Evan is driving a vehicle that is one thousand times as big as him This is monumental! AAAAHHH! Unicorn helmet. We got the plate Thanks for the pick axe Frank GOOD MORNING LOGANG, WHAT’S POPPIN? It’s good bro, I was wearing a helmet Yo, what the **** is wrong with me Yo guys, crazy night last night As you know we celebrated Mark’s birthday So it’s a bit wacky this morning It’s the opening! But yo if you got plates, you better be breaking those plates! Good morning Frank Ok so yesterday my roomate Evan’s dog, she broke her leg Tragic. Let’s see how she’s doing Evan! Oh no! Look at this dog Honey, honey, honey Oh no, you look so pathetic. How are you running? This is so funny, but at the same time it’s so sad So yesterday she jumped off this bed And look guys She’s just a little puppy and she jumped off the bed and she’s really unathletic AND SHE SNAPPED HER LEG LIKE A ***ING NOODLE! Sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me. But hi puppy, I hope you’re feeling better this morning. Come here, come here *Laughing* Awww! Hi baby you’re so cute Ok so Evan’s in the bathroom Evan! Evan! Aww come here puppy Your dog is broken Evan It’s healing, she’ll be fine She doesn’t look fine Evan Watching you be a dad is hillarious! Why? Cause you’re not a dad! Why, dwarfs can’t be dads? No, dwarfs can be dads Wait, sizist? Sizist? Racist against size? She can’t get the cast wet, or she’ll get an infection No, no! Yesterday the doctor said we could put a condom on her right? That’s hillarious Evan VLOGS! COMEDY! CONTENT! She won’t like to run around with a condom on her leg THAT’S ****IN FUNNY! I’ma get this lady dog a condom That’s weird But if you are not part of the Logang, make sure to hit that button for me Subscribe We are the strongest family on YouTube Let’s go, we’re Mavericks We change the world everyday Come to get a condom I got it This can’t obviously be yours, right? Of course they’re mine Come here dog Yo! I’m rolling a condom on a dog’s leg Don’t forget guys, the vet told us this was a solution to keep the dog’s foot dry Aria, you have a condom on your leg, this is beautiful! Aria, be free! All this dog, condom talk reminds me Since we didn’t get to do this yesterday Do you wanna try to drive the cool bus today? Yeah, I’ll try to drive it. YO WHAT? We’ll give Evan his pedal extension! Look at this dog! Hi. Hello Aria. And my man’s gonna try to drive the cool bus. Yo. Welcome to another day in the life baby LOGAN PAUL! *some weird noise* His pants are down That was crazy You got beat up by someone who’s shorter than you. How do you feel? I’M THE BEST! THAT’S HOW I FEEL!!! I don’t care if you a-a baby, an infant You wanna ****with me? You gettin that BUOO You get that krrrrrah! You’re saying you’d beat up a child? If he’s challenging me, for the record, anyone can get it a bull I see some weaker than me I gotta
take it I’m just sure all right boys aren’t good thank you for being here
with us today as we discuss the negatives of boom are you bro yes are
you gonna be back later kuba friendship is the best friends right what we get it
you gonna be back there Deb cool bus where’s the Dagon Brendan I don’t know
it’s basically nighttime ah I’m not gonna lie guys I walked over to my couch
and then I laid down and closed my eyes and now we would start out but I will
say Lydia is inside complaining about something that’s pretty funny actually
in my Instagram post yesterday I tagged on Lydia as assistant but you’re not the
only one when I take Judy Spanish are you not my assistant does she not know
hi I’m Logan you’re my assistant I said are you not my assistant am I
wrong is it well I’m not firing I’m saying my assistant oh look it’s Evan
where are you Evan I need content comma home would drive a bus with me switch
the pedal extensions from the Challenger to the bus no we’ll do it we’ll make a
have a car don’t touch that backup come I’ll see you soon okay come in pedal
extension ooh I forgot to say this today is
actually uh Bella Thorne’s birth she’s turning 20 she starred in the out of my
hair music video as you guys know but romance are you down to party I’m always
down to party but it’s Halloween themed it’s a costume party so is go get back
to the party oh no you thought him asking if you were
down to party men you were invited no yeah you’re not invited I was just
asking I was just wondering you were down oh yeah
in fact I think we’re just gonna stick you in the Kong’s cage for the rest of
the night just call this coffee asleep in my bed funny bro let’s go drive this
cool bus and get some coffe it’s going down and I’m not even yelling Tim yeah
real quick I just want to say never merch is on point today bro looking
seriously though yo we did a ride back you have not caught merch yet you know
where to get it looking Paul that calm slash shop it’s on the wheels probably oh yeah bro that’s all the issue
yesterday we saved it with the water bottle big ears but John Barry doesn’t
help oh why don’t we drop my phone I swear to
god that was an accident accident I wasn’t you got this F it you know even from this angle is really it’s circumstantial the circumcision
know what what are you doing it’s almost the moment of truth evidence
is this possible problem you don’t think the brake works I don’t think it’s not
important either you don’t think we need a break
hey I’m pretty sure oh yeah I think we’re just gonna go down there I’m gonna
go down there and just pick a shot okay now the good Wrangell work come on you
son of a bitch oh man this is not easy not easy I’m Logan I got it this is very
difficult okay Thank You Steph you’re good to go Evan
mess with it too much just in case if it does come off plane is so sketchy put it
on upside down I’m sorry Evan I’ve never been a dwarf before I don’t know goodbye the good news is we got calm how
is that good news it’s calm stuff he’s gotta be Dobby with crash and die so
probably pretty dope oh you always going down you don’t have to see Python no all
right look I brought the love sack up here it’s a good little seat not to
mention the jenkees camera setup ever we got GoPro duct tape iPhone and also over
here GoPro duct tape I’m driving with Evan on a new level cool bus edition
let’s go I love it house its lights is shining
bright I can’t I can’t see the light is is good it makes you look good for my
vlog so just deal with it yeah oh go down the street we’re officially on the
street guy heaven is driving a vehicle it is 1000 times as big as ham-fisted
monumental this is historical from now on every friendship I get into I’m just
gonna warn them be like you are making a huge mistake you should get out of the street I don’t
know hey how you doing good good good how are you feeling right now I can’t
believe this brake is working oh you wanna say oh you know we should do my
boy have been in your music video called war problems let’s skin jam bro so much fun stuff for costume bro we pop
in one of these pink Hollywood which he’ll tell me that’s not the cutest you
ever seen here you get the best person award cuz you don’t ah son it’s good to
see you thanks son I appreciate you and the fact that you’re able to hold Pike
position oh boy oh why would we try to make money we can we could just buy $8
okay oh dude Brendan’s got the right idea yeah bro like that’s fun yeah yo
here’s a little fun fact um Halloween not one of my favorite holiday
I don’t love it like I don’t love the idea of dressing up like I don’t get
candy anymore honestly Bella’s gonna hate me but like a picture frame hold it
in front of ourselves it’s funny hair by the way Wow funny it’s amazing yeah good
okay low gay that is life you are not subscribed if you are not a part of the
low gang hit the button for me join the strongest family on YouTube brain cop
your low gang maverick merch link for that is in the
description Avex baby a little bit different than everyone out and put
dwarves and cool buses and have them drive it let’s go
okay look like that at the floor he said that I love you it’s very hard to hide when I’m riding
around the cool bus I

About the Author: Michael Flood


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