Doing This With WD-40 Will Save You Thousands in Car Repairs

rev up your engines, now I’ve been using
wd-40 for all kinds of things but it’s come to my attention that there are some
things you shouldn’t use it for that I’ve seen people use it and cause
problems so first I’m going to show you things you don’t want to use wd-40 for
now numero uno is don’t spray it on squeaking fan belts or to be politically
correct these days serpentine drive belts
now if you got squeaky fan belts don’t spray wd-40 on it I’ve
seen people do it and yeah it’ll stop the squeaking for a while but the belts
are made to run dry this is a serpentine belt with all these grooves you do not
want any kind of lubrication on them don’t even spray any of that belt ease
it says stop squeak and belt dressing these are made to run naked you don’t
want anything on them so if they’re squeaking they’re either worn out and
they need replacing or if they’re adjustable ones like my old Celica they
need to be tightened up or if you got a modern car with an automatic tensioner
you might need a new automatic tensioner but do not spray wd-40 on them now the
next thing not to do is don’t spray it on your tires to polish them if you want
to make your tire shine use stuff like this blue shine that’s made for shining
rubber tires think about wd-40 a lot of it is a
lubricant you don’t want to lubricate your tires they need friction to drive
down the road if you get it on the tread or it migrates till the tread you can
lose grip if you’re a hard driver especially motorcycle targeted treads
that go way down the side you don’t want to spray it on them years ago I had a
friend do that on his motorcycle and he had a rocket 750 Suzuki and he
was corning and he lost it slid on smash the whole side his bike scratched it all
off custom of fortune and repairs and paint don’t put wd-40 on your tires now
another thing I don’t advise people do with wd-40 is to spray it on your paint
and then polish it off you can see it really makes it shine
one over here shined up but this is something devious people do before they
sell you were used-car it will make it shine like mad but it quickly fades off
and then of course you got a faded car and if you do want to paint a car you
have to have all that stuff stripped off it’s not made for polishing cars only
devious people do that and over the years I’ve had a few customers buy a car
like that look real shiny and then a month or two later they brought it in
said Oh Scotty my used car look the paint looks horrible and I look at
himself she stick probably sprayed it with wd-40 and polished it all off so it
looks shiny and the worst thing is I just shined this whole thing to show you
it really shows up well in pictures so pictures of used cars look really good
that way but hey you don’t want to buy a car like that and you don’t want to be
sleazy and polished went up with it and then sell them to some poor person that
finds out months later that the paint’s all shot now there are some very good
uses for wd-40 realize that it’s got two main properties one is it’s a water
dispersant so let’s say you go through flood water or you were dumb enough to
hose off your engine bay with one of those big water sprayers that one of
those do-it-yourself car washes and you got water and all the electronics you
can spray this all over the electronics to disperse the water and the other
property is that can loosen up rust particles so you got old rusty bolts nut
you can’t get off you can spray them all over let them soak overnight or a couple
of days if you’re in no hurry and they can do wonders on that and to prevent
rust specially on bare metal or even painted metal that’s old kind of crack
they have these giant big blast ones I know guys up north they buy cases of
this stuff and then they spray all around the bar and the truck and the
wheel wells and the suspension arms and everything to keep all that salt water
from corroding stuff in the winter and here in Texas I know guys that use in
Galveston near the beach they’ll spray their stuff to protect it to keep it
from being corroded by the saltwater air that blows in from the Gulf and of
course if you got squeaky parts or rusty parts under the car just jack it up
here’s why I like this cool wand this one came with so you can bend it and spray
it wherever you want maybe your struts are getting a little squeaky the mounts
may be ripped under there the rubber hey it’s gonna help and you can go way up in
the top spray that to not say I got squeaky bushings where rubber goes in
you can lubricate them you can go up here spray anything that’s starting to
have a little rough so if you gotta take it apart later it’ll be a lot easier and
if you got an old-fashioned car like mine that still has a key you can stick
the key in lubricate it all inside and quick wipe the excess off and of course
you can do the same thing on your ignition key just spray the switch then
no no we’re gonna whine about that too sale style you shouldn’t use it on locks
well heck yeah there’s a lot of other sprays you can use but I’ve been using
this stuff for 50 years unlocks I never had a problem the wd-40 doesn’t harm any
electronics so you’re doing on the ignition switch it’s not gonna hurt any
electronic parts if you have a system where the ignition switch is right on
the bottom where the key is it doesn’t hurt anything and yeah
there’s other stuff out there that people swear by but I’ve been using this
stuff for 50 years I’ve never had to replace a lock switch on any of my toyotas
and they do wear out eventually on Toyotas the reason I use it on locks is
because decades ago a locksmith told me that’s all he used he said I’ve seen you
guys use graphite stuff and a graphite will build up and block the lock he said
that’s why he is wd-40 they don’t block up anything and there’s something you
can partially use wd-40 for let’s say your door hinges are getting rusty we’re
just opening it up and spray the rust hinges then you can’t let it soak for a
few days but then you should wipe any excess off and use this now this is
wd-40 water resistant silicone spray it’s not the wd-40 normal it’s just the
company makes the silicone spray too you can use any silicone lubricant you want
but then you spray the hinges with the silicone lubricant because that’s a pure
lubricant and that will lubricate it over time the wd-40 isn’t
lubricant it can Lube a little bit but you’d want to do hinges any kind of
thing that moves with an actual lubricant so it’s lubricating while you
use if you use a wd-40 you’d have to keep spraying it on because it’s not
gonna lubricate it over time and the noise had come back but with this the
silicone stuff is pretty water impermeable oh you can only have to spray
it two or three times here and the squeaks will probably go away, one thing
I like about the regular wd-40 is they got these cool little tiny cans I leave
them in a trunk of my cars so if there’s ever any kind of an emergency
I like so maybe you go through a big puddle and the car stops running cuz
everything got wet you can get this out you can spray it all over the
electronics so that it’ll disperse the water and you’ll be able to drive out a
cute little handy things and on you get some crazy squeak that’s driving your
nuts while you’re on vacation you can just get the little can out and spray it
away so now you know things you shouldn’t do with wd-40 and things that you should
do with it, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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