DR350S – How to kick start dirt bike and how to use decompression lever.

DR350S – How to kick start dirt bike and how to use decompression lever.

Hello, I’m Marta and today we will start this old tractor As some of you ask us how to do it in detail. So … let’s kick it. Starting from the very begining first we switch the petcock to the on position. Next we have to switch the choke to proper position. When engine is warm like now, we just leave it pushed. When it’s cold we pull it a little, so it is half opened Or we pull it out totally, so choke is fully open. Now of course we have to turn on the ignition switch. And we have to remember of course that we have to have the neutral gear engaged. Next thing we have to remember about is the kill switch The button of the kill switch has to be pushed out, not pushed in. And this is “engine running” So basically to start the engine first we have to set it in proper position, just behind TDC. So TDC is when you try to push the kick starter lever, but you can’t, because you feel resistance and you can’t push it further without using more strength. So there is similar procedure in XR400 We are kicking, until we feel resistance Then you need to push it a little more using some force It should jump, a little down. And then you are ready to kick. So now to make life easier and go with the manual We will use this magic decompression lever So, we will find the TDC easier. So first we push in the decompression lever It will stay pushed in although I don’t touch it. Now we can proceed with pushing the kickstarter lever Until this lever will pop out. So I’m pushing kick starter lever The decompression lever poped out. Now we we move kick starter lever up … and we kick. Nothing… So again… We push in the decompression lever. And then push the kickstarter lever Until decompression lever pops out. It poped out We move the kick starter lever up and we kick. And it runs! In this video you can see how to start up the engine when it is cold. It started after 3 kicks, so it is pretty fine. Additionaly you can prime the engine, by holding decompression lever and kicking the kick starter lever couple of times. 1 2 3 You just have to to remember to push in the choke again, when the engine will be warm. So I think that’s all if it comes to starting the DR. And if you have additional questions or maybe you have some tips about starting a dirt bike from your own experience then leave a comment 🙂 So thats all, thanks for watching and good bye, see you around. So thats all, thanks for watching and bye, see you around.

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  1. Fantastic and really helpful . Can you show us a bad morning when you have to work to start it – It would help us to know what to try if the choke and evrything doesn't work

  2. Yes. You made the video i was asking about..Thank you.
    First question, in beginning you show where TDC is then bring back up and kick.
    But when you use Compression release , it doesn't matter ?
    When you pull Compression release and it pops back out and if it doesn't start do you have to find a position before restarting the procedure over.
    Oh i had to laugh about kill switch on that one attempt to start.
    I believe everyone's done that plenty of times

  3. Thank you for this jump start!
    I made good experiences with draining the carb by driving with a closed fuel tap, before I parked the bike for some days. I'm not sure why but even after only few days my DR starts better that way.

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