Electric Cars नहीं Hydrogen Car कार खरीदो, Why Electric Cars are Bad for the Environment?

Electric Cars नहीं Hydrogen Car कार खरीदो, Why Electric Cars are Bad for the Environment?

In our first video, we tried to explain why electric vehicles are not future vehicles. Because of which, many people thought that we are speaking against electric vehicles. But it was not so at all. But in this video, we will try to tell you about technology which is also being used all over the world. And the Toyota company has started to use it. As humans, we don’t think before doing anything and by the time we think, it is too late. We humans have done something big with our earth, due to which the temperature of our earth has increased by 1.5 degrees today. And if we do not succeed to below the temperature of our earth by 2 degrees by 2050, then we will have to face its terrible consequences, which we would not have even imagined. We could have saved our earth long ago, but the greed of humans forgot its future and by the time the eyes opened, it was too late. Every three minutes a child dies in India because of inhaling toxic pollutants in the air. Now the preparation is not to save the earth but to save our existence, due to which all efforts are being made to reduce co2. But it does not seem to be happening because it is too late to do anything, yet as on effort, we are looking at the electric vehicle. There are 8 million species of trees and animals on our land. And if humans fail to reduce co2 by 2050, 1 million species will be extinct from our earth by 2050. Currently, zero-emission vehicles are being emphasized to reduce greenhouse gas in the whole world. Nevertheless, where we are thinking of bringing electric vehicles in our country, many countries are using electric vehicles along with other green energy vehicles. Very few of you will know that apart from electric vehicles, today there is another technology being adopted all over the world which will overtake electric cars in the future which we will tell you further. But since the invention of the first electric car in 1832, even a company like Tesla has been struggling with battery and charging problems of electric cars. Due to which new battery technology is being invented, but we should also not forget that no matter what the battery is, it will certainly damage our environment like the battery of today. And within the next few years, battery pollution is going to take place all over the earth. If we talk only about India, then the situation is going to get worse. Today, e-rickshaws have become the biggest factor of pollution in India even though they are eco-friendly. Even though it looks like zero-emission vehicles, but 70% of the electricity used to charge them is being made from fossil fuels that release a large amount of CO2 gases. In such a situation, to generate electricity in India and the whole world, something has to be done that does not harm the environment at all. And India has already started it with its Chandrayaan mission. India will be able to bring this fuel from the moon in the coming few years, and when this happens, there will be no shortage of electricity in India as well as other countries. This fuel is clean, safe and 100% eco-friendly. We have made a detailed video on it. Please watch this video as well. But no matter how fast charging may come but still, the electric car will remain one step behind the future car due to its lack. The reason is due to its battery, which is going to be a huge problem for the earth. Do you know that due to the battery of e-rickshaws, a new threat of pollution has arisen all over India, which has become very difficult to deal with. There is no specific rule to recycle the battery in India and the battery is being destroyed indiscriminately across India, ignoring safety. Due to which serious threats of water, land and air pollution have arisen. Lithium is not a white powder or salt but is a very light metal that can be extracted only by mining. Then finally the question arises that in the future, what will be the technology that will rule the whole world. So the simplest answer is hydrogen fuel cell vehicles i.e. FCVs. on the other hand, the electric car causes battery pollution and the poisonous smoke comes out of the fuel-powered car, the waste from the hydrogen-powered car will be only water and.. it will be so pure that it can be drunk. You may not be aware of that… a 1-kilogram hydrogen engine can produce 3 times more power than petrol or diesel engine, and 236 times more electricity than a 1-kilogram lithium-ion battery. Where the battery is a problem in an electric vehicle, on the contrary, there is no battery in the hydrogen fuel cell because it does not store electricity but it does produce in the hydrogen fuel cell. And this fuel cell is made up of an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte membrane. And this electrolyte membrane can also be made of a polymer membrane or ceramic membrane. When hydrogen and oxygen pass through this fuel cell, it generates electricity, which drives the motor of the car and generates heat and pure water as waste. And it is such a great fuel that it will never be finished from the earth because water is water on most of the earth. Therefore, it can be truly considered as a future fuel. But have you ever thought about how many kilograms of battery it would take to fly a large commercial plane like electric vehicles? an airbus380 weighs around 5,90,000 kilograms and if it were to be lifted with battery power, it would require about 30 times heavier batteries than the capacity of its fuel tank to lift off an airbus. And the fuel capacity of airbus is 315,292 liters. In such a situation, this airline will neither fly nor move. In contrast, NASA has also successfully tested a hydrogen-powered rocket. In this video, you can see the pure water cloud made of hydrogen and oxygen. And NASA is also going to send a hydrogen fuel-powered rocket to space very soon. Even though future airplanes may not fly with a hydrogen fuel cell, but they are being designed to fly in the air with liquid hydrogen. In 2005 BMW successfully drove the car with liquid hydrogen. So it is possible that in the future the airplanes will be flown with liquid hydrogen. However, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles also have their own drawbacks. In spite of being available in large quantities, it is still an expensive gas. Because it costs a lot to separate hydrogen from water, so it is an expensive gas, Hydrogen is difficult to transport and store. It is the most powerful form of fuel and is also a highly flammable gas. But do you know that They are preparing to bring Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, not electric cars in their countries? Do you know that? China and Japan will introduce more than 1 million hydrogen fuel cell cars in their country by 2030. At the same time, America will make 200 hydrogen filling stations in its city California by 2025. But Germany has also gone a step further in the future, it has even made a hydrogen fuel cell train and its maximum speed is 140 per hour. South Korea will also introduce about 8,500,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in its country by 2030. Because these people know that electric vehicles cannot become the transportation of the future. Hence they are being focused very little on electric vehicles. Where we are dreaming of electric cars, many countries in the world are also using FCVs. When the whole world is running towards a hydrogen-based vehicle, why are we running towards electric vehicles? Despite that China is the world’s largest electric car manufacturer, but now it too has moved towards green fuel .. i.e. hydrogen vehicles. Then why electric vehicles have been made heroes in India. Why don’t our country’s media react to vehicles based on hydrogen? Where our country is already struggling with the problem of e-waste recycling, then, in this situation, how will we be able to deal with the dead battery emanating from electric vehicles? And if electric cars are to be used in India, then strict laws will have to be enacted to recycle the batteries of these vehicles, otherwise, it is going to prove very fatal for India’s environment. In the current, 2 million tonnes of e-waste is produced every year in entire India. And only 20% is able to be recycled, the rest is either burnt or buried in the ground, otherwise, it is dumped into rivers. Every year, billions of dry-cell batteries are made in India. This company alone makes and sells 1.2 million dry-cell batteries annually in India. Simultaneously many companies in India produce these batteries, but only 20% of dead dry batteries can be recycled. And the rest of the 80% of dead batteries are never be recycled. A battery buried in the ground can damage the environment for 100 years. And sadly, no rules have been made to recycle these dry cell batteries in India. We are not saying do not bring electric cars to India. But we also have to remember that if any new technology poses new threats to the environment, then we also have to pay attention to use its clean and eco-friendly option. Otherwise, we will have to bear the consequences, and it will be almost impossible to settle this situation for a country like India. A dangerous way of disposing of the battery’s toxic chemicals. Now, Whether you buy an electric car or a petrol car, it is all up to you. But if a hydrogen vehicle arrives in India and all countries, the earth can become heaven once again. Looking at the situation in India, This new hydrogen technology is not our need but our compulsion. You all be happy.. Thank you

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  1. Aajkal ke faltu channels ke zamane me aap jesa original content aur meaningful kaha asani se milta he. Just subscribeed n liked. No waisting time to say subscribe my channel n likr jise acha lagta hr apne aap hi karega.
    Thank you

  2. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be a failure because of cost and safety. Electric car are and will be future. Hydrogen fuel cell car ke manufacturers ko faidemand hai. Kyoke electric vehicle main bahut kam spares lagthe hai. Government clean energy jaise hydo, wind , solar ko switchover karega. Battery recycling main bhi bahut kam horaha hai. New materials like graphine ka doscovery hochuka hai. Future batteries is shelf life 20yr tak rahega. Hydrogen cell future hai bolna bewakoofi hai.

  3. बहुत अच्छा वीडियो था मेरे दोस्त
    आपने जो इस वीडियो में भोला है और जो कांटेक्ट दिया है वह बहुत ही अच्छा

  4. Video made by total noobs, they have no idea how hydrogen is produced commercially (steam reforming) or how SNG is made, are they polluting processes or not?

    Why use hydrogen produced from carbon fuels to generate onboard electricity. Why not go with commercially produced electricity directly, part of which is made from renewable sources and that part is increasing its share constantly.

    Hydrogen fuel cell will be viable only when we have artificial photosynthesis fully developed. Which will be done eventually but not in near future, till then wait and do not pass judgements yet.

  5. Ye to electrical bike se bhi khatarnak tech hai hydrogen gas or o2 means water app log water khatm karne wale ho matalab jindagi khatam

  6. आपने बहुत ही सही समस्या को उजागर किया है, आप अच्छा काम कर रहे है l धन्यवाद, मै EV पर काम कर रहा हू, पर इस बारे मे तो सोचा ही नहीं l

  7. Both electric as well as hydrogen cars are very expensive for most of the people. So for adopting either of the vehicles this issue has to be kept in mind besides pollution Factor.

  8. Cyçle use karo 99.9%
    Paidal chalo.
    Cars keval emergency seva ke liye use karo.
    Office se najdik ghar lo.. na mile to ghar ke nazdik kam karo.

    Just imagine ki jab IC engine ya car nahi thi. Tab bhi kam ho raha tha. Ab kya problèm hai?

  9. Bharath may sirf CAB ka kanoon bnega baki sab kuch nahi Aur ek bth developed hone k liye soch b unchi honi chaiye Aur unity b important h

  10. Electric vehicle ka power source Battery, Power Alternator, solar cells and H2 fuelcell hai.. Hydrogen se dono engine and motor chalaya ja sakta Engine wale pe 35-40% energy milega and motor wale pe 60%.
    H2 ko LPG and Natural gas ko easily store karna assan nai hai..
    Aisa dekha jaye toh Diesel Locomotive engine me electric motors lage jo train ko khechti hai. Woh alag baat hai power engine se hote hue Generator and phir motor ko ati hai.

  11. genome mixing which nitrogen fixation bacteria with methane producing bacteria genome so we got more complex compound for petrol

  12. you are wrong bhai… we have developed graphine batteries which can store more power than lithium ion one and is more eco friendly… go do some reseach on that…

  13. Aapki baat sahi h. Par aapki soch galt h. Kyuki electronic technology k bina aapka hydrogen project bhi nhi chal sakta……or koi bhi electronic projects kyu na ho usme chhoti se chhoti or badi se badi battery to hoti hi h………aage aap khud samjh sakte ho….

  14. Abhi sirf Humko electric vehicle ki taraf Jana chahie Petrol diesel Chhod Dena chahie samjhe aur aapko Baat ghumane wali video Karke Logon Ko badhane nahin karna chahie paison ke liye Imaan Nahin bhejna chahie

  15. This electric vehicle will closed on 50 yrs later… today we need electric not after 50 yrs… but why water fuel vehicle is not launched yet…???

  16. Aap me kafi thiq kaha, aur mujhe bahoot Accha laga ke aap jaise utuber ko environment ki fiker hai, but aap electric na boliye, aap lithium or lead battery car kahiye

  17. हायड्रोजन कार मे थोड़ी सी गलती हायड्रोजन बॉम्ब बन सकती है, जब कि इलेक्ट्रिक कार की बैट्री रीसाइकल आसानी से की जाती है, शायद ये वीडियों बनाने वाले को पूरी जानकारी नहीं है.

  18. अब तो इलेक्ट्रिक ट्रक और इलेक्ट्रिक प्लेन भी बन सकता है, ज्यादा जानकारी के लिए Tesla car की टेक्नोलॉजी के बारे में देखिए.

  19. hydrogen is about half as efficient as battery technology.🔋 is the future. Elon musk has contemplated a lot and finally decided that battery is more efficient as compare to hydrogen. Once it’s in the vehicle, hydrogen has an efficiency of around 60% – much better than the dismal 20% efficiency of a gas or diesel engine, but lower than the 75% of battery

  20. भाइसाहब् ये बात अगर प्रधानमंत्री को अच्छी लगेगी तभी कुछ उम्मीद करना वार्ना भूल जाओ

  21. Problem is not the electric vehicles problem is the old thermal power plant which are running with conventional fuel we should go with nuclear power plant that is future of energy.

  22. Why can not we use water as a fuel and placing a splitter in the car which can separate Hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen can be created right away and used by the car .No need of Storage .and its by product would be Oxygen .

  23. Hydrogen fuel celll
    Nhi hydrogen fool cell hai

    Future electric ka hi hai …

    Hydrogen ko store karna bahut hi costly. Process hai..

    Lithium ion recycle ho jati hai .

    Hydrogen fuel cell flop technology hai..

  24. do not get carried away with hydrogen fuel cell.. Hydrogen is not readily available in nature, Hydrogen is produced from either natural gas or water; these production processes are highly inefficient methods, expensive , creating pollution…etc (i.e.production of hydrogen). In your video you didn't talk about how much pollution is created by hydrogen manufacturing. we need more data to judge which is better and which has future…

  25. pure video me lithium ion pr focus kiya aur total battery technology ko kachra bata diya… try to google about Graphene batteries.. aur industrial production of hydrogen kitna complex aur expensive hai ispar bhi thoda focus karte to accha hota

  26. Kya bharat ko pta hai insaan kise kehte hai.humne janam kis liye liye.hai koi rule regulations insaaf ka.crorepati bhi sure nai ki kal ko halaat kaise honge.doctor vakeel unche adhkari kya jeewan jee rhe.unko khud hi nai malcom ki wo kya hai.500 _500 mai apne jeewan ka lakshy bhool jate.kya fayda bache ko convent school mai bejne ka agar usne rishwat matlab bheekh hi magni

  27. Not completely. But economy of petroliyam rich countries will crash. Demand will be very less, so the price will be very less.

  28. During my engineering 3rd year (2002) I had given seminar on Hydrogen Fuel Cell, but till now the practical implementation is not progressed as expected.

  29. It's not feasible although hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Cause the only prime method to extract hydrogen out of water is electrolysis. Mass production of hydrogen through this method is costly and also not so feasible. At the end we are on the same boat because both battery and hydrogen extraction awaiting a major breakthrough.

  30. Kam dimag wale bhai
    Battery wale gaadi ko Hydrogen wali gaadi mein badalne mein sirf Fuel cell lagana hoga aur vo hydrogen wali gaadi ban jayegi thoda sa dimag laga lo
    Battery ko replace krke fuel cell to tension kya hai le lo battery wali gaadi

  31. जनसंख्या नियंत्रण पूरी दुनिया के लिए हर समस्या के का एक मात्र उपाय है!

  32. हेल्लो सर मेरा नाम अनिल कुमार हैं मै आप से बहुत ही महत्त्वपूर्ण विषय पर आप से बात करना चहता हूं जो बहुत जरुरी भी है मैं आप के जवाब इंतजार करूंगा मेरा फ़ोन नंबर है 8368684398

  33. हाइड्रोजन से इलेक्ट्रीक कन्वर्ट होगा मतलब इलेक्ट्रिक कार ही तो हुआ

  34. great but our government body is not yet developed so that india could go for cutting edge technology,, only they want to copy foriegners

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