(upbeat music) – Alright, hi guys,
welcome back to my channel. Today I’m doing a review
on our Doona Car Seat. If you subscribe to my channel then you will know that I never ever do product reviews. This is my first ever one but it has been requested so many times from people seeing it in my ‘day in the life of’ videos or if you follow me on Instagram you probably see it in my
Instagram story all the time but basically those of
you have been saying, what is that little buggy or what is that car
seat that you’re using. So I thought I would
do a full review on it because we are loving it. Although we have three children I only got this with our last child which is, he’s now five weeks old so he’s been using it for five weeks. I wish I’d had it for all three of them because we love it so much. Basically what the Doona Car Seat is, it is the first car seat to have the wheels attached to it at all time but the wheels are always on it, they just click up and then when you want them to come down you just press a button
and they come down. And you can put it in the car onto an Isofix base. Yeah, so it’s really, really simple to just be using it as like a little buggy and then clip the wheels up and stick it onto the base and then off you go. In the past I’ve had a couple car seats where you need to have separate wheels so it can click onto your buggy wheels but then you also need
separate adapters for that and sometimes I’d lose
like one of the adapters and it was really stressful and I always had to open
the boot or the trunk, whereas with this, you never
have to go into the boot you can actually just get it out and off you go. So it’s ideal for when I do the school run or you know when you’re just nipping into the petrol station to pay the petrol and you don’t want to leave your baby, you’re like do I leave him, do I not, what am I going to do. It’s ideal for stuff like that or when you just nip to the shops and you don’t want to wake your baby you can just, you know, get it out and then run in. I was also thinking that this car seat would be so good for if
you’re in a busy city and you use public transport a lot, or if you want to get into a taxi you just click the wheels up, get in or onto the tube or onto a bus, it would be really simple for travel. Your baby can go into
this from four pounds to 35 pounds. I think that our baby
will probably be in this until he’s about 10 months old or a year. That’s how long my other sons have lasted in these kind of rear-facing car seats. Another thing I really like about it is its extendable handle. It can be a lower position
or at a higher position and my five year old
loves pushing it for me and it’s actually quite helpful. Someone also asked me if it gets our car seats muddy if the wheels are always attached but you can get the car
seat protector with this but I so far haven’t had a problem because they’re kind of upwards. Always someone asked me
if it was lightweight but I wouldn’t say it’s lightweight but I wouldn’t say any of these types of car seats are. I always find them really heavy especially when there’s
a baby in the car seat. But it doesn’t really matter if this one is lightweight or not because as soon as you
easily get it out of the car you just put the wheels down so you don’t actually have to carry it. I also really like when
I was looking on-line there are loads of different colors that you can get. I think there was like six or seven and I was really torn between getting like the bright blue
because I was having a boy or the green ’cause it was really funky. In the end I went for a color called Dune because it matches our car and it’s just like a stone color so it’s quite neutral. Another feature I really
liked about the car seat are the bags that you can get with it. I’ve got a bag that goes on the back that’s called like, The All Day Bag, you can get quite a lot into. And then I’ve also got the bag that goes on the handles, but doesn’t just like hang on the handles, there are
these really good clips that makes it really sturdy and it’s not gonna go
anywhere or fall anywhere and I can fit everything in there that I need for the day because I am breast feeding I just put nappies,
wipes, change of clothes, some snacks and things like that on there so it’s really, really cute that it matches and I
just think it’s really, it goes onto the handle so easily. So overall we have loved this car seat and I would completely,
100%, recommend it to you especially if you are planning on having more than one child
because I wish I’d had it for my first son and
that it had gone through all three of them because it is 248 pounds is the cheapest place
that I found it on-line. You do have to then buy the base as well but I would recommend
that because it makes life even quicker and easier. You don’t have to deal with any seat belts or anything and then the accessories are extra as well. Like I got the rain cover and the bags and stuff like that but I think it’s the kind of product that would retain it’s value as well, not only if you bought it and then it went through a few children, then you’d really get your money worth, but also if I want to resale this on eBay or something like that I’d think that that
would be very easy to do because it’s such a good product. Ask me any questions in the comments below because I feel like I may
have missed something. I really hope you enjoyed this review and if you want me to do
any other product reviews just let me know. And thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you very soon, bye.

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  1. Hey Emily.. great review! Would you do a review on the sleepyhead delux? I love the look of it but think its quite pricey but would invest if it helps bubs get a good sleep. Im due my 2nd little bundle of joy in March and my first will be around the same age as Fraser so lovely to see how well he is with Jackson <3 xx

  2. I`ve seen a few people out with these they look fab unfortunately i wont be getting one as i already have a car seat with an isofix base, I love how Fraser pushes it for you so cute X

  3. It's not so easy to get state side listed for over $799 on Amazon here. It looks like a great invention. Wish it was available when I was looking last year

  4. Hey Emily! I was wondering how tall the handle can go. I was unsure about this at first as it's very expensive and how much use I would get out of it. The only issue is the height of the handle at I'm 6"4 ft

  5. Do you have another type of stroller for when you're doing longer walks or wherever? Seems ideal for running into the gas station or a quick store run but wouldn't want to keep them in it for a walk around the park or anything . I really really want this now, ahhhhh there goes all my money, EMily!

  6. I love it! I wouldn't be able to have used this for a long time when I had my son, he was really tall!! He fit into a car seat until he was like 6 month old 😂🙈 he's just gone 2 last Saturday and he's 10cm taller than the average two year old boy!!! His dad is 6ft4 though haha. If I ever have a small baby I would so consider this, makes life so much easier!! Xx

  7. Omg !!!! I wish I knew about this, I have two small children and getting them in and out of the car with bags is a nightmare. How do you manage doing that on your own with 3 ?
    I love your videos ❤️
    Sara xxxx

  8. Hi! That was a great review, I love this car sit. Could you please do a review about the bags? I want to buy the dona bags because this car sit doesnt have any storage space and the bags attach so wel, but I don't know if they are big enough for the baby's items. Could you please show what you can carry inside them?
    Than you a lot! Love your vlogs!!! you are a great mum!

  9. Hey !! I want to ask u will it last just a year ? I mean not suitable for the baby when he gets more than a year old .. i mean by then will i have to buy a new car seat and push chair separate?

  10. I love it! 😍 I'm having my 3rd child in May. Great review 👌 does it fit in the store basket? For example when you have to go grocery shopping

  11. I have been thinking about purchasing this stroller/car seat I love the tan but I'm afraid it will get dirty too fast so I was thinking of going with the black. How has your tan one held up?

  12. Hello Emily, Love your videos! Our daughter is having her first baby(and our first grandchild) :). Thank you for this review. I have been reaching this seat.

  13. I'm going to have to have a C-section and I'm trying to find a carseat that requires the least amount of strain. This seems ideal, however how heavy is it when you have to take it from the car and hold it up before you get the wheels down? Also, if you're grocery shopping and can't push both a stroller and a cart, what do you do? Can it sit inside a cart?

  14. thank you!!!! i just ordered this cutie!!!! its solving my problems with two buggies in the car boot 😉😉yay! kisses from Italy'

  15. just ordered this! arriving tomorrow! I will also purchase a different pram for longer journeys etc as i have heard long term this is not good?? anyone else heard this?

  16. Hi, Thank you for the video. Do you know if the Doona car seat clicks into the Bugaboo bee 5? Is there any adaptor that I can buy? tks

  17. Hi! Do you planing to sell your Doona Car seat? Because I really want to have it. But I don't have the mutch money. Thanks.

  18. I hope youll notice me. I love to have a baby stroller like that for my baby. I have a 2mos old baby and I cant afford to buy. Can I have your preloved stroller? I will be very happy and of course my baby to have a preloved things from you my idol. Thanks!

  19. Hi,
    I have just bought the Doona too ,would love to ask about it handle, does it has to be this shaky handle ? I feel mine is too shaky the handle .
    Thanks ,

  20. Hi Emily, I know this is an old video but I really wanted to ask you 2 questions. 1.Did you actually used the (baby nest) that came with your stroller? I'm due in 4 months and I'm debating whether or not to buy the baby nest with the stroller. 2.Did the wheels on your Doona car seat lasted a long time or did they worn out?, thanks.

  21. Hi,I love your channel and it has really helped with buying things for my baby on the way. As I am a first time mum I had no idea what I needed but watching your videos have really helped me. I was just wondering whether the Donna is available to be used in Australia because I haven’t seen it in any of our shops.

  22. One thing that is being forgotten here is though this car seat is really useful and handy. I’m not sure you can get your money’s worth with multiple children as car seats have expiration dates and if you are in an accident with a car seat it’s recommend that you don’t reuse it.

    If either happens before your next child you’d need another one to keep your next child safe.

  23. Hi, i love the doona! But would you recommend it as the main stroller as well or is it just more a rollable car seat?

  24. If coming in from rain/mud/other yukkie stuff, wouldn’t that be brought inside the car? At least separate wheels can be shoved in the boot?

  25. How tall are you and how tall does the handle extend to? I'm 5'4 and it looks like it would be a good height for me but my partner is 6'0 and I think he'll end up with back ache if he uses it lol

  26. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for your review. We purchased it and LOVE IT. So easy to use, practical and compact!

  27. Hi,
    I just bought this. I was wondering when baby gets bigger do I remove the insert or will that make it not as safe?

  28. Okay so i bought this back in july 2017 my daughter was born and ot was the best investment ever. Now my question to you is…… what stroller/carseat do you reccomend after she grows out of this???? Please let me know!!

  29. WARNING! An infant should never be in a car seat for longer than 30 minutes, the time gradually increases to a maximum of 2 hours as they get older. Please don't buy this and think you can use it instead of a pram, it's not safe for that. A baby's body is slouched in a car seat and their lungs cannot fully expand which lowers the oxygen levels in their blood, if a baby is in this position for too long it can cause DEATH. Do your research people.

  30. What color is your doona? I can't seem to find the one that looks like yours. I like how it is tan on the top and where the baby sits. Thank you

  31. Do you need to use any other travel systems for babies or just use this for the whole 10 month? My first!

  32. What type of diaper bag do you use with the doona? Do you use the doona accessory bag or your own diaper bag?

  33. Hi Emily, I am expecting my second baby in January and have a 2 year old too. Don't want to get a double buggy.. So was looking into getting the Doona. How safe is the actual car seat? I found with my eldest sons car seat his head kept tilting forward.

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