Lexus brand vs a similar Toyota? Are there parts and designs that make the premium worth it? Is it just "comfort" or status? Please advise. Thanks, Jim

  19. I really appreciate and enjoy all of your videos. Always very helpful. Thank you and have a blessed night.

  20. I think you spend more time looking for graphics for your videos than you spend time making the actual videos 🤣🤣

  21. I bought 2 dozen cans of R-12 from this guy who did not need it any more about 10 years ago. I only needed a couple cans for my 1986 Astro Van but he charged the same for 2 cans as he did 24. I think I only paid $30 for them. It had/has some with oil in with the R-12. I still have that van. It looks really ugly, but the AC still works pretty well. It is also fun to shoot at the cans and see the summer ice show. I gave away a few cans to friends too. Still about a dozen left to shoot at when the van is junked.

  22. Scotty, I use my AC regularly and it still blows cold at 428,000 kilometers ,its a 2009 Mazda 3 hatch, my question is …how do you maximize the life of your AC? I live in cold Canada and use the AC 50% of the time. Any tips on usage vs lifespan. You are a fountain of knowledge, thanks!

  23. A Scotty video is not a Scotty video unless it has a laughing horse, donkey, or otherwise.And, so help me Jesus, if Scotty stops putting laughing animals in his videos, I will unsubscribe!!1!!1!!1  lol

  24. Hey Scotty, I think you are a genius. I use to have 2001 Monte Carlo and I thought my a.c. had gone out, so I'm driving around with no a.c. for about a month one day I had to take my battery cables off checking for something else and when I hooked my cables back up, got in started it up a.c. worked like a charm. What do you think the problem was?

  25. The AC in my son's 2016 Trax stopped working. It was blowing nothing but hot air all the time. With the constant automatic ventilation that meant some hot air always. Since I didn't have a shop manual on the vehicle I told him to take it to the Chevrolet dealer who does all the service anyway. I told him to ask for the old part back. They said it was a $80.00 cable that broke. Would cost over $800.00. He freaked but with a pregnant wife and needing AC for her I told him I would pay $500.00 to help him out. The tech who fixed it scratched up and damaged the dash taking it apart. The dealer agreed to fix the scratched and damaged dash and provide a free rental while they had the vehicle.

    He gave me the old cable which I threw inside the top of my Mac box. About a week later I picked up the cable and it wasn't broken like they said it was. To me it looked like it just slipped off the wheel. I played with it for about 8 minutes and had it working fine. Didn't really need the part. But you know how it is when you go to a dealer for service. I was going to take the part back and question them about it. But they probably would have said it could jump off the wheel again and stop working so they just replaced it. I'm fine with that but they should have at least discussed what they found first. Chevrolet service sucks. I have owned three Corvettes and was never happy with their service. I feel bad for anyone who buys a new C8 and expects top notch service for their new car. To the techs at the Chevrolet dealer it's just another car.

  26. If the compressor takes a CRAP can the system still hold a charge? Had PEP BOYS TAKE A PEEK said the compressor was bad but the system has no leaks and is fully charged. System blows hot air. But I can hear the compressor clicking.

  27. I bought a new 1995 S10 ZR2, drove it for 21 years, 186,000 miles, never did anything to the AC system and it still blew brutally cold air, in Chicagoland, not Texas. My used 2012 Tacoma Baja should last 42 years, right?

  28. Scotty, I like to watch your videos and you are entertaining, you have a lot of knowledge but you're no AC tech. I've been an ac tech for almost 40 years and never once have I used an manifold set to to discover the unit was low on refrigerant. The manifold set will tell you if something is not right on the system but for checking refrigerant come on man. All that is needed is to check the refrigerant charge is knowledge and an accurate thermometer. A bare hand will tell more than a manifold set will tell about the charge. I would be interested in hearing how you can check the charge with a manifold set. A manifold set is used only to check pressure, system temperature and system operation. Although the manifold set is handy for charging the system it is not necessary unless the superheat charge method is being done of which would be a waste of time on a leak prone system of an automobile.

  29. I've had an AC issue for a year. I can get it to run most of the time, except when it's super hot out, my car has sat in direct sunlight and it's hot out, or my car has sat idle with the AC running a lot. Traffic, lots of stops and starts, stuff like that. It will run cold then suddenly go hot. Sometimes it will come back on, sometimes it stay hot for the rest of the travel. Sometimes it comes back on after a few miles of travel with no stops.
    I've been told:
    my AC is clogged, and it was blown out. No change.
    my relay is bad, it was replaced. No change.
    the door that allows the switch from cold to hot might be bad, it was checked and deemed to not need replacing.
    I've even been told there's nothing wrong with my AC. But I beg to differ when I'm sitting in traffic, in 100 degree weather, and the AC is blowing even hotter air.
    I paid for a diagnostic and they said "maybe" my condenser needs replacing, which costs $400 plus.
    I can't afford to pay $400 on a maybe. I took it somewhere else and they said I needed freon, which I didn't, then I had to get that corrected because they put it to where the hi was lo and the lo was hi. Problems are still happening, every day of this horrid summer.

  30. My front passenger window always gives out and doesn’t want to open until I hit the button from the drivers side first.

  31. A nice solid whack is what fixes most my stuff it's such a universal fix for my car, ps3, older TVs, wife, toaster, microwave it's so tried and true

  32. Hey Scotty I have problem with my car with the AC it only blows through the vents and floor or feet only but not the small front vents don't blow through, I have a Ford Mustang 2000 V6 Convertible. So what is the problem?

  33. So instead of fixing it properly, we should just leak refrigerant into the atmosphere and top it off when it gets less convient for our selfish selves. Got it. I mean who really needs an ozone right? If you can't afford to fix your vehicle properly, question your life decisions.

  34. Have a 12 yr old Honda CRV. A couple of years ago I had the transmission flushed as recommended by manufacturer. When that happened the AC quit working correctly. The fan would blow but it wouldn’t start cooling until I hit 40 mph. No one could figure it out. I ended up getting a new AC. Complete system. Still wouldn’t cool until I hit 40. It was that way all summer & beginning of next summer. Then all of a sudden it started working. Any idea what caused this?

  35. RAF old radio engineers’ secret was the Drop Test. Remove equipment, lower it sharply to ground. Replace in aircraft. Do similar with your computer. Vacuum and brush the innards. Pull out and replace cable connectors. Unclip the boards, pull out a little, push back and lock.

  36. Thank you Scotty I learn more from you then any auto mehanic .P.S. I'm from Austin Texas living in Forest Hills, NY

  37. Scotty Toyota Corollas don’t have this problem. My Corolla doesn’t have any of the problems that you explain in your videos. Its done 155,000 kl it’s hardly broken in.

  38. Im learning so much more than what i did not know about so im really enjoying your videos but i have to admit that my cadillac sts had myself and kids freezing one year but the passenger side was hot…so I crawled under driverside dash and found the acuator and then went threw the middle console and found it…so I change them and it was an instant fix and heat was so much better afterwards!!

  39. Usually if I'm getting a lot of hot air from one side and not the other, I just tell my wife to shut up and that usually solves the problem.😁😁😁

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