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  1. Jamie you are a ripper!!! I've got install mine one this Saturday, what an awesome timing. Thank you so much your videos are always very well explained and give me a lot of confidence…
    Cheers Max

  2. Where did you mount the Anderson plug?Were there any problems with the height of the aux battery and the original clamp?

  3. Hi,great explanation as always!
    Would this also be the same or similar set up for Petrol version 4.6 v8 with only One factory battery?

  4. australian images im following your setup just wanted to know on the deep cycle battery where is the other live wire coming from, 1 from the bcdc what about the other one. Is that the lead for your fuse box thanks.

  5. This system is fantastic and you made an amazing video to show the installation. Thanks for posting and greetings from the US.

  6. Very informative video. I have just purchased a 2018 VX 200 series and looking at a dual battery system. The company who are carrying out a lot of my mods are using Intervolt DCC Pro system, have you heard much about theses? I do like REDARC products.
    With the Intervolt you get a display system to monitor your battery’s/charging. What do you use with your REDARC system?

  7. good info Im doing this exact thing but with 2 AGM batteries and a lithium in the rear all juiced off a SBS 270amp alternator in my 80 series.

  8. 12 months and 24 months warranties on the batteries.. what a joke. just shows that these batteries are crap if the manufacturer cant guarantee at least 3 years

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