Drones Illegal in Philippines | How to avoid Airport Confiscation

Drones Illegal in Philippines | How to avoid Airport Confiscation

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  1. Update: Aug 14 2017 – I received an email from the CAAP today. They've changed their policy since the making of this video a few months ago and I wanted to share the good news with you guys.

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    Greetings from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines!

    Please be informed that the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and this Authority had a discussion regarding the importation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) or commonly known as drones, to the Philippines.

    During the discussion, both government agencies agreed that AUTHORIZATION for the importation of drones to the Philippines is no longer required. However, all RPAS owners and/or operators, whether engaged in commercial or non-commercial operations shall strictly adhere to the provisions stipulated in Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations Part 11; 11.11. (Electronic copy of PCAR Part 11 is attached)

    Moreover, this Authority has also requested the BOC to advise all customs personnel in NAIA Terminals and other concerned offices not to require drone importers to secure an import clearance/permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

    Should you require further inquiries, you may call the Flight Operations Department of the Flight Standards Inspectorate Service at Tel.: (+63) (02) 944-2172.​

    Wilhelmino E. Guevara, Jr.
    Assistant Aviation Safety Inspector

  2. Hi Paolo, This is Joe from California. Thanks for all the info concerning drones in the Philippines. Your YouTube channel is one of our favorites. My wife and I love your videos about Japan. I’m glad to hear the Philippines is not requiring CAAP clearance anymore, your video must have had an impression on them. My question for is about drones in Japan. See, we’ll be taking a family vacation to the Philippines and Japan in June. I’ll have my mavic with us in the Philippines then we’ll be heading to Tokyo and Osaka before heading back to California. Will I have any issues carrying my drone into Japan? Please advise. Can’t wait to visit Japan again! Keep up your outstanding videos, we’ll keep watching!

  3. Hi Paolo, Joe again… Forgot to mention.I don’t plan on flying the drone in Japan, it’ll be in our carry on baggage the whole time we’re in there till we head back to the US.

  4. Hi Paolo,It's actually illegal to fly a drone anywhere in Baracay because it is within the 10 klm range of the airport.This is the biggest problem over here on some of the small islands that have an airport on them.Even where you flew in La Union was probably to close to San Fernando airport as well.

  5. Great video and cool drone shots!! Thank you very much for sharing your drone travels and talking us through local regulations! This is really helpful!

  6. Nice video and informative. I hope I can fly mines there. I have a larger one. Yuneec Q500..I hope because of size..I won't have any problems

  7. Thank you for this very informative video, Paolo 😊 I‘ve seen your update but I can’t find anything official on this topic on the website of the CAA… Because I‘m kind of afraid I will loose my brand new Mavic at customs I‘ve send the email to them with no reply so far … do you have any official source that states that I don’t need a permission to bring my drone to the Philippines? Best, Melina

  8. I tried many time, i even sent reminder to the given email ids, but i am not receing any response,
    can you please guide what are the other ways to do this. i am going after 10 days i.e. on 2nd february please let me know how do i contact them to get permission.
    i am carrying Dji spark

  9. How can I bring my Phantom 3 to the Philippines!!!?? Wow thank you helps alot! but still have a problem how about my camera gears lol

  10. Hello kabayan thanks for the info…..this is my first time to bring my drone from Kuwait to Philippines should I check in my drone or hand carry it? Because I'm worried just to avoid the problem in the airport.

  11. ummm ummm when did drone aka RC aircraft before drone we call as we say become illegal to fly for HOBBYISTS? The rules and regulation to fly RC Aircraft/Drones is the similar and copied from FAA drone law as their guidline… You will need a permit from CAAP for commercial uses only.. Flying for "hobbyist" like you and me is based on common sense safety that is stipulated on AMA safety guidelines in the USA which the FAA adopted itselft and now the CAAP also uses as guidlines. Btw i have been flying "drones" aka RC Model planes in Pinas since 1995. Speaking of customs, they cannot take your "drone" or pay import tax for personal uses and ownership unless your intention is to sell them there and has no plan to it bring back to USA..

  12. Good afternoon
    I would like to ask how to get permission to carry and fly drones in philiphines especially in manila city and boracay island, because i plan to holiday to philippine early in june. Please help me

  13. Is japan strct with drones? Will there be any trouble bringing them in from philippines? Im planning to take a cruise. It would be great if you have any info on that

  14. I've brought three drones to the Philippines on two separate occasions without an issues at all, they weren't even mentioned. To be sure they were cheap drones bought at Dubai duty free, but still, it doesn't seem to be an issue with smaller toy like drones.

  15. If I just have a layover in the Philippines do I need to get this permission??? I just have a 6 hr layover in Manila going to LA

  16. I'm trying too send email so that I can bring my drone or download the form but unsure where u got it or how u did it could u pls let me know

  17. The thing is that I’m going to mindanaw in June 4 and I want to know if I can bring it from inside the Philippines (Manila to mindanaw)

  18. I need to know if it’s allowed to travel with my drone if I’m at Manila and going to mindanaw will it nee caap? Please tell me

  19. You can fly a drone anywhere in philippines paolo. FUCK those unwritten rules they are all pure bullshit. Just dont fly them near the airport or big cities like makati-manila-global city coz it can be very Complicated.

  20. Did u acquire your drone there in Japan? How much did u score it? Just like to compare prices. Thanks!

  21. Its allowed but there's rules you need to follow..

    You cannot fly within 30 meters of a person who is not associated with operation of the drone

    You cannot fly higher than 400 feet (122 meters)

    You must fly during daylight hours and only fly in good weather conditions

    You must not fly within 10km of an airport or in areas where aircraft are operating

    You may not fly your drone over populated areas

    Respect others privacy when flying your drone

  22. Hi Paolo-San, Konnichiwa 🙂
    Valentina desu..hajimemashite. I Just saw that you spent some time in northern Philippines. I am planning in visiting my Mom this december (she lives near Baguio) and I was thinking of exploring the north of the Philippines, instead of going Southampton, Like everyone else…are there any places you would recommend? Where did you guys go besides La Union? 🙂
    Thanks for your reply!!

  23. I had my drone in a carry on bag and no one said anything about it when it went through the x-ray machine. So it's absolutely LEGAL!

  24. I live 3kms away from the airport and always fly my SPark here above where I live. I have even taken it at 300-400 meters which I believed it is already an airplane airspace because it is very near from the airport…. So far, I did not have any issue…BUT i would not highly recommend to do what I do, always follow the rules..I'm just lucky enough….lol lol….Here in Philippines, we have a very friendly airp space…HAPPY FLYING.

  25. I have many video of flying my drone over skyscrapers in Manila and all over Boracay Island including Quezon City. I was there from March 01 to April 01 i love flying in the Philippines

  26. Hey man, how are you?? I'm going to Phillipines in the end of the year… I'd like to know if you had any problem there during the trip??

  27. Hey Paolo me and my wife are planning to go to japan in the next few months, wanting to bring my drone there. Am i gomna be held at tje immigration? Do i need to bring documents or should i ask the gov't for authorization or should i just ferget about it? Can you give me tips on what to do bringing a drone to japan. Thanks in advance bro. God bless

  28. Thanks Paolo, if it weren’t for folks like you trying to do the right thing and contacting CAAP for rules and permission for vacationing in the PH with our drone to get great pics, they may not have revised their restrictions and “taxes” being imposed on unsuspecting PH tourists. 👍🏼

  29. Hi Paolo, what is your take on the Mavic Air for beginner? and or long time usage?
    I was looking at the Pro1 r Pro2 , but really after watching so many videos, i reckon the Air is also very good in comparison and so much smaller to travel with, not to mention the rear cameras it also has.

  30. Thanks for this Paolo.. I was a little worried about taking it to PI. My wife is from Manila and we're going to be transiting Manila staying over night on our way to Europe. I wasn't looking forward to the security check girls pulling my drone apart.

  31. Drones illegal in PH??? If they were, then there was no need for these documentations:

  32. Please take down this video. It is OUTDATED and made me worry for no reason. After all the research I did. DRONES ARE LEGAL in the Philippines.

  33. love the PI. Wish i had my drone when I was in Siargao a few years ago.

    BUT I did have it for Colombia and Mexico which I highly recommend you go drone at. You can see some of the footage at my channel or site below. Salamat Po


  34. Basically, you can fly your drone almost anywhere here in the Philippines bro except for some areas like animal sanctuaries (they don't want to disturb the birds), airports and military bases, obviously. But you are right about taking your drone with you from Abroad because the import tax here is very expensive. None the Less, better leave your expensive drone in your place and buy a DJI phantom 3 here which will cost you only $500 to $600 dollars for a Phantom 3 which is a lot cheaper than P100,000 pesos or approximately $2,000 dollars lol. Any electronic products here are fairly affordable anyway, as Compared to import taxes.

  35. Bringing your drone to Philippines, not illegal. But bringing your girlfriend with you to Philippines should be prohibited. Why, because you'll regret it.

  36. Any updates for this year?
    Do you still need to register your drone to CAAP?
    Do you have to pay fees? How much?
    What forms do I need? Where can I find them?

  37. feel very insecure here when i saw your vid. Im going to philly this year with my drone. But now i think it has to stay home after i seen your video

  38. I did send a mail to philly embassy. and they refer to your video here? Im not sure if i understand teh meaning of this? Is this i way to scare tourist or what. I do want clear rules and it seems that if you get into philly with your drone, then you have won a lottery? Give me Clear rules

  39. As long as you got money, you can do anything in the Philippines. Laws are intentionally written vaguely so cash could fill in the gaps.

  40. To be honest, nowadays touristic counties should be not so straight with drones, i understand there's some logical tiles like no fly in airport zones or in crowed places but not more than that. for me im avoiding to travels to the countries that doesn't give me freedom to film use drone ot taking pics

  41. Seriously ?

    There are literally 1,000’s of people traveling flying and using drones in the Philippines 🇵🇭

    Nice shirt and shorts BTW

  42. Hello! I just wanna ask ..how about going to japan it is ok to bring my drone? I have a racing drone .im a little bit nervous coz i have 7 pcs of lipo battery .. Hope you can help me thanks in advance..

  43. I am currently in the Philippines now (from the states) with my DJI drone. I have travelled all over the Philippines with my drone with no problems. I always place my drone and all batteries in my carry on luggage. Do not place your lithium batteries in checked luggage. Also, I have flown my DJI drone everywhere in the Philippines with no problems.

  44. Hey dude you can bring your drone and fly here in the Phil. but be reminded of the restricted area or what they call GEO ZONE …these are airports , ports, military installations

  45. They are illegal? Wao. We are taking a look for the first time today. We have the spicy noodle channel take a look in our channel, subs 👍 🛎.

  46. Hey here from 2019 and I do have is a drone but I got to tell everyone that on July 12 2019 when I was coming back to the USA the Nino Aquino Philippines Airport.TSA had confiscated a surge protector whenI was entering the terminal and I see totally nothing about surge protectors at TSA USA,TSA Philippines Signs,and at the check in counter.Be careful with your things when you go through TSA in the Philippines sometimes they just do that to steal your stuff itself.


    Permit Information: Ask locals first if you would need a permit in the area since they live there in the area.If you need to get the permit just ask them where to get it or where the mayors office is.
    Note: If you are trying to fly in Boracay go to the mayors office near towards the top of the entire island or ask the locals.If the mayor is not there i got told there is also an assistant working for the drone permits too.

  47. if you do read this thing that i have posted you should have put a video on what to watch out and what you bring to Japan a guide on what is allowed and what is not in immigration that has not been done there is only one but still not enough need more information about that. Example I know that porn is not allowed so what else is not allowed.

  48. I just came back from Philippines on vacation from January and February 2019 with my DJI Mavic Pro. Yes, they did not check my baggage coming in. Going out of the country, the X-ray operator ask me if that's a drone inside. I told him "Yes" and just told me, Ok and let me take my baggage straight to the check in.

  49. Question.. if im from the philippines. Do i need gov't permission to fly or just the local people who live in the area. Do i need an app like airmap in the philippines to fly it in open airspace?

  50. i am traveling with my dji spark, tello, parrot bebop 1, and some small toy drone, the the spark and parrot bebop1 is on hard case it is okey?

  51. Hey paolo, i live at the edge of runway 13 here in manila & ive been flying my drone for almost a year now without any issues.

  52. Dude, you're a pussy. You went through all that trouble for nothing. Asking for permission from the government?? It's a drone, dude. Nothing special.

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