Edd China’s Garage Revival Program Pilot: The Golf GT(I)

Edd China’s Garage Revival Program Pilot: The Golf GT(I)

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  1. Edd, saludos desde México, los mejores deseos en esta nueva etapa, sigue asi , haces un exelente trabajo.

  2. Geile thing … ed is back …. it would possibly be possible to provide your show with German subtitles, since there are also people in Germany who love your show but can not speak English? Would be really nice of you if that would go … anyway looking forward to the next show … keep it up …

  3. I hope Ed's show is a great success. WD has rather vanished up it's own arse and the latest episodes are slow in production. The new mechanic's a bit smug and Mike seems a bit uncomfortable…Ed is a great character and presenter and I wish him well…

  4. There is a problem with spanish subs please can you fix that problem? Thx hay problemas con los subtitulos, desde el primer tercio del programa ya no se ven. Igual muy bueno el programa, edd un genio

  5. Thank you Edd. Many car enthusiasts want to be educated rather than amused. There must be room on mainstream TV for an informative car based prog. like this, much better than "celebrity" "reality" based rubbish such as Top Gear & the Yank gobshite shows, which all employ the same phony parameters, i.e. : "will we finish it on time", "will we make a profit".

  6. Ed has always inspired me to work on anything mechanical it's gotten to the point when I either watch him here or on wheeler dealers.

  7. Haha Discovery said we dont need attaboy (wheeler dealers prouduction company) anymore, And Ed China said i dont need Discovery anymore to make good a good motor show.

  8. So many TV programmes about cars and motorcycles, have one abhorrent big head and one clever person. The idiots need removing and put on Rockall to see how well they get on.

  9. Wow why there's no more like you in Mexico? I love your work in that golf, I am working in a JETTA MK1 and I'd like to give again its old glory.

  10. This is a very good format, please Edd continue with this program it's very magic to see you that repairing the car,most people (and also me) begin to do various job on own car after seeing you in wheeler dealers show and now with this pilot episode this is the format that all we need to see.
    Please Edd don't leave the world orphan of your skill and your show.

  11. From Turkey…I love you EDD …
    Remember that we…success will be with you…
    I saw the missiles in the EDD video..for GTI would suit..maybe for future speed :=))
    .İdiot google translate…never turn right…

  12. Its a lovely format but I dont get why this guy needs Eds help. I mean, he has a fully equipped workshop, enough space and seems to be skilled as well given he has almost completely restored the Golf. If you want a real challenge Ed, come and help me bringing my Fiat Dino Coupe back on the road again. It has the same fantastic colour as the one you had on wheeler dealers 😉

  13. Ed, do you have any plans on coming back to America I would love to see you come to America and do a fiero a complete. Those cars are very loved and some people just didn't appreciate them but they have great value I would love to see how you turned one around and make it look fantastic

  14. Edd ist gut, ich gucke ihn gerne, aber hier ist leider keine Deutsche Übersetzung, deswegen ist es uninteressant.

  15. edd brother, you can open the channel for the Turks who love you.

    edd abi, seni seven türkler için kanal açabilirmisin.

  16. Edd necesito tu ayuda!!
    Tengo un Peugeot 205 GL 1.1 del 87 con motor duvrin en problemas .
    Desde Chile amigo!!

  17. Weiß der, was der da macht? Fläche abflexen? Keine Schraubensicherung? Bremsenpaste aus der Probierpackung? Und mit dem Drehmomentschlüssel kann er auch nicht umgehen…

  18. Edd China great to see u , as in fixen cars and all the rest !! … I no nothin about cars. But i never missed a show on wheeler dealers , like millions it was a sad day when u left …. And that all i gotta say !

  19. Una pena que no aparezca subtitulado al castellano durante todo el programa. Corregidlo, por favor.

  20. if i just have Edd in my garage. I'm struggling with all kind of "specialist" and after 10 years im still on the beggining with my MK1! In this fck…country you can find proper mechanic to finish the job!!! EDD!!! HEEEELP!!!

  21. EDD rescue my truck located in Los Angeles Ca. 😄 #WHERESEDD didn’t. Even know you had your own channel. This is awesome.

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