Drivetrain Overhaul! Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL Full Upgrade Project Truck Part 2 | RC Driver

Drivetrain Overhaul! Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL Full Upgrade Project Truck Part 2 | RC Driver

I feel like I should be on an episode of
Hoarders I’ve been saving all of Traxxas option part foam and I don’t know I we are back with our traxxas rustler 4×4
project build and this is video number three I did an intro video and then the
suspension video which was actually part 1 and then this is gonna be part 3 no
part 2 and this time we’re talking about the drivetrain so I got a couple of neat
parts to put on the truck got some of the traxxas constant velocity drive
shafts and some hexes for the wheels and stuff so why don’t we just head over to
the bench and we’ll get to work on installing this cool stuff and I’ll tell
you why you might want to get it for your traxxas rustler I think this is
gonna be another easy round of option part installs on the traxxas rustler 4×4
and what I’m going to start off with is this bearing adapter right here now this
goes in the slipper clutch assembly so it’s going to require us to pull the
rear of the vehicle off luckily that is really easy to do because it’s only four
screws and you’ll be able to pull the slipper assembly out so what I’m gonna
do I’m gonna go and pull that out and I’ll show you exactly where this part
goes and the reason why you want to swap this out is well this is a nice machined
aluminum part where the stock part is a composite plastic and that may wear so
just reduce the chances of that happening and we’ll just swap this out
so in less than 2 minutes you’ll be able to pull the rear section off of the
vehicle by just removing four screws and once you pull it off basically this
piece falls out right here this is the slipper clutch assembly and this right
here in this area is where that bushing is so we’re gonna take a two millimeter
hex driver and remove the spline end here and then we are going to back off
the slipper nut with a 8 millimeter a nut driver I actually have a glow plug
wrench here which is 8 millimeter so I’ll be able to to pull that off
one thing I like to tell people to do is to note where the tension that is that
way when you go and put everything back together you know where it needs to be
all right with the slipper nut off now I can just take the spring off and we
could pull off that composite plastic bushing there with the bearing because
they give you a new bearing with the new machined aluminum unit you just slide
that right back on put your slipper spring back on and tighten down the
slipper nuts I just put the slipper unit back into the chassis assembly and then
put on the rear clip you might have to turn the drive shaft a little bit in the
center to kind of line things up so everything falls in place but once you
do that you just put the four screws back on and the rear clip is secured
okay now it’s time to move on to our drive shafts and these come pre built
from Traxxas so this is going to be a really easy install as well all we have
to do here is we have to pull the screw out of the camber link we have to remove
the screw pin from the original yoke and then pop off the outside hex in order to
take the pin out to get the rest of the drive shaft out this is gonna be pretty
easy as well so the rear telescoping Universal drive shafts are out and you
know they get the job done but these new units from Texas are really nice all
steel they’ve got rubber boots on them and everything in Traxxas even went put a
little thread lock on the end of the axle here to make sure that the wheel
nut stays on so this I mean just literally slips right in place of the
old one so basically just reverse the steps and you’ll be able to assemble
everything the new drive shafts are in place and they look awesome and they’re
a lot stronger than the stock units and really just super easy to swap out in
fact it’s so easy I just went ahead and did it to the front as well basically
the same steps of pulling the outer screw out of the upper tie rod removing
the screw from the yoke and then just sliding out the drive shaft and
installing the new one just make sure you swap over your bearings make sure
you know you keep track of any washers that come off there’s washers on the
outside and we’re gonna put those back on in a second here the other thing I
did want to tell you just to be aware of the drive shafts are specific to the
rear and the front so if you’re replacing one or you know both at the
same time just be aware of where you’re putting the drive shafts because they
are unique to the front and rear the other thing I wanted to mention is the
screw pins that go into the yoke make sure you use the new ones that come with
the new drive shafts because they got a little bit of Loctite on them you know
just ensure that that screw stays in there okay now I didn’t put the wheel
hexes back on that’s because we’re upgrading to some aluminum wheel hexes
and these are really easy to go on and I am going to use the new pins that came
with it you know I like to swap out the hardware that they give you just kind of
ensures that your vehicle is in top condition so let me show you how these
look on the truck and there we have it the drivetrain upgrades are
complete h on our Rustler 4×4 we’ve got that adapter in the supper clutch now
we’ve got our new drive shafts we got our new hexes and I do actually have
some serrated lock nuts to use to secure the wheels but you know what I will
throw those on when we put the new wheels on so these are some really
worthwhile upgrades to do to your Rustler 4×4 drive shafts are much
stronger the wheel hexes are much stronger than plastic that slipper
clutch adapter in they’re less likely to wear so you know if you are looking for
recommendations for your vehicle I would definitely put those on the want list
alright so that wraps up this particular video we’ll see you back at the next one
where we talk about some exterior options

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Nice video man
    One thing I don't understand why almost all traxxas cars come with plastic driveshafst I have a e revo I drive two times en one broke en than you can buy traxxas steel driveshafst for 80 Euro

  2. Lol, I save the Traxxas foam also. I figure that I'll use it to cushion batteries, receivers, and whatnot— But I never do ?

  3. LOL I do the same thing with the foam, IDK why I keep every single piece but its to nice to throw away LOL! The Rustlers looking awesome Greg, upgraded to the max!

  4. Does anyone know if the Traxxas steel CVD's can handle be driven on 3s only? I have had Yeah Racing steel ones on the front of my Stampede 4×4 and they just broke yesterday. I only drive my Stampede on 3s. I don't want to spend $70 if they are going to break. Or should I just do MIP?

  5. Please… I sure could use them stock axles you took off. I would be very greatful. I could pm you my address thru FB. Thank you.

  6. Time for traxxas to include those drive shafts with it or something equivalent cause plastic axles come on

  7. Use some of that foam and tuck it into the shock absorber portion of the bumpers. Will help to keep them from breaking the loops

  8. I used to save them as well! Ended up using them when mounting esc. I put a piece under it to reduce shock and vibration. Good stuff RCD!

  9. i have a queation I like your work mat …can u tell me what material it is
    great rustler upgrades i like the blue and white

  10. Dang plastic driveshafts… so mad they dont put steel on already. They know you'll have to replace them almost instantly.

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