Driving with square wheels

Driving with square wheels

Hi Folks, good that your wachting. And welcome to useless experiments part 9! And today at your request we are going to drive with… squares wheels! Let’s test it! There we go. Comfortable The parking brake was still on. Were almost by sand, i think thats drives better Do you know what the advantage of these square wheels is? Well? You can always easily find your way back! Yes, that’s true. These wheels are starting to wear pretty well If we could have made more speed then it might have worked. What I just drove was the hardest thing he could. But he just does not pull it. I was driving in gear 1 I pressed the pedal as hard as possible But he just did not go any faster I tried to switch to his two then he immediately fell silent I don’t know It seems that square wheels have quite a lot of resistance That role resistance is not good. Square things just do not roll that easily It looks like those rear wheels They are not driven, and they really do not want to roll. They keep it so bad. So now we’re going to take those back square wheels off And now put old-fashioned round wheels on it And see if we can still drive through this with square wheels That would be nice I’ll pull him off Did you fix it to the bumper? Yes. We could not reach it with the towing eye The car has been pulled loose again We put it behind old-fashioned round wheels. let’s see if we will continue I’m curious. Let’s test it! Yes, you get that if you do not change your tires on time No, it is clearly worn out Yes. Well, this was a grand experiment Of course we did not expect that wheels have to be round. This is seriously a useless experiment But do you still have an experiment that is even more useless than this ?! I dare you Put it in the comments below and who knows, we will do your experiment next week Thanks for wachting, see you later!

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