DREAM SPEC BMW E60 5 series review best options / hidden features

DREAM SPEC BMW E60 5 series review best options / hidden features

The E60 5 series was my dream car, but it had to have some specific options in order for me to Buy it. So first of all, I wanted to get one with the Black exterior so this is the carbon black with the black dakota leather And needed to have the M Sport package which really makes this car look a lot different than the normal E60 5 series and So let’s just take a walk around and I’ll show you what the M package has to offer So what you get with the M Sport package is you get an upgraded front bumper right here which looks a lot more aggressive It hass a wider grille at the bottom here for more air intake You get the upgraded 18-inch M Sport rims right here Which actually are the perfect sized rim for this car You don’t want to go with a 19’s or 20s cuz you’re gonna compromise with the ride quality it’s gonna be you’re gonna feel every bump in the road, but 18s I find is perfect with this car. So it also comes equipped with Run-flat tires, which are really good. They lasted a long time and you get at least around 50,000 miles with these are the bridge Bridgestone Potenza These are all season for sport performance tires And right there Potenza and I’ve just recently upgraded the rear tires to the Bridgestone Driveguard right here and the ride quality and the Miles per gallon actually improved quite a bit after the new tires. But anyway, so back to the M Sport package so what you get is the upgraded bumper it comes with the Curved side skirt side panels and this car just looks gorgeous. We’re in a beautiful sunset beach English bay, by the way it’s a great day to shoot a video and Yeah, this car just looks stunning from all angles and Also, the rear bumper is a lot more it looks a lot nicer than what you get with the stock standard E60 and In addition to the rear bumper it also comes with an upgraded Exhaust right here you get the chrome tip exhaust And On top of that You get the M sport steering wheel which is the nicest Nicest steering wheel I’ve ever seen in any BMW period hands down. It’s gorgeous It’s a really thick leather wrap steering wheel And you also get these 20 way 20 way adjustable Seats Comfort Sport seat these seats are awesome. They’re so comfortable. They’re just perfect and I’ll show you that Options you have right here. So first of all, they have thigh support right here They have memory settings So right here we have the thigh support And then they also the side bolsters right here you can adjust them See you can make them go in and out like this Just by pushing this button down here And you can also set it so that it hugs you actually if you’re going over bumpy roads, it’ll keep you locked in So these side? side bolsters, you know tighten in And then also up here These things come out like this for extra comfort That’s part of the Premium Package And right here we have M sport on the side panels Yeah, so if you’re looking for an E60 5 series I recommend avoiding the 2004 to 2007 models. They’re the pre LCI versions those models Those models, um, they don’t have all the extra Enhancements that came later in 2008, like for example, the door panels are much nicer on the 2008, 2009, and 2010 models like this one here Much nicer door panels They flow Through the rest of the interior A lot nicer The controls are much better they’re better placed right here compared to the pre-LCI models And also what you get with the LCI version Which this one is is upgraded LED tail lights right here Which look amazing only this car for these three model years old wait 2008, 2009, and 2010 models have these insanely amazing beautiful rear taillights no, BMW, has taillights like this one and also, the front headlights are just like it’s got a killer freaking look I can’t emphasize how exceptionally amazing this particular car is and on top of this what you get with the LCI is In particular to the 535i is The LCI E60 comes for the first time with a turbocharged 3 liter 3 liter engine right here the N54 engine it debuted in 2007 on the 335i and it made its way to the 535i in 2008 and this is an unbelievable engine It has won Engine of the Year awards multiple years It was available in other BMW models as well the 135i, the 335i even the BMW Z4 up until 2016 and the reason why this engine is amazing is it gives a lot more power compared to the previous engine in the 2007 530i, the N52, it gives 300 horsepower 6 cylinder, turbocharged, with 300 feet pounds of torque And you get the same if not better fuel economy Than the 2007 530i which had less power. So let’s go over here. And let’s go We’ll do a quick overview of the engine. So as you can see right here we have The airbox right there where you can replace the engine air filter. We have the cabin air filters right there They’re easy to replace all I’ll show you in another video how you can replace your cabin air filter here We have the oil cooler and oil filter housing Which is necessary for these turbocharged engines You’ll see this exact same or very similar setup in even new BMWs today even in the BMW M4 Which is $100,000 the car has the same oil Filter housing and cooler line setup right here and the reason why this engine is really good also is that you can tune it you can really twerk tweak the power on this car and You can get it to have well over 500, 600, even 700 horsepower if you use some modifications and you use an app on your phone where you can you can increase the power so I can talk about that in another video, but Basically, it’s much better to have this than the E60 M5 Which gives you 500 horsepower from factory, but the M5 Uses a lot more gas and costs a lot more to repair and maintain Whereas this if you want to keep it stock you get tons of power much better fuel economy lower maintenance costs But if you want to you can tune it and you can get it to become even faster than the E60 M5 Which makes the E60 535i M sport the best BMW sedan you can get for the money today But like I said if you’re in the market to look for one make sure you get I would get a 2010 model which are hard to find and even the 2010 ones if you can find one make sure you get it with the M Sport package, which is even harder to find and on top of that the reason why I got this is like I said earlier It’s got the M Sport Package. It’s got the LCI upgrade But also it’s got a bunch of other stuff that really take this To to the next to the to the to the next to the next level and I’ll go over that so another great amazing thing is for example keyless entry (comfort access) So, I’ll give you a demonstration of the keyless entry. The keyless entry is an awesome feature So you can just have your key in your pocket and you can walk up to your car You can unlock it like that. And if you hold your hand a little bit longer on the door Right here we’ll just hold it a little bit longer we’ll Wait for it to lock And it even puts up all the windows and lowers the sunroof So that’s that’s a feature I actually discovered by accident but one other cool feature that I think I think this car is worth worth noting about is In terms of safety right here So if you have the key right here and you accidentally, see this is the key fob, if you accidentally put the key in your trunk Right here See the keys in the trunk and you try closing the trunk That’s a very nice touch I discovered that by accident so another thing I want to talk about before we get into the interior of the car and is The sound system. So this car actually another option that I would look for From factory if you’re getting a BMW is make sure it has the upgraded Logic 7 Harman Kardon sound system. Now a lot of people say that sound system is awesome and is really really good Well, what I say is it’s mediocre the amp is okay But the speaker’s themselves actually aren’t the greatest and this came with the logic 7 Harman Kardon I’ll show you exactly what speakers it had before. So let’s go over here. And these were the mid ranges This is what they put, by the way, in brand-new 2020 BMWs and they make you pay extra for the Harman Kardon right here Harman Kardon Logic 7 and look at the speaker quality looks like a ping-pong ball This is what happens to it. It’s loud But it’s not as clear. It sounds distorted at high volumes It doesn’t soothe your ear and this was the tweeter by the way, so I walked into a dealership BMW dealership and I looked at a 2020 340i, and even a 540i and these same little Logic 7 Tweeters for their sound you can see them right through the grille and they’ll they’ll say that oh, wow, this sound system is amazing It’s Harman Kardon But I disagree After using after upgrading the sound system, which I have by the way, I’ll put a link in the description I’ll talk about this in another video. But if you have a BMW, any BMW, it doesn’t matter what model it is I would recommend checking out BAVSOUND if you’re into audio quality You want your your car to have the best sound system possible go to BAVSOUND They’ll they’ll hook you up with some unbelievable speakers that will transform your car’s audio to the next level I could not listen to those Harman Kardon speakers ever again after the upgrade So let’s go into the interior and continue with the review All right, so we’re back in the car right now and we are Continuing the BMW E60 review So what I’m gonna show you next right here is a feature that I’m sure most each 60s that you’ve seen does not have this is an extremely rare feature and that is Bluetooth audio so let’s go over here and let’s take a look at that so in addition to the CIC IDrive upgrade, I’ve also added the Combox which came out in 2011 and 2012 which adds enhanced USB and Enhanced Bluetooth which gives you Bluetooth audio. So if I go here CD multimedia as you can see my iPhone music’s coming out of my iPhone And And there’s nothing connected to it, it’s wireless and if I if I change the song right here on the iPhone If I click next track It’ll change right there if I click next track again It’ll change right there So Bluetooth audio is an amazing feature it’s extremely fast It also works with Spotify on your phone. So Right here another thing that I got on top of that once you get the Combox in your car you can open the door and also retrofit BMW apps which is a software retrofit. You just need to connect an OBD2 port cable down to the port down there and And then you can upgrade the software and code BMW Apps And BMW Apps is actually a really good feature to have I’ll show you why And I Guarantee that you’re not going to find an E60 with Bluetooth audio or BMW Apps If you have one, I’d like to know about it, comment down below show me your E60, I’d like to see, so right here Let’s see Right here. So we have Bluetooth audio and then On top of this what you got with the CIC IDrive is you also got it comes with a hard drive, which is amazing because Right here. It has a USB port in the glove box and you can update the Navigation maps and you can also upload music files right here on a USB And then right here let’s say I just put a USB in with some new music So if I want to add it to the existing hard drive, it’s got 80 gigabytes of memory, by the way So let’s take a look right here, we go music data import/export So we click import new music So we got the new music right here and it’s very easy to navigate through your menus right here So you can see all your songs another cool thing that you get with the Combox with the enhanced USB is If you want to connect your iPhone physically right here with the USB cable you just connect it, it will charge your phone and Another option you want to look for if you’re getting an E60, by the way, is make sure it has USB audio from factory right here in addition to auxilary and But in 2010, you could not play music from your iPhone Even if you had this newer iDrive unless you got the Combox, which came later on by the way But you can’t get all this stuff from BMW since it did not come with the car from factory But although it looks like these were factory options. So let’s go take a look so once you connect your phone right here, you can connect it to to play USB and Right here. We go to external devices And we can see something that you do not see standard, even if you get the CIC IDrive from from BMW And that feature is She started to pop it fun so babies And that feature is album art So right here if you take your iPhone you connect it to iTunes. You can add any picture you want to your songs so now you can get pictures on your IDrive screen right here and the album art actually is a very nice touch, if you really want to, if you’re an audiophile You really want to make your audio collection look nicer Album art is the way to go. So on top of this, what you get with the BMW Apps is a feature that came out in 2014. So this is something that came out in 2014 and I made it available on this BMW which is which is a 2008 model, so let’s let’s go take a look and that feature is So if you just go on your iPhone you click Spotify So right here Spotify and this is the extremely useful feature to have So all you gotta do is click on it and you have access to all your Spotify playlists And the album art actually surprisingly loads a lot faster with Spotify than it does with just your iPhones music so if you just go next you can see You can go turn shuffle on so you can really shuffle through your music So the CIC IDrive combined with the Combox Combined with the BAVSOUND Stage 1 and Ghost Woofers sound upgrade, I’ll put a link in the description makes this Car audio experience UNREAL. Like nothing really compares to it And the great thing about Spotify in your car is You can just go right here. You can go to a Spotify menu And you see your library right here You can see playlists You scroll through your playlist really quickly here and then also you can discover new music through the data on your phone right here So, let’s say you want hip-hop You can connect to different stations right here This one’s got the the most followers, Get Turnt, and you can see what is new what is hot right now. So and Then if you like these songs you can go save song And it’ll add it to your playlist or you can search for new music so you can search you have the whole World of music at your fingertips here. Just using the click wheel right here on the iDrive controller And you can search for any artists any song you want and add it to your library on the go so this is like the best way to enjoy music in the car and So, let’s go back right here Alright so I’ve covered the music and another thing that’s really cool about this, that makes it stand out is the Navigation, so right here, when I got the CIC IDrive retrofit from BimmerTech They shipped it with 2019 Maps and as you can see you get a nice Aerial view of where we are. It’s very accurate you can see over there There’s the water there’s the island in front of us Sunset Beach and there it is right there You can go right here. You can see navigation map version and Let’s see right here 2019 and like I mentioned you can upgrade it with the USB port and the glove box and What’s really great is has this feature called interactive map Right here Where you can kind of it’s like a video game You can kind of fly through the city. We’re in downtown Vancouver and You can like zoom in zoom out. So It’s relatively fast right here And now what I really like about this navigation actually that it’s even better if you have BMW Apps on your phone So let’s go over here and I’ll show you I’m going to show you something else really cool Is once you have BMW apps You just have to download this ConnectedDrive app on your phone right here. So if you click on it right here it’ll show you the car and the exact same color combo with the M Sport package, it will show you how much fuel you have left in the tank It will show you the tank range, and what’s crazy is ConnectedDrive and BMW Apps never existed when this car came out yet here it is on your iPhone screen in the app even though BMW will never let you retrofit this like I find that pretty pretty crazy attention to detail that they still went ahead and they left the door open for the and they left the door open for the E60 in this app. So in addition to the BMW app, it actually makes using navigation a lot easier because you can use your phone’s touchscreen to control the navigation destinations So right here let’s go to destinations and let’s say I want to go to 41st and Knight Street in Vancouver So I just go right here, I click on it

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  1. Excellent car,….and you had an excellent video review going until the 18:81 mark,…where you're discussing the "Sound System"! Major FAIL! It's good that you only have 347 views! ….and few comments! Otherwise,…good info on the car! …the "M-Sport Models" are hard to fine…

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