Don’t Buy A Tesla! True Cost of Owning a Tesla Compared to a Porsche Panamera and S-Class Mercedes

Don’t Buy A Tesla! True Cost of Owning a Tesla Compared to a Porsche Panamera and S-Class Mercedes

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  1. Cost of ownership, not including a small fender bender, that Tesla monopoly service will charge $30,000 for. Your insurance is or will be more expensive, because of this. (if they don't total your tesla for a fender bender)

    Lets be honest. If you were going to drive cross country, coast to coast. What would you rather drive, a Mercedes Benz or a Tesla? The Tesla is nowhere near the engineering equivalent of Porsche or Mercedes. More like a mid-range Toyota Lexus. Also, having to stop every 150 miles to sit and wait for the car to charge, would take you a week to get across the country.

  2. don't forget that any damage to a panel is likely to cost 10 X more to repair than another non-tesla car also don't forget the replacement cost of batteries. don't forget that insurance on tesla cars is going up by over 30% due to high repair costs.Seems like your TCO calculations are missing a lot of factors.

  3. Gets a NEG from me, i thought i was going to hear some really critical unknown information about Tesla. STOP WITH THE CLICK BAIT.

  4. the big problem with owning a tesla is repairing any damage. 30,000 to repair a 1ft by 1 ft dent between the rear door and fender.

  5. I did something similar for my upcoming model 3. I compared it to a 2017 Honda Civic (my current car) and a 2017 Chevy Volt (what I would have bought if the 3 hadn't come out.

    My data was probably much more estimation, and it was focused more on fuel/maintenance, rather than financing/depreciation.

    Great video.

  6. Not a bad video, but a terrible title & into. The news is not that it is currently a bad time to buy a Tesla or there is a recently discovered flaw with the car.
    This is one of the first videos that actually has the correct like to dislike ratio. Hope it showed you not to make the mistake again against a pretty smart crowd.

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  8. I don't know you cant really go by edmunds you would need to talk to the drivers that own these vehicles to find out the true cost of these problems.

  9. I really enjoy your videos, but this sort of clickbait cheapens your brand. None of my business what you do with your channel, but I'd encourage you not to go down this road.

  10. Love your content, but don't clickbait Ben. Say what you want, but the notes on the video don't excuse the title, even if you brand it a joke.

  11. Hello Mr Ben, I am currently looking to buy a car. I am very inclined to buy a pre-owned Tesla model S because I have no credit history and as such can't realistically afford a new Tesla model S. There are other valid options as you pointed out in this video; however, I love Tesla's technologically advanced car. As someone who knows a lot about the company, can you kindly advice whether or not I should buy this car? Thank you.

    Car link:

  12. Click bait is a form of stealing. It is stealing my time and attention. As a Tesla owner myself I was watching this learning I would learn something, especially from an experienced Tesla owner like yourself. Instead, I feel like I wasted 10 minutes of my life waiting for a punchline.

  13. This is my 1st time watching a vid from this channel. Hearing an American say "Tezla" over and over… instead of TESSLa… grinds after like the 5th time. Can't listen. Probably good info though lol

  14. I could forgive the stupid title if this video contained any useful information. For example taking about the Tesla maintenance plans. Why are they so expensive of an electric car is maintenance free? Just another PR video.

  15. i'd like to see a cost of ownership and comparison video with buying a used tesla. like a 2015. Everyone always does these videos as buying one new.

  16. No way. Wait until Tesla Model go out of warrenty! All repairs will cost you an arm and leg at Tesla. Meanwhile, mercedes and porsche can be fixed by DIY owners. Which is cheaper then!! Telsa is the ultimate disposable car!!

  17. Don't buy a Porsche or Mercedes is you love hanging out for the better part of an hour refueling or maybe two hours if there's someone ahead of you. Don't buy them if you love cheap hard plastic interiors looking cars with stiff, fake leather seats. Tesla is the anti-car

  18. Also Electric is a huge acid footprint in our soil. And in floods too. What about battery fires? We need cleaner tech than batteries.

  19. How ever if you live in San Diego. Your expensive charging rates start when you get home! How many KILOWATT hours will you need if go to work and home. It will be based on miles driven of course. What can you expect to pay on your electric bill in San Diego if you have a Tesla? Day time electricity is less expensive then eventing time electricity .

  20. Equivalent ICE cars are much cheaper than the Tesla. The comparison it's completely off for most mortals. Electric cars cost more up-front because batteries are very expensive and you can't delete that cost from the equation.

  21. As someone that's never watched one of your videos, this title was kind of confusing. Glad to see the numbers work out WAY into the Tesla's favor. Good video overall.


  23. Lol I can’t afford a Tesla but it’s funny all the people in the comments hating just because they jealous

  24. lol Teslas are cars for suckers. They are built like crap and start to fall apart before you even drive it off the lot. They are cars by douchebags for gullible douchebags.

  25. Just slightly confused. So if the tesla model s price at 90k, with all the savings, the real cost of owning a tesla model s over 5 years will be 55k? Or will it be the 90k plus the 55k?

  26. Is it "Tezz-la" or "Tess-la"? Can we decide?

    Also – $1000 a month for a car….I pay that for my house >.<

  27. The Tesla depreciation is about 25% each year. I bought a Tesla Model S in 2015 at $86K (not including tax). Tesla sales provided a trade-in value at $46K on 9/2018. I didn't trade in at that time. He also provided another trade-in value at $39K on 12/31/2018. KBB trade-in range is $33K~$38K. I can image the depreciation of this car is dropping a lot within a short period.

  28. Another stupid Tesla Fanboy, who is trying to justify paying over 100k USD for a car that you have to charge at least an hour after every 400 km. Tesla is of course a good car, but there is really no comparison to real luxury cars. It has the build quality of an hyundai elantra, and noise isolation is worse than my 10 years old VW Golf.

  29. Most idiots are early adopters, they can throw all the $ at it until the smarter people buy em at a lower price from a actual car company like Ford, Chevy, Honda Toyota ect. Tesla is a overpriced electric vehicle because it comes from a new company entering the market and they still haven't gotten their shit together so they need pass the buck to their customers. Right now a new 4 cylinder turbo will not only out last any Tesla but it is also cheaper to purchase a or repair YOURSELF.

  30. LoL compares a Tesla to a horrible sedan. Why not make it a fair comparison with the best gas vehicle ? Because it would make the Tesla look really stupid.

  31. First of all how did you come up with the title for this video. Were you dozed off or what?How on earth cost of ownership for Tesla comes to 50g. When the car costs 70 grand.

  32. The difference between Tesla and the others is Tesla has no 3rd party repair option, the others do. Only with Tesla you have no choice but to go to the dealership even outside of warranty.

  33. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wait why the hell are you comparing an s class with a model s why don't you compare it with the model x

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