Ebike Tuning: speeding up your ebike easily.(does not work on all Ebikes)

Ebike Tuning: speeding up your ebike easily.(does not work on all Ebikes)

how to speed up your brush performance line tests are used to be here I just told it off it was torques or something I just took it off you can put it back very easily so it’s not broken I just put some clamp on here so it can stay it’s pretty stiff you can see a line over here that line is where the magnet needs to pass on metal many problems on the net because of the sensor that the magnet passes here or there it needs to be right on this spot and if it does that to a measure of course if you put it here you need a magnet to pass by so I took the pedal but the pedal is not magnetic so I just took a magnet and because of the pedal is out of metal this is not all mininum this is metal so I just put it on a metal very simple it sticks and it will stay you don’t even need to glue it so it’s time to a pass like this will measure so if we do it like this you see it measures on screen of course now I didn’t put any force on it because what row is the engine would start of course you are limited to the gear ratio that’s the only limitation that and the force you can give with your legs to give the 250 watts and the 60 Newton meter couple and that’s about it the faster you turn your pals the fast way to the go of course it will only go until 25 kilometres an hour on the screen but then you have to pal very very very fast so I don’t think this will be a problem it’s not allowed by Bosch so if you do it you probably with your R&C if they find out of course because if you just take it back they put it here nothing happened so it is very easy and it cost practically nothing of course you need tie wrap and a simple magnet you have to be aware this system is not allowed by Bosch so it is not allowed for warranty to do that it can make your warranty for it and it’s not road-legal and I think no country at all because it’s modification so you are aware that this is illegal and you cannot do this on public roads of course if you want to use it on the fields on the woods every place that is not public and you have permission of you can drive as fast as you want you

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  1. The speed restrictions are soooo retarded. I can easily ride my road bike at 32kph or more for prolonged periods along flat ground

  2. Hi. Jörgen.
    Thanks for watching your video.
    I have a question, how can i do the trick on my E-bike? It is a Riese & Müller Load.
    Do you have any ideas, or suggestions?.

  3. Works on my Performance CX bosch motor (model 2017). Tested it for about 8 km's. No errors. Maybe because it is a CX? Max was around 35 km/h. Faster is quite difficult because of limitations of the small single Chainring (sprocket).

  4. I wonder how the bike's longevity will be affected. Bikes are designed for specific speeds and exceeding those speeds will negatively affect the mechanical and electrical systems.

  5. Hi Jörgen
    I did it on my Bulls Evo FS 3 (2016) as Brose engine and it worked but two months later the engine went off on a ride under a lot of rain and then when trying to turn it on it turns off then as I am in Brazil , I do not know if the problem happened because I made this change.
    Mazinho (Brazil)

  6. Hi dose anybody no how i could make my 8fun 36 volt 15amh 200watt x15 amh battery and control go faster what is the easiest way to get it going from 25 km 35 km if somone could helpme id buy them a gift card my email address [email protected]

  7. on my specialized turbo vado 3.0 it's only a software update from specialized own web page through  a specialized dealer but they told me YOU WILL LOSE THE WARRANTY not can but WILL and it can damage the motor and the tires is not ment for that speed is it whort 18kmt faster it does 27kmt and its onley 3weeks old  no its not

  8. in New Zealand our rule is not how fast the bike can go but what is the output power to the wheels as long as its 300 watts or under its fine, if you can do 60miles an hour with only 300 watts then this is aloud, the only rule on speed is the speed limit thats shown on the street

  9. This seems to work fine on a Brose design from 2017. The computer shows 11-12 km/h for a 29" setup (no adjustments possible i think) and i've ridden it for an hour without any issues. Though i haven't gone all out on a long stretch, maybe it will complain if i would pedal non-stop for the 10 km's i am going to be going at a decent pace this week.

    Basically, i pedal some and stop pedaling, then pedal some more. I bet the "computer" thinks i am a horrible rider that has to stop every once in a while.
    It's also pretty scary going 40 km/h on the trail with this setup.

    I've made a temporary rig, zip-tied the sensor to the frame (solid) and wrapped a cylindrical (strong) neo-magnet in rubber from a discarded inner tube and used box tape to stick it inside the crank arm (there's a detent) which seems to hold up pretty well so far. Though i will be looking for a nicer looking solution.

  10. Never own Ebike and thinking about getting one. Not sure if it works if adjusting the computer setting to a smaller tire, to fool the computer you are going at a lower speed?

  11. hi im having my eye on a cube. seems to be best bike in the world. do u know any discount retailer ???? online or offline???

  12. This hack works fine, BUT problem is that when you drive very fast and computer doesn't understand that, the range decrease significantly. Today my battery was half charged, but range went to zero and as a result the power went nearly off… Couple of mins waiting and I got 5km back to range and I was able to drive again.

    Bosch 500wh / Performance CX

  13. You can also move the sensor further down the to the centre hub of the wheel as the centre of the wheel moves slower than the outer part of the wheel this means it will read slower speeds than the wheel is actually spinning

  14. I just bought a 2017 Trek Dual Sport Plus with a Bosch/Shimano system and I'm pretty sure it would work what I would like is to hear from anyone else that is tried it. Give me a heads up on any tech info I should know about. it would be nice to go faster but I do like having that range as well, but if I can make a quick conversion when the time comes while out riding then I'm all in. I'll probably end up having to buy another battery pack to get my range back again but we'll see. I would appreciate any inside info anyone has on the 2017 Trek Dual Sport Plus speed-hack, specifically.

  15. Could you use an Arduino to send pulses instead of the magnet. It could take the magnet as an input but only send every second pulse to the controller.

  16. Worked on a 2018 Bosch Active Plus model. Top speed is now41km/h (no restrictions) without too much effort. I used the magnet from the wheel lol.

    Didnt cost me anything and took me 5 minutes to modify. Thnx a lot !


  18. Hello very interesting 🙂 i must try on my Promovec center motor. I think this is mathematical: i´ve mesured my bike & the sensor is 21 cm from the middle the wheel & if i make your hack it´s coming to 18cm from middle of pedal; so signal will be 16% faster 😉

  19. Works on my eBullitt 🙂 It is powered by a Shimano Steps System. I have to turn of the automatic starting Gear and switch to manual gearing. At 43kmh the engin gives only half power – iam fine with 40kmh GREAT 🙂 thanks for sharing

  20. That's brilliant! Why didn't I think of this? I went as far as to put a microcontroller in between my pick up unit and my speedometer that cuts the speed in half when it reaches the limiter speed so it keeps pulling well past the limit. I have the files and code available for free (shameless plug). This is so much easier, though.

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  22. Het is mij gelukt, mijn fiets gaat nu zoon 50/60 kmph. Alleen gaan mijn accu leeg en als ik hem oplaad komt er geen km bij.

  23. Just tried this on my 2018 cube acid one Active line plus and it's working , as he says it depends on your gear ratio so along the flat I can go at ease to 24 mph or 38.624 kmh only did 7 miles just to test and no issues. It will only improve max speed so it will not make it go faster up hills that all stays the same. Just brought a wireless speedometer to replace my current computer as the speeds are way out but all other functions work as normal. Great idea as no panels are removed so no issues with warranty as long as you put it back to factory conditions. This does use more power from the battery but that's understandable. Update just been out on a 20 mile ride all still working.

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