Don’t Fall For This Car Scam

Don’t Fall For This Car Scam

rev up your engines
Baltazar soul says thoughts on the 94 toyota pick up with rebuilt manual
transmission and rebuilt engine oh they’re great vehicles who rebuilt them
I see a lot of guys say oh that’s rebuilt that
rebuilt straight out of a junkyard they spray cleaner hose and then spray
painting was painted make them look shiny and away they go
you want proof that these things actually were rebuilt like here in Houston
if somebody said it was a rebuilt transmission I’d say who did it enough
or somebody like my friends at McAfee standard transmissions I’d say hey yeah
they do a great job no problem and same thing with the engine who rebuilt it
I’ve seen people buy rebuilt engines and you pull the oil pan off they’re full of
sludge the only thing they did was buy it from a junkyard steam clean them and
spray-paint them and the insides weren’t touched though you gotta have proof that
the stuff was actually done by somebody you can talk to and see what kind of
reputation they have and that they actually did the work cuz a lot of
people talk to talk but when it comes down to actually doing the work it see
they’re not done right you’re not even done at all
Don across says Honda passport vs. Lexus rx350 I wouldn’t even compare
them Lexus is such a better built vehicle you know of course on the other hand
let’s say you’re buying a used one that’s got lower mileage on it you’re
gonna be able to pick up the passport a heck of a lot cheaper then you’re gonna
be able to pick up to use Lexus they hold their value I’m often ever
customers bringing them and I’ll say look I’m not a fan of those things by
any stretch of the imagination the hondas you can get used ones as low mileage so
much cheaper than others go and buy one if a mechanic says it’s good there’s
nothing wrong with doing that but if you compare them as actual vehicles you
can’t even compare the lexus is such a better made vehicle and that Honda’s
anyways, andrew says Scotty what are your thoughts on when dodge and Shelby made
cars those were some weird cars like they had
that Shelby of the little 4 cylinder Chrysler ugly little things it was like
their copy of Volkswagen Rabbit I mean there were terrible cars they went fast
until they blew up that was a deal where you know they’re trying to build on the
Shelby use the Shelby name to sell their dodge and that was when Chysler was
in real trouble they were making junk nobody wanted to buy I mean I don’t
think there’s such great cars they were interesting for the speed and what they
can do but really most of them don’t have any resale value these days cuz
there were such financial flops that people don’t wanna and those 4-cylinder
ones that they made they were so ugly nobody wants to track my retirement they
look terrible you know even with some of the horrible designs out today those
things were even worse, part three plays Scotty I got a 2013 Mazda 3 the brake
pedal feels soft and I bleed the system after I bleed them they were firm for two
weeks got soft again if you have done no work on the system and you got soft
breaks and you bleed them and they get hard and it get soft again you got a
leak somewhere that’s sucking air in normally bleeding brakes won’t fix
anything unless you’ve opened the system got air in it or if there’s something
letting air get in the system there’s no reason to bleed the brake system if
it’s never been worked on if there’s nothing wrong because there’s nothing
wrong you’re somehow it’s sucking air in the most common thing is a bad master
cylinder that sucks there cuz most other things if they got a leak they’re gonna
be leaking out not only are they gonna suck air but they’re gonna squirt air
out too and with the master cylinder they can often leak internally and you
won’t see any leaks but then it’ll building up I guess the master so maybe
the first thing I’d do in something like that I just changed that they’re not all
that expensive not that hard to change on a vehicle like that either Anthony
Barboza says 51 years as a mechanic what haven’t you worked on well I haven’t
worked on any of those crazy little cars they sell in Asia cuz they don’t import
those little micro cars because they don’t imprt them over here so I’ve never
worked on it but I mean I worked on rolls-royce of course Ferraris Lamborghinis I
hated working on those exotic cars they’re a pain in the butt but most cars
as long as you can get parts for them in the United States I’ll work on them to a
certain extent but I’ll also tell people let’s say they got a mid-engine Porsche
and you got to pull the engine to do work I won’t do it I’ll say hey I know
Porsche guys that work on these all the time but you know just bend over and
start throwing money at them because they’re gonna want a ton of it to work
on a mid-engine car like I’ve even worked on old Renaults from the turn of
the century you turn to the 18s to the 1900 my grandfather had a customer had
one when I was a kid and it was a cool car I’ll work on them as long as I can get
parts for them you know that doesn’t bother me, lawrence says
would you buy a Camry made in the USA actually I have but I’m so cheap I
buy used ones I bought for my wife a Toyota Camry station wagon a blue one it
was beautiful and it was made in Kentucky now I only paid a couple
thousand dollars for it it had 70,000 miles and she liked the car the AC blue
called I gave it to my first son he learned to drive on it I gave it to my
second son he learned how to driving on it then I got it back and I ended up
selling to a girl who joined the Peace Corps and drove it to California and I
don’t know what happened to it after that so that was decent build you know
they’re not quite as well made as the Japanese ones but there’s still decent
made and they can last a long time silver pixels says how reliable would you
say the Pontiac Firebird are, well you know they were real reliable back in the
day one of my friends had one he bought four thousand bucks with was a big deal
that had a four-barrel carburetor v8 engine and a four-speed standard
transmission most people had three speeds out of four speeds and man did that
thing used up gas when he floored and opened up all four barrels but it was
well made solid vehicles but as time went on you
know they started making them cheaper and cheaper GM parts and they got
cheaper and cheaper and cheaper but originally there were really good muscle
cars you didn’t mind spending a lot of money on gasoline, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I've literally thought he was going to dis on the Bentley Continental GT that's not a scam. That's a great well built sports car if you don't mind spend $200,000 on it.

  3. Hey, Scotty! I've been thinking about swapping my 2013 scion frs 4 cylinder boxer engine with a more powerful YET very reliable engine. What recommendations of engines would you have for me? Please and thank you! 🙂

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