Don’t Buy A Costco Membership Until You Watch This

Don’t Buy A Costco Membership Until You Watch This

Costco is fondly known for many things: a
food court with delicious snacks, private-label wines that rival award-winning vintages, and
giant-sized packages of just about everything. But before you buy a Costco membership, keep
watching to learn all you need to know about joining the club. Here’s a secret that just might blow your
mind: You don’t need a membership to get in the doors. There are a few ways even non-members can
check out the fabled aisles of savings. The easiest way is probably finding a buddy
who’s a member and tagging along on their next shopping trip. Technically, only members can make purchases,
but as long as your friend lets you scan their member card at the register, you’ll be able
to pay for your own 30-pack of toilet paper. Another way to get in is to get a Costco Cash
card. This gift card lets you shop without a membership,
using the value on the card to pay for anything. Only members can buy Costco Cash cards, so,
again, you’ll have to know someone who is a member to get the hookup. But once you have that gift card in hand,
you can give the store a real test drive. It doesn’t stop there, though. Anyone can grab lunch or dinner at the food
court. It’s usually located near the exit, so just
enter through the exit or near customer service to grab your favorite menu item. In some states, liquor must legally be available
for sale to the public, without any membership restrictions. In that case, even Costco non-members can
shop Costco’s extensive liquor department, which occasionally even has its own entrance. There, shoppers can find name-brand spirits
as well as the company’s private-label Kirkland brand offerings, mostly in larger, 1.75-liter
bottles. Nonmembers can take advantage of some of Costco’s
health-related services. They can get eye exams, since the optometrists
are not employed by Costco, although they can’t buy glasses afterwards. And, in most states, nonmembers can fill prescriptions
at Costco pharmacies, enjoying lower prices on both human and pet medication. However, prices on meds are even lower for
club members, thanks to the Costco Members Prescription Program. Finally, if you really need a way to get your
hands on some of those great Costco-only products, you can shop or via Instacart,
although nonmembers pay slightly higher prices and delivery fees. If you’re getting a membership simply because
you want to save big bucks on everything you buy, know that some items sold at Costco aren’t
much cheaper than they would be at a traditional grocery store. “You know, we may not be as big and fancy
as some other stores, but what’s so fancy about high prices?” This is why it’s a good idea to do a quick
recon of the store before you invest in a membership. Make a list of some of your most frequently
purchased items and check the prices at Costco, then compare them to what you normally pay. You might find that the savings aren’t significant
enough to offset the annual membership fee. Another thing to consider: Like any warehouse
club, most of Costco’s products are sold only in larger-sized packages. It might be cheaper when you calculate the
price per ounce, but for perishable items, if you can’t eat it all before it goes bad,
you’re actually losing money. We’re not saying a Costco membership doesn’t
have its benefits, but those benefits vary based on what you regularly purchase. Does the $60 price tag seem too steep? Occasionally, Costco memberships can be found
at a discount or with a bonus for new members in the form of a gift card. In 2018, a LivingSocial deal, priced at $60,
included the membership, a $20 Costco Cash Card, and assorted goodies ranging from a
pack of batteries to discounts on meat and online shopping. Keep an eye on Groupon and LivingSocial for
these types of deals, and be sure to grab them when you see them. We’ve also seen savings like these through
banks and other organizations. Occasionally, there are even special deals
offered for teachers, where they can get a coupon booklet with the purchase of a new
membership. The booklet is good for $60 worth of merchandise,
offsetting the initial investment. If you prefer to pay for your shopping with
an American Express, MasterCard, Discover Card, or Diner’s Club Card, you’re out of
luck. Costco only accepts Visa network cards for
credit card payments, although you can also pay with a debit card, cash, check, or EBT. Costco had a longtime relationship with American
Express starting in 1999, but discontinued that partnership around 2016, which is when
AmEx was no longer accepted in the warehouse stores. While AmEx customers might be frustrated that
they can’t flash their plastic at Costco, Visa charges a lower fee, so hopefully those
savings are passed onto members. The first thing you need to know about Costco
memberships is that there are a few options. The basic membership is called the Gold Star
membership. Priced at $60, it’s the minimum you can spend
to get in the door and start throwing some of that Kirkland-brand goodness, which is
often 20 percent cheaper than most other brands in the store, into your extra-large shopping
cart. The Gold Star Executive membership is the
other option for individuals. It costs twice as much as the Gold Star membership,
but before you dismiss it outright, think about how much you might spend at the store
each year. You get 2 percent back on your purchases,
so if you spend around $3000 a year, or $250 per month, that’s enough to offset that extra
$60 you spent on the higher-priced annual membership. Executive members also get extra benefits
on certain Costco services. Finally, if you own a business, Costco also
offers Business Gold Star and Business Gold Star Executive memberships. The business memberships cost the same as
individual memberships, but you can buy items for resale, and purchase additional member
cards for your account. What’s more, special Costco Business Center
locations stock specialized items like vending-machine snacks, janitorial supplies, office equipment,
electronics, and commercial equipment. When Costco discontinued its AmEx partnership,
it quickly aligned with Citi to offer an official Costco credit card. The Costco Anywhere credit card can be used
not only at Costco, but anywhere else that accepts Visa, too. And there are plenty of perks and rebates,
such as a percentage back for just about everything you buy, which ranges from four percent back
for certain gas purchases to one percent back for everything else. You need a membership to get the Costco Anywhere
card, but if you plan to apply for the credit card, just spring for the basic Gold Star
membership, since purchases with the card will get you that same 2 percent back you
get with the Executive level membership. The reward gets paid out every year in the
form of a certificate, which you can redeem for cash at a Costco store, or use in the
store towards more stuff. Let’s say you’ve weighed the pros and cons,
and finally purchased a membership. But maybe you discover that the store is too
far away to make it worth the long drive, or you’re having trouble storing all the giant
packages in your small house. Or maybe you’ve just grown weary of fighting
the hungry crowds when you’re just trying to get to the checkout with your bottle of
Kirkland wine. According to the company, if you’re dissatisfied
with your membership, they’ll refund the fee in full at any time, no questions asked. It’s not even unheard of to buy and return
a Costco membership in a single day. So, go ahead and treat yourself to that Costco
membership. What have you got to lose? With a Gold Star or Executive membership,
you can get a second card for another member of your household; they just need to live
at the same address as you do. These household members get their own photo
ID membership card, and can use it to enter the store and make purchases on their own. In addition to their additional household
member, business members can also add members for $60 each. And, since shopping is usually more fun with
a buddy, know that you can always bring up to two guests with you every time you shop. It’s a great way to introduce Costco to potential
new members, and have an extra hand or two to load up all your bargains into the back
of your SUV. Are you in college, or do you someone who
is? A Costco membership can help budget-challenged
students with well-priced beer, Cheerios, frozen pizzas, microwave popcorn, and other
staples of college life. Depending on the Costco, you might find togas,
too. “Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!” And you can save even more by buying your
membership through UniDays, where you are eligible for a $20 Costco card. Of course, your other option is to wait until
you go home to visit your parents, and convince them to take you shopping with their own membership…maybe
you’ll get lucky and they’ll even pay for your stuff! Veterans and active members of the military
are rewarded for their service to the country with a special promotion of their own. New Costco members who sign up still pay $60
for their basic membership, but they’ll get that $60 back in the form of a booklet full
of coupons for free and deeply discounted items. While visiting a Costco might be the last
thing on your itinerary while you’re traveling internationally, tucking your membership card
into your vacation bag could come in handy. You could replace a broken suitcase, grab
a couple of cheap beach towels, or buy a few outfits if your luggage got lost by the airlines. Or maybe you’re just missing the taste of
Costco’s cheap and delicious hot dogs from the food court. There are more than 200 Costco locations outside
of the U.S. as of 2019, and the company has an aggressive growth plan in Europe. And while the European Costco locations sell
a lot of similar products to their American counterparts, you might be able to score some
locally produced foods or other merchandise. “You know what the funniest thing about Europe
is?” “What?” “It’s the little differences. I mean, they got the same s— over there
that they got over here, but there it’s a little different.” Your Costco membership nets you way more than
just the opportunity to buy a 30-pack of your favorite granola bar or eat too many of the
free samples. If you buy a membership, look beyond the awesome
deals in the grocery aisles and see what else Costco has to offer in the way of services. Like to travel? As a Costco member, you have access to its
exclusive travel service, which offers negotiated rates on vacation packages, cruises, hotels,
and rental cars. Even better, the company recently changed
its policy so that Executive members get 2 percent back on travel purchases after the
trip has been completed. Costco services also extend to savings that
aren’t quite as glamorous as travel. You can get special member pricing on new
or used cars. As of February 2019, more than 1 million Costco
members have bought cars through Costco in the past five years, with prices being estimated
at around $1000 cheaper than a more traditional car-buying avenue. There are also savings on home repair services,
appliances, insurance, and even smaller services like check printing or photo developing. Plus, Costco’s automotive departments are
an affordable place to buy new tires and car batteries. Finally, you can even get prescription glasses
or contacts in Costco’s optical department, which are staffed with opticians and optometrists
to get eye exams. The discounts are eye-opening. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about Costco
are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one.

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    I try to use a gift card at Costco (3901 W. Costco Dr. Tucson AZ 85741) and all of a sudden I can't use my credit card to pay the balance. That's F-ING RIDICULOUS.

    Why even LET ME IN THE DOOR OF THE PLACE if you don't let me use a credit card for purchase? Someone gave me the gift card as a GIFT thinking that MAYBE I might be encouraged to get a membership once I sampled your wonderful customer service. NOT. Instead, I say I'm using the gift card and the cashier clerk yells across the store for a manager as if I'm a f-ing shoplifter. I went through this routine at a Costco store before and I sure as shit was able to use a credit card then. This time I had to withdraw a hundred bucks from an ATM and the clerk STILL was giving me the stink-eye throughout the entire transaction.

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