Doug adds a $10 backup camera to his car in two minutes

Doug adds a $10 backup camera to his car in two minutes

– Now when it comes to
my options for putting a back-up camera in my car,
a 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan, normally driven by young ladies in their mid to late twenties, my options are kind of all over the place. The dealership wants $500 to install one. And if I have to spend one more minute, one minute of my life in a car dealership, I just, I can’t give these
people any more of my money. And I’m not gonna have this car forever. I’m not a 26-year-old girl any more. There’s this cool wireless system that Darryl reviewed that’s also $500. I’m starting to notice a theme here. Then there are these
janky DIY kits for around $20 to $30, but you gotta
run all these cables and have these assy looking
screens and you have to splice into your
brake lights for power, which just seems like
trouble waiting to happen. I’m a knowledge worker. These hands aren’t meant to get dirty. They’re all I have. Plus, my face and my
voice for these videos. And my brain for thinking. But hands, face, voice, brain, that’s it. But one day I got to
thinking, why can’t there just be a cheap, weatherproof camera that I can hook up in
my car when I need it, which is not very often. I live in a hilly part of Boston. But I only need it about 50% of the time. I don’t need, why do I have to spend $500? This is crazy. The answer, it turns out,
is one of these cheap, and I mean cheap Android
powered endoscope cameras meant for snaking through pipes. It’ll stand up to the elements. It costs 10 bucks, 10 bucks. It automatically opens a
camera app when I plug it in. The one I got is five meters,
or about 16 and a half feet, which is long enough to
run the length of my car. I ran it under my floor mats
and out through the hatch, down behind my license
plate so it stays put, and then tightened the plate around it. Then when I need to park, I
just plug it into my phone. There’s a free app called
CameraFi that works with these endoscope cameras
and opens up automatically when you plug one in. Now, of course, we’re missing
the really handy guidelines you get with an actual backup camera. There’s no high-tech night
vision, but there is a light that you can control right from the cable, so you can park at night. And these endoscope cameras are meant for viewing things really close up, so you feel like you’re about
to tap the car behind you until you get used to how
close you can actually get. See, I had plenty of room. But, hey, $10 for a backup
camera that’s weatherproof, works with an Android phone,
installs in two minutes, no dirty hands. Actually your hands do
get kinda dirty running it through the license plate,
so make sure you keep some wet wipes handy, and
make a manicure appointment for later in the day. Do this in the morning, and
then go get a manicure later. You’ll thank me. Your hands’ll thank you.

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  1. The first 1:30 seconds of this video is unnecessary. I don't care about your backup camera journey I just care about the solution.

  2. I'm sorry but you're an idiot. Pay the $30 and take the 5 minutes to splice some wires. It's not rocket science and you can't really injure yourself. You'd then have a stand-alone solution that provides proper wide angle video the second you go into reverse.

  3. The dealership doesn't make up the prices for the part, it's the manufacturer. So, don't hate on dealers when you have no idea how they operate. U know nothing about dealer operations.

  4. I'd like to know how you ran that cable in 2 minutes? It would take me longer than that to get my tool box out. It's a down and dirty solution, but for saving maybe $25, only a last resort.

  5. This doesn't work. Camera can't stay in position after you open trunk. Camera is not meant to see any distance. Tried and failed.

  6. 0:25 I'm not gonna have the car for ever I'm not a 26 year old girl anymore it just cracked me up hahahahahahahahha

  7. That thing is called snake cam, & it's mainly used by the plumbers & the electricians. But, this is the 1st time I'm hearing about how some people are using it for cars.

  8. next up, how to use a butter knife for a screwdriver! cheap cheap solution! dont give your money to the hardware store ever again!!

  9. I love this! I bought a wireless backup camera that no longer works. I just want to use it to hook up my travel trailer.

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