Eddy Motorworks Turns Classic Cars into Eco-friendly Electric Vehicles

Eddy Motorworks Turns Classic Cars into Eco-friendly Electric Vehicles

Hi my name is Ben Horst and I am the
president and co-founder of Eddy Motorworks. Eddy Motorworks is a custom
electronic vehicle shop, so what we do mainly we take classic vehicles from the
1960s, 70s, 80s, and we swap out the powertrain with a modern one- a
completely electric one based on Tesla Model S batteries and motor systems so
what that gives you is a classic very unique vehicle, you know like a Mercedes
or DeLorean but with the modern efficiency and reliability of the
electric cars that you see today. Before CREATE-X I really had no intention of
starting my own company or anything like that. I knew that I wanted to be my own
boss at some point I didn’t think that would be in the form of running my own
company right out of school. When we got into the CREATE-X program there was a lot
of just confidence building. They gave you a lot of tools, talked you through a
lot of the scarier parts of the process like incorporating and all the legal
work and stocks- all the things that seemed very nebulous and terrifying
until you realise that it’s actually reasonably straightforward and through
all that we got here and without CREATE-X we probably wouldn’t have started the
company at all. I graduated from Georgia Tech from mechanical engineering degree. Both my co-founders also were Georgia Tech mechanical engineers as well
. It’s people will say a lot of times with the ME degree is broad. It’s not really
a specific engineering degree it really just teaches you a lot about how to just
engineer things in general and kind of a problem-solving mindset. That has helped
us a lot in this company because we do everything from building carbon fiber
parts, to welding, to designing structural components which is very, you know,
mechanical engineer stereotypical kind of stuff, but we also design our own
circuit boards, write all of our own software, do the
business and the management side. So just having a broad degree that gives us a
little taste of a lot of different things like circuits and software and
mechanical is very useful. Our three-year goal is to move into a larger space. Right now we’re in about 3,200 square feet. We want to move up from there,
hire a few more engineers, so that we can sell more vehicles.

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