Doing This Will Make Your Power Windows Last Forever

Doing This Will Make Your Power Windows Last Forever

Rev up your engines,
bb says I got an 05 acura, the window when you roll it up and down it doesn’t wipe the
rain or water anymore and makes it hard to drive when it’s wet, is this my weatherstrip
going bad, yeah you know it probably is wearing but here’s something you can try first and
I’ve had some pretty good luck with it, I use silicone lubricant spray on window seal
strips, it’s really good for lubricating it and making them work better, and if you find
that you do that and wipe off the excess and do it a few times and then it starts wiping
better, hey great, and you might also get some of what I use and I’ve had the greatest
luck with that is, instead of using stuff that you spray on the windows that’s suppose
to keep them beading up and stuff, I find that if you use a polish instead, and I use
this polish it comes in an orange can, and you polish your paint with it too on your
car, but I also do the windows and the windscreen, and whoa it beads up the water much better
that way you might try that, I’ve had really good luck with that, muller says I got a toyota
aygo the catalytic converter fails every 200 km any ideas, ok catalytic converters unless
their built wrong, volvos years ago built them wrong and the substrata inside the shell
would break and it would rattle and come apart, that was a manufacturing flaw, well they generally
go bad because there’s a problem in the engine and that ruins them, like if you have a car
that burn oil, the oil burning carbon gets stuck in the little holes and it ruins the
catalytic converter, or if you have an engine that runs lean, a lean engine makes real hot
exhaust gas, then the hot exhaust gas ruins the catalytic converter, so you got to find
out what’s ruining the catalytic converter, and odds are you got a problem in the engine,
or in the engine management system where it’s running too rich or too lean, check that out
because the catalytic converters can’t go bad that fast unless something is burning
them out, daniel says scotty good morning from Montreal hey a lot of people from Canada
today, which do you think is better, a manual transmission or an automatic, I was always
a manual transmission guy, cuz I always drove motorcycles, and there’s only one automatic
one I’ve ever seen it was a Honda 750 automatic transmission motorcycle and it was a piece
of junk everybody hated it, but today the automatic transmissions are much better made
than they used to be, and I was impressed last year when I got a mustang for a week
and it had the new 10 speed automatic transmission, it was actually better than the manual transmission,
it was faster it got better gas mileage, cuz the computers are made these days that they
can shift faster than you can if you put them into the sport racing mode and they can get
better gas mileage than you can in a manual by putting it in economy mode, everything
is computer run, now that said their going to cost a fortune to repair when they break
I’m not arguing that, most people if they drive in heavy areas, your in Montreal I’ve
been there a lot, and man people drive like maniacs there, and there’s a lot of traffic
jams, so most people probably want an automatic transmission, and you get something like a
Toyota that they rarely break in, most people are going to buy an automatic transmission,
cj says hey scotty is a 1988 super sport monte carlo a run around daily car, thanks for all
you do have a bless day ok, gm quality meh, but that’s 1988 and back then they were making
the things better, there’s no arguing it, if it’s in good shape and doesn’t have too
many miles it could be a fun drive around car, but realize you’re talking about 1988,
what’s that mean a 31 year old car, I got customers that drive older cars, and most
of them realize their good toys, but as for daily cars meh, their old stuff’s going to
break and leak and the ac is going to break and if you live in Texas your not going to
like that, now if you live in Canada or something where you don’t really need ac you don’t care
so, but you’d want a mechanic to check something like that out before you buy it, just to see
what kind of shape it’s in before you even go, hm says Mr. Scotty I got a mustang and
lately when I fill it up the gas tank capacity has decreased by 2 gallons what could be the
cause of this, if you’ve got one of those weirdo readouts that says you know how many
gallons you have left, those things are highly inaccurate as they age, that’s just what happens
to them, and if you got one of those systems, it’s just breaking down and normally it’s
the sending unit in the gas tank being off a little bit, meh you know I’d kind of live
with it because like everything that’s electronic as they age they often get off a little bit,
you know I mean even my computers, sometimes they just say oh not connected to the internet,
I know their connected to the internet cuz all my other internet stuff are all working
at the same time, they get old weird things happen sometimes, meh as long as it works
ok I’d ignore it I wouldn’t pull the gas tank off to change all that stuff inside there,
it really isn’t worth it, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. One thing about that SS monte carlo is parts are CHEAP. get one cheap enough if its not rusty then replace all the rubber stuff for a few hundred dollars. Drop a GM crate 350 in it for a few grand and a rebuilt or new transmission in for about a grand. Then drive it a hundred thousand miles. Everything on them is so cheap little stuff that goes wrong wont ever be a big deal.

  3. I had an 80 Sunbird and man was that thing a POS. I had a Firebird in the 90s and it wasn't much more reliable. I've owned a bunch of the Regals/Grand Prixs since then and they've been good cars. I'm not sure I'd want a GM from before the mid 90s.
    I also have a new manual Mustang GT and I'm not buying the faster auto bit. I can drop the clutch in 2nd gear and spin the tires. It requires one shift up to 3rd to get well into the triple digits. Pretty sure it ain't making 10 shifts faster than I can make one.

  4. >watch texas car dude to get distracted from my shitty life in shitty french canada
    >texas car dude rubs it in my face

    thank you 🙁

  5. Concentrated pure lime juice works great leaves very little residue after a rain and beads water awesomely.
    I use it on my wind screen too. it also stops the wiper blades making noise.
    I discovered this by needing to clean my windscreen and all I had was news paper and some pure lime juice concentrate.

  6. Scotty what do you think about the 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan?? I just bought one for $6,000 w/ 130,000 miles. My family has had a lot of civics so I'm hoping I made a good investment.

  7. don't let nobody smoke in your car and tap the ashes out the window and that will definitely keep that window good it just like dirt smokers I know this is true

  8. In 2012 I bought a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe that did not wipe the windows at all when they were powered down and back up. Hyundai said that they were not meant to do that but only to keep big pieces of debris out of the door. They refused to fix it under the existing warranty.

  9. Hey Scott, I have a Honda Accord 03 V6 Coupe I fill my gas tank once a week and only get about 200 in mileage any tips on what I can do to get more mileage?

  10. I love silicone spray on the windows, i d id your wd40 trick on my daughter's hyundai excel for roadworthy, looked great and i got comments on how good it looked. Keep your vides going. Love it😊 cheers from downunder!

  11. I have a 2014 Subaru Forester with an extended warranty. It has a $100 deductible. I had a little 3-in-1 spray lube can I bought for something else for $5 lying around. When my driver's power window started to malfunction I tried this. Saved $100

  12. My gas sending unit is messing up now on my 2004 Cadillac Deville. But I'll live with it. I found a new way to measure how much gas I'm using and I haven't ran out of gas by using that method yet. Lol.

  13. Never use silicone lubricant spray on window seals. I used once and every time i lifted up my windows they were always with silicone on them. After about 1 year and at least 50 times wipes because it drove me mad. I finally got rid of that silicone on my window. Scotty has very good tips but this time it wasnt. Never do this, unless you want your windows to be always filthy with silicon rezidue. Sorry for my english, hope you understand what i tried to say.

  14. my old school gauge is kinda funny too, before i got like 60mi on half a tank, then one time i went 150………and i didn't really take more highways

  15. Hey Scott I have a 1994 toyota celica, and I was driving and I hit the turn signal and every light/dash light/and the wipers spiked on for a split second then the car died. Now it just turns over

  16. Why does the 1994 Chevy truck 1500 v8 windows not go down it has a new window regulator but now it’s the same thing still doesn’t go down even after it’s new …

  17. I have always driven a manual transmission (millineal theft deterrent (but I hear that all the manufacturers are phasing them out completely.

  18. Lease lease lease. Unless you buy a 6 cylinder. Tired of beaters. No way Scotty did not put money in his 94 Celica. Cvt fucked buying a 4 cylinder car as far as Im concerned.

  19. Wrong. Running rich means unburned or partially oxidized fuel reaches the cat, which overheats because it is catalyzing the oxidation of more hydrocarbons than it is designed for.

  20. these 5 minute videos make for a nice break when on a marathon of some other video topics. and I learn something too!

  21. Scotty
    you love motorcycle so much why not work on them instead of cars. the money is still there the market is a little smaller but the product is easier to handle. you're getting older.

  22. "It was piece of junk, everybody hated it" with facebook guy.
    "Everything is computer run" with apple laptop toilet.
    It's so hilarious.


  24. Been waxing the windows ( windshield and rear window as well ) for several decades. People thought " that can't be right " always worked for me.
    Thanks Scotty for backing me up even though its decades late.

  25. The title implies that I'm going to learn how to make the POWER part of my windows last forever. I must have missed that part.

  26. FYI the spray can Silicone lubricants almost always have some type of petroleum product (often like propane) that can destroy & "eat" rubber, read the MSDS to know for sure, and consider testing a hidden area.

  27. Scotty, check out Ridley Motorcycles, the are all automatics. Actually that is the only thing about them that makes them stand out. Ugly, but interesting.

  28. Sotty I have a problem. I love standard trans that's all I used to drive . But because of the accedent I can't bend my left leg. So I can't work the clutch . Do you have some sort of idea . Some sort of mod or vehicle I could look in to.

  29. Up here in the northern states the cooler weather can cause problems when using certain wax products on interior glass…constant fogging issues. Do a test spot first.

  30. I subbed just cause your a fellow smoker. That pic of Snoop Dog had me lmao. I've had the greatest luck with that to Scotty

  31. Scotty, looking at a 2005 Nissan Sentra with an automatic transmission for a first car for my son. We were looking at Corollas but a friend has this one and is willing to give us a good deal. It’s got 130k on it and seems in good shape only wants $1,500. What do you think?

  32. I fractured 5 vertebrae and this is true, a guy said to me spray some wd 40 on your back and you'll be fixed good, needless to say I just looked at him and wondered when the guys in the white coats were coming for him,ps I didn't try it but my back is still really bad so here goes now should I try the silicone or stick to the wd40

  33. the trouble with using silicone spray is if you need any paintwork doing after you have got on the car its a nightmare, it will cause no end of paint reactions, as a car sprayer I tell customers not to use the stuff best off using a rubber conditioner water based such as this product Autobright Interior Dressing Plastic Rubber Vinyl Leather Tyre Conditioner .

  34. The benefits of an "automated" transmission(2:08). Say what?? An autonomous tranny? We know what Scotty means!

  35. I just used WD40 on my windows because they started squeaking.
    I don't want to not pick Scotty but you don't drive a motorcycle,you ride it.
    You don't drive a horse.HaHaHa.

  36. Since when do power window switches have computers… yeah you don't want to spill stuff in them but the only computers are your tcm ecm and maybe the entertainment system in newer cars but I've never heard of computers or circuit boards in doors and thats one of the silliest things I've heard

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