Electric Cargo Truck by Bintelli Electric Vehicles – Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

Electric Cargo Truck by Bintelli Electric Vehicles – Electric Utility Vehicle for Sale

Hi everyone, Justin Jackrel here from citEcar
Electric Vehicles. Today I want to do a quick product overview on our cargo truck as seen
behind me. This is the largest enclosed cargo vehicle we have in our fleet. It is great
for universities and commercial facilities that require material handling from one location
to the other. Alright let’s get to it. Alright so starting at the front of the vehicle
you will notice we have our bumper guard in front here which will protect it from when
you are driving around the facility. This is an AS1 safety glass just like you would
find in your car. Has headlights, taillights, turn signals and the windshield wiper as well.
You see we have seating for two passengers. This is a fully automatic transmission so
all you have is a forward and reverse switch and it comes standard with a CD player. Now
this vehicle here as you see it comes with a side door, this does lock. This opens up
and gives you access to the inside of the cargo bed, and I will take you to the back
so you can actually see the inside. So as I said it does lock, and this vehicle is fully
customizable, so if you wanted to, we have had some customers ask us to put a window
here, to access some mail delivery. So if you have any other questions about ways that
we can customize this for you, make sure you ask your sales team member so we can assist
you in getting you the exact vehicle configuration that you are looking for. Alright so here in the rear of the vehicle
you see that we have the back doors open. There is a lot of space in here, you will
notice that we have interior lighting that lights up to give you access to the inside.
A lot of our customers ask us to put in some special features for them depending on what
their uses are going to be. Some of the customizations we have seen before are shelves on the inside,
we can do a removable rack to allow you to have a ramp that goes up into the vehicle,
we can put power in the back, we can add additional lighting, fans, air coolers, whatever you
really need to suit your situation. So you have a lot of room here, you have two side
doors as well as the double door on the back. You will notice that these double doors are
staying open that is because the two doors are latched onto the side of the vehicle to
give you the ability to keep those doors open without the fear of them swinging closed. I would also like to point out that all of
our vehicles are built with on board smart chargers, Curtis controllers, and Trojan batteries
that are all made in the USA. We also build these vehicles here in the Unites States as
well. If you have any questions on any of our models please give us a call toll free
at (866)542-8677. We have a wide variety of vehicles that range from two to twenty-nine
passengers, all electric, and all costing approximately one to two cents to operate.
Oce again my name is Justin Jackrel from citEcar Electric Vehicles, and I look forward to working
with you soon. Thanks for watching.

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