Easy Program Toyota Sienna Keyless Remote Fob (2004-2018)

Easy Program Toyota Sienna Keyless Remote Fob (2004-2018)

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  1. Unfortunately it didn't work on my vehicle. But, Tom's Key Company provided great customer service trying to get it to work. They refunded 100% of my money – even the shipping costs.

  2. I have a 2018 Toyota Corolla LE with the keyless entry system. The car was purchased as a repossessed vehicle, so it came with one single key, and that key wasn't a remote fob key. The dealer wanted $165 for a single programmed remote key! Fat chance. Even a local locksmith wanted $125 for a single key. I found TomsKey.com, and ordered 2 remote keys, rented the programmer, and the total was $135 (compared to $330 from the Toyota dealer for 2 keys!!!). This is a no-brainer. With his no-risk warranty, I figured I had nothing at all to lose, so I placed the order. It worked flawlessly on my Corolla an I am now a happy camper. He responds very quickly to e-mails, and answers questions thoroughly. Note: For the remote opener keys, you will need to program each key twice: Once to code the key, and once to code the opener fob. It just takes a few minutes (Maybe 10 minutes) and the videos were all I needed to get it right the first time.

  3. Excellent Experience, I purchased a used 2017 Corolla SE this year but it only had one key. A dealer wanted over 300 bucks, I went to a third party car audio shop and he wanted 200 bucks. I was looking on line and TomsKey.com came up. I figured let me give it a shot. I ordered the key with the programmer. In a day or so I got an email from them to send pictures of my key because my model could have a may have 2 types of keys depending when it was made. That is customer service! I knew that this company cares. The package came with detailed instructions, I watched the videos and in no time I programmed my own keys. It was very easy to do. I sent the pre- paid postage stamped envelope back with the cable and programmer and in a day, I got my deposit back. There was a follow up email to see if everything worked out, so they really do keep in touch to make sure things are working. When I took to get the key to get cut at a local hardware store they could not believe I did it myself, so I made sure I gave a Tomskeys.com a good plug at the store. You can't go wrong with this system, so easy a Caveman can do it:-)

  4. Excellent Experience: It did not work with my 2013 Toyota Tundra but the service and support were excellent with Tom's Key Company. Received my money back. If i need to use Tom's again I would not hesitate it. Great Customer Service.

  5. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I had a great experience: the customer service is fantastic, you can communicate with an actual person, both understanding and competent with the technical matters.
    This service is a huge money saver compared to any alternative, and it's totally risk free. Sadly it didn't work for me, sent the programmer back and got a full refund.
    I'd invite everyone to give it a shot before going to a locksmith or the car dealer.

  6. I have 2011 Tundra. I put off getting new fobs from dealer or locksmith due to cost. This was easy, affordable.

  7. This worked really well for my 2007 Toyota Camry. I programmed the key and the remote (which is built into the key) purchased from Amazon. I just received the refund of my deposit and everything worked as advertised in this video. I've already recommended this to others and look forward to other cars coming online. Thanks!

  8. I just had my 2012 tundra done and it worked great programming my new Fob, it was easy and fast. Much better then going to the dealers.

  9. $40 locksmith does it at your door. All Pro Lock & Key does this in Lincoln Nebraska for $40. Not a bad price or, rent the device from Tom. Tom you asked if there is a better price. Well, this is a good price so I posted it.

  10. Super easy to use the programmer with the video and detailed instructions provided. When I returned the equipment, I had my deposit back within a few days. Great customer service and very affordable!

  11. The only way we could get our 2013 Toyota Sienna to go into programming mode was to rent this tool. It worked like a charm! Thank you!

  12. Worked great! Reprogramed two fobs from my old 2006 Sienna to use with my new 2015. Took minutes.

  13. Gotcha: before programming, make sure to open the remote fob and push the battery all the way in.
    After that I was able to program it.
    Toyota Sienna 2015 LE

  14. Slick service. We bought two new FOBs for our 2012 Sienna and rented the programer. The package came in about 3 days. Programming took about 5 min. A couple more days for the shipping and refund of the deposit and we’re done. Saved over $200. Thanks TomsKeys!

  15. I have a 2017 Toyota Rav4 and my kids lost one of the keys. I bought 2 remote keys off of Amazon but could find no way to program them. I tried several locksmiths but the car was too new for their programming software. I then one day stumbled across TomsKeys with a google search. A few emails back and forth with questions about the programmer and I decided it was worth the try. The programmer arrived a few days after I ordered it. As soon as it arrived I opened the package, reviewed the instructions and went out to the car. In less than 10 minutes I had 2 newly programmed keys ready to go. Thanks Tom's Keys!

  16. I bought 2 remote keys and a G transponder key for my Toyota Sienna 2013 from Tom's key. I was warned in advance by their team that there's a chance the G transponder key programming would not succeed – and if so returning it would result in full refund.
    Following the instructions, the programing of the 2 remote keys was straight forward and had them ready to go in less than 10 mins. Unfortunately, the G transponder key did not program (as was advised). I got the full refund back (including the shipping cost – and I am from Canada/Ont) after sending back the programmer and the G transponder key to Tom's key Co.. The service was great, I would recommend. Thanks Tom's Keys!

  17. UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW —- Right after I finished programming my new key fobs (on a Saturday) my son told me he needed the car to head down to the shore. He took the original key and I would have to wait to Monday to cut the new keys. As the new fobs would lock and unlock the doors I assumed I was finished and returned the programmer. On Monday I took the keys to a locksmith and had the new keys cut. Once I went to test the new keys the car would start, run for about 3 seconds and then shut down with a error code displayed on the dash. I contacted Mike from Tom's keys to let him know the programmer did not work for me and (only locked and unlocked doors) and how does his money back guarantee work in this scenario. He asked "did you follow both the Key programming instructions and the fob programming instructions?" I said no because I have all in one key fob combo and he told me I needed to do both. When I told him I already returned the programmer he promised to send it back to me free of charge to finish the programming. Today I finished the programming and all works great. Thanks Mike, great customer service!

  18. Good Video! Have you lost your car emergency blade key? Do you want to know your key code? This video for you! (: https://youtu.be/e3plhspxvvs

  19. Well, my truck was an oddball. Bought FOB on Amazon. It included a search engine for self programming. My truck (2011 Toyota Tundra) required a "professional". So i called and got two prices, both $150.

    I kept searching and found this gadget and couldn't wait to try it. Package came quickly (the whole online process was EASY), but my truck would not allow access to the "on board programming". Mike from TOMS e-mailed with me back and forth having me try different things. Nothing worked so he said to return everything for a FULL refund. I did, and was happy to see my refund in a few days.

    UPDATE!! I did call in a professional programmer. He hooked his computer to my truck…AND WAS NOT ABLE TO ACCESS THE ON BOARD PROGRAMMING! So, i'm still stuck. Oh, and the professional cost me $25 for him to say, "Sorry, i can't program yours." At least TOMS gave me a FULL refund!

    I will use TOMS again, on a different vehicle, if the need arises. Good luck! Oh and any 2011 Tundra folks who found a fix, leave me a comment!

  20. I've seen other videos that don't need a additional ALDL plug in module, just need your key and your remote. Why would Toyota design a car that can't be programmed by owner without having to purchase/rent anything ??

  21. Used this about a month ago for my 2014 Toyota Sienna LE, worked like a charm! Arrived quickly in a neat little box, had very clear instructions, and it took me grand total of 58 seconds to program my fob. And there is even a prepaid shipping label for you to send it back. Got my deposit refunded in a couple of days. Excellent service and saved me about a hundred bucks. (Plus I was able to tell my wife I programmed her key fob myself and she was really impressed!)

  22. I placed an order and unfortunately it did not work for me as I had a "Smart Key" for my 2016 Toyota Sienna. Fortunately, Tom's Key Company stood by their money back guarantee. After returning the items with the provided return shipping label I was promptly refunded my money. I wish all companies had the level of customer service that Tom's Key Company holds. For those of you who don't know what a Smart Key is, it is a key that once you are in the car the car detects the key and you push the button to star the car.

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