EASY Pinewood Derby Car WINS using Science!!!

EASY Pinewood Derby Car WINS using Science!!!

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  1. Dang, I got really lucky. I followed three of those, over 25 years ago and won. My car was a red doorstop with silver flames. I put 3 large nails in the back and we put a weight to get it to max weight right in front of the rear axle. The graphite like crazy.

    Still shocked I won on shear luck of my design.

  2. Wouldn't the crash on Mason's car affect the end result? The crash could have misaligned some things drastically.

  3. The bounces are detrimental. They may have made rules against this but when I was in scouts my dad helped me with my car. We widened the slots for the nails by a huge amount then filled it with silicone and it acted like a suspension then added Allen set screws to adjust the alignment on the wheels. Still have the car. We did all the stuff you brought up but instead of rail riding we dialed the car in and got in 4 or 5 test runs before the event it won every race by huge amounts.

  4. Man, i once had a car that was almost as good as this one

    Only if it wasn't 25 times bigger than the pinewood cars and weights an entire 1.9 tons and powered by a turbocharged W16 and doesn't run over the cushions stopper and took an entire field and a river to stop :/

  5. I had a lago derby car and me and my friend had arms in front and I tested it to se how long I can make it and at the end I won all of the races

  6. Got a car from the web. Scheduled for the last heat. Walked in the gym ten minutes before race. Ten minutes later walked out with fastest time and went on to win two races in districts. Special memories. LOL

  7. My Dad Watched This Video A While Ago To Help With My Pinewood Derby And I Got First Place Against All The People In My Troop For Scouts

  8. Actually my mom helped my brother do those, yes, my dad is with my mom still, but it’s because he doesn’t really have time

  9. I used this strategy ‘door stop’ a long time ago. I always got first or second. except for that one time but we don’t talk about that… But I showed this to my dad and now I’m just throwing out wins. My collection is huge now.

  10. I did this for a competition in Singapore like donkey years ago…..

    It failed for a couple of reasons… 1 is that we couldnt find a stable way to knock into the pressurised capsule and let it point straight.

    Our wheels were too thin and the vehicle was too light so it ended up being unstable. The car was too fast for it to actually go straight.

  11. 1:26
    GPE depends on mass, not weight.
    Mass, weight and gravitational field strength.

    (Yes I get that the gravity force a.k.a. weight is equal to mass × GFS but it's relevant to consider mass and GFS separately)

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