so I guess this is my introduction video welcome to silverbell vlogs i’m going to be… in this series, not the whole channel just this sort of series detailing the adventures as I walked back home from being dropped off at the bus stop the bus stop is not right near my house so we’ll see what goes on btw sorry for the bad quality this is on my phone because I don’t have my like, fancy camera so if you notice sorry there is a person and I don’t like filming in front of people because I get really awkward when they see me just talking to myself second his car anyway so if you see a decrease in quality between videos one of them is probably on my phone and one of them is probably on my camera so the good ones are my camera the good ones on my phone like this one okay we gotta cross the street look left look right look behind you nothing go!! oh shoot there’s a car okay well I’d i averted the truck disaster that could have been bad the series could have ended before it even started… preeetty flower oh yay this Rose is actually blooming don’t touch the thorns child see why did they curve this like I know they protect like to give this room like couldn’t they have just put it right here something like it’s just an unnecessary curve feel like I’m living candyland biker man! biker man! festive decoratiooonnn!! jeez it’s like Trump’s wall but made of leaves there’ so many leaves oh that is just the jackpot right there pretty floweerrrr! ok so there’s an adorable turtle here that’s wearing a little scarf then I realized that there’s also a chicken can you both just be mine please squirrel squirrel ok so i was going to show you that there was also a scarf cow but there’s like a USB truck behind me that I just said listen yeah there was a delivery service truck behind me and like i said i get awkward to film this people around me because they look it looks like I’m crazy and I’m talking myself creek going on here creak Wow it’s 359 that means that the bell rang like an hour ago how slow is my bus there it is my house I just got home but that’s the u.s. p truck it’s delivering something to my house is that it’s for its for some reason for stopping at my house so I don’t know what’s going on that but I was gonna blog you just a little bit but then this thing had to come in and ruin it this is our backyard it’s you don’t really go here this is like this little walkway that might step that actually built this wasn’t part of the original House our sauce caramel and then there’s a porch for she speak USP truck is still there not i’m really not sure what it’s doing shoot now one of my neighbors is out there like everyone’s partying in my house and now i can’t blog well I guess my adventure ends here because technically i made it from the bust out to my house so I’m here now who I’m gonna go inside now and i’ll probably make a vlog inside but i’m going to be quite around there cuz my parents don’t know that i have a youtube channel so and they’re going to think that I’m crazy if they hear me talking to myself for their guests that have a youtube channel or something like that if they can be talking about like subscribers and stuff so please subscribe like um this is my first video and I i’m probably going to be coming like when I’m older and I have like millions of subscribers i’m just going to be like doing one of those old radios reaction and I’m gonna look at this and I’m gonna be like oh god it’s so cringy actually right now I think it’s a super cringey but anyway we’re approaching on five minutes so i hope you like this subscribe like comment whatever um and just let you know everyone is unique treat them like that but don’t treat them like they’re stupid treat everyone how you want to be treated because we are all humans unless those dogs and cats or whatever watching us do what makes you happy and be the best you you can but bu PSP truck it’s got

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  1. Hey there dude, been looking at some of your stuff, I gave this vid here a like! How's it goin' today? Myself, I do vlogs, if you're into that. I'm trying hard to make it with the video thing. They're here if you wanna see my shenanigans: Keep going though, you can do it!'`'`'

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