Electric cars — time to buy one?

Electric cars — time to buy one?

The race is on between
the past and the future. Electric cars are fast
becoming a serious option for replacing traditional
petrol or diesel. But is now the right
time to buy one? We’re going to show you
some of the benefits and the drawbacks of
the current generation of battery-powered cars. And we’re going to look at
what’s coming down the road. People think electric cars
drive like milk floats. That’s not actually the case. We’ve come to Silverstone, the
home of British motor racing, to see what they can really do. We’re testing the
king of electric cars against the pinnacle of the
internal combustion engine– the Tesla P-100D against the
new Aston Martin Vantage. And this is a drag race. Because although normal people
don’t race around tracks, they do pull away
from traffic lights. With an electric car, full
power is delivered instantly to all four wheels. 0 to 60 is under three
seconds and the Tesla wins again and again. Of course, the Aston
is always going to beat the Tesla
around a race track. That’s because the
Tesla’s stuffed with electric batteries. It’s really heavy. It weighs more than two tonnes. So that means while it
accelerates like a supercar, it certainly doesn’t
handle like one. Inside, the car is
very different as well. With no bulky
engine at the front, the seats are further forward,
so there’s a lot more space. But what’s it like
out on the real roads? Particularly when the
power is running out. Tesla has its own network
of superchargers, often at motorway service areas. They are free to owners and the
onboard computer will tell you where to find one. The charger is designed to
deliver a huge amount of energy into the car very quickly. That means under 20 minutes
for another 100 miles. But if you want to get a full
battery– which gives you a range of in
excess of 200 miles, you’re going to have quite
a long wait on your hands. Of course, Teslas are expensive. This top-end model costs in
excess of 100,000 pounds. You’re far more
likely to buy this– the 27,000 pound Nissan Leaf. It’s the best-selling
electric car in Europe and it’s just been updated
to give it longer range on its battery and a new look. The pedals work
slightly differently to a traditional car. Electric cars use what’s
called regenerative braking. As soon as you take your
foot off the accelerator, the car starts slowing down. And some of the power from that
goes back into the battery. Now this makes the
battery last longer and means the car
has longer range, but it also changes
the driving style. If you want to slow down,
like we just did there, you don’t even need
to touch the brake. It takes a few minutes
to get used to it, but it’s surprisingly
comfortable once you do. The whole driving
experience of electric cars is completely different. It’s silent, which means
you’re no longer shouting to have a conversation. But it’s also
smooth, it’s quick. For city driving, it’s ideal
because there are no gears. In fact, once people
get into these, they’ll never want to go back. But don’t just take it from me. Angus has been driving his
Nissan Leaf around south London for the past five years. Right, off we go. Have to be a bit careful
not to get pedestrians because it’s so quiet. So what’s it like
driving an electric car? It’s amazing. And what’s lovely
as well is you’ve got this sudden
acceleration if you need it. We really use it
for short journeys, lots of short journeys. Works terrifically well. We were early adopters. So we got the car
almost five years ago and everyone thought
we were crazy. So has the battery worn down
at all when you’ve owned it? When we first got
it, we were worried that the battery life would be
much reduced after a few years. But, actually, it’s only
reduced from a range of 90 miles to 80 miles. I’ll just turn in
here and charge it. 80 to 90 miles doesn’t
sound like much, but Angus has his
own charging point installed in his driveway. And he usually just
charges up overnight. But what if you don’t have a
driveway or your own charging point? Well, then you’re down to a
three-pin socket, an extension lead, and a much longer wait. So could electric cars soon
be part of the mainstream establishment? This is the Jaguar I-Pace. It’s the car that’s
going to bat for Britain in the global electric race. But it’s also the first in
a new wave of electric cars that are coming to market over
the next couple of years– everyone from
Porsche to Peugeot– and that means
consumers are going to have so much more choice. For now, only around
1% of the searches on the UK’s leading
online car marketplace are for electric vehicles. And even if the
running costs are tiny, many consumers are still put off
by the initial sticker price. I think for consumers who are
asking themselves right now, should I buy an electric
vehicle or should I hold off, see what else comes
on the market, I’d be tempted to
hold off simply because we haven’t got the
rapid charging infrastructure until early next year. Also, by the middle
of next year, there will just be
such an explosion of what’s on the
market to choose from, which will really
widen consumer choice and hopefully bring
the price down. Back in the Tesla, we’ve
run into a problem. We didn’t charge it
overnight and now we don’t have enough
battery left to reach one of the superchargers. We’re now running very low. We’ve got about five
miles left on the battery. I now know why it’s
called range anxiety. We’re going to see if we can
find a charge point here. It’s not a Tesla supercharger,
but it will have to do. There are already more than
10,000 public charging points like this around the country. And from next year, a network
of high-speed, 100 kilowatt-hour rapid chargers will
also begin appearing. This, along with more
choice and lower prices, should help to break down the
final barriers holding back most people from
buying an electric car. There are lots of great
things about electric cars. They’re quick, they’re fun
to drive, they’re silent, they’re comfortable. And, increasingly, there’s going
to be more and more of them for consumers to choose from. But there are still
drawbacks– most of all, range. Which means when you’re
running short of battery, there will still be times
when you have to try and find a charging point in the rain.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The FT is such a Tesla troll … You are at the level of Fox News, CNBC. Don’t be surprise if people are unsubscribing from your services .

  2. Why has there been two British organizations now trying desperately to put electric cars down? Also people talk about the Jaguar I-Pace being this Model X competition when they’re not even the same size. It’s a hatchback. So the Model X is bigger and has self driving abilities so of course it costs more. And it was first built years before the I-Pace so of course it’s specs couldn’t match it until they upgrade. The I-Pace was a few years newer so of course it had a solid bump in specs. And again the I-Pace is quite a bit smaller meaning for those who need a bigger electric SUV it’s not really a competition between these two. Maybe Model X and some other larger SUV. But good on Jaguar for making the I-Pace.

  3. One low battery experience and you will be conditioned for life. The habit of planning ahead becomes second nature, and with apps like evtripplanner that calculate energy use based on load, level gradients, and external temperature, long trips become easy. Tesla is years ahead in level 3 (high amperage 150-300A DC fast charging), as its Supercharger network here in the US allows for trips to anywhere, while DCS-Combo and CHAdeMO (Leaf) are few and far in between. Furthermore Tesla planned its network around upscale hotels and better gas stations like Sheetz and Wawa, which again gives it the advantage. So i-Pace and Taycan become glorified weekend driver city cars without an extensive charging network. Furthermore the air cooled battery powered mini EVs all suffer from battery damage and range loss in hot weather aggressive driving, the FIAT 500e a notable exception. Lastly the Bolt/Ampera deserve special attention, while I am no Government Motors fan (they killed SAAB), this car is a definite step in the right direction and good all weather long range driver.

  4. Going on 2 months with MODEL3.
    Brake system is awesome regenerative braking means use of brakes much less. Brake pad wear looks to be 200k before pad change.
    Drives itself literally !! Amazing beyond description.
    Mapping and entertainment system PEERLESS.
    Most interesting vehicle I've owned since my first car 1956 Chev. in 1967.
    The only time I worried about a Supercharger was the first time I used it. I plugged it in- lo and behold the car started charging.
    I started laughing in the anticipation of never fueling gasoline again. For the first time in my life I'm – gas free.

  5. I am very impressed you managed to drive 300 miles in an electric car without trying to charge it even while doing a review of it. Clearly it must have been very fun to drive if you never even considered looking at the charging status.

  6. Awesome! Regenerative braking is probably one of the coolest things for EVs! But really, most people charge their cars at home for the very reason that superchargers take forever…

  7. There are still drawbacks? How about sitting in London traffic and breathing clean fresh air? I can`t stand it when reviewers waffle on about whether the steering feels vague ! Our cities are polluted over the limit and even the limit is not healthy.

  8. lol I'd be more concerned that the charge point you used at the end of this video is in a car park controlled by euro car parks !

  9. Expensive, slow charge times with low mileage range and much worse in cold winter temperatures.Batteries suck in the cold. In Canada it common to take more than a few 300 mile + car trips . Maybe in small EU countries 300 miles are enough.

  10. What is the range with the electric heater and defrost fans on in a cold Canadian winter? That 300 miles will go to 200 miles which is not even a road trip in Canada.

  11. I’ll wait to see how many more crashes and electric cars customers bankrupcy will occur during the next ten years before investing into any electric vehicle. Unless I get filthy rich and can change engine or battery pack of my car every two years

  12. If they do not solve the problem with the electricity consumption and generation. Need to be at least 80 per CEnt from renewable energy completely green. And if they can not sort it out with charging time. Need to be charge in less than 20 min in public areas and no more than 2 or 3 h at home… Otherwise will not be convinced for most of the people… And also we need more autonomy… More than 200 220 Real but REAL MILES…

  13. The only anxiety here is the combustion engine losing out to electric. Electric is the future. Just like your mobile phone you got to plan ahead and stay in tune with the technology.

  14. The Tesla Model S 100D has a range of 315 miles while a Jaguar I-PACE has a range of 240 miles. Also, Tesla is the only company that has a full network of dedicated fast chargers that are located in every market that they are sold in. The network of super chargers is the clear benefit when choosing an electric car to purchase.

  15. Newer current cars are over 200 mile ranges and up to 300 miles…. Who drives petrol 300 miles without topping up. I’ve been looking not electric and tons of chargers (not all rapid) but literally hundreds all games Vera Scotland. I had no idea. Many are free too, no road to ax, no moveable parts to be constantly repaired then failing mot etc… like you get with fuel cars. I can’t wait to get mine but have to stick with my expensive petrol car for another 2 years… saving for it already.

  16. Yeah, obviously you need to charge your electric car. It’s your own fault if you ‘forget’ to do it overnight and find yourself too far from a supercharger. Don’t blame the car. It’s working as intended.

  17. I’m sorry but I’m not an old timer and I sometimes to forget to plug in my phone before I go to bed. It’s a legitimate argument. It takes a very long time to charge those batteries and even if you use the express chargers it can take an hour to get 80% range. That’s still rough if you drive a ton of miles and frequently take long trips. Owning an electric car does have drawbacks.

  18. If you think yout electric car is green your dreaming. Lithium, magnesium, cobalt, nickel , copper, aluminum, and all the alloys are mined with massive amounts of diesel fuel. All these raw materials are non renewable. Many of the mines are in countries with little environmental regulations and slave labor laws. The energy required to smelt these elements into battery components is immense.There are a billion petro cars that need to be replace.Each new car requires batteries that weigh around 1500lbs per car. We will use up all our fuel to mine these non renewables and as demand goes up and power consumption increases , the cost will skyrocket and even people who don’t drive will pay more for power. Batteries are not green and this is short sighted gain with long term pain. I smell wars and dead batteries.

  19. Two tons FFS. What a lumbering tank. Ridiculous price. They are not silent at all. The road noise is exactly the same as any car. Only quiet at low speeds, but our petrol car's engine is silent at low speed, and very quiet at speed.

  20. Forgot to mention that ice cars are 15% efficient while EV cars are 75% . And the least important, a lot better for the environment.

  21. Is it time? Nope, it's not time. When is the time: when you have enough stations where one can charge it.

  22. Electric cars are junk they are pushed by lies of climate change and globalists who want to control how we drive and what we drive  to keep us close to living in cities.

  23. YES PLEASE buy you have power don't buy a old stinker car again! because car makers are stuck in the past have to sell OLD I.C.E engine's running toxic gas petrol! I am on a low wage but we can afford an all electric BMW because we didn't give our cash to the big con toxic BIG global oil/war industry! We have never had a problem with range even when we drove our old RENAULT ZOE 90 mile range on a good day we still had NO RANGE ANXIETY! we had to plain ahead as there was NO E.V. infrastructure we always enjoyed our long trips in it I think toxic make people think it is problems with range NO THERE IS no problem with range unless one is a idiot! however we do have a toxic oil problem / nuclear problem / toxic banking problem climate change big problem then there is the problems of the 1% big problem yes all is soverbile with clean tecknolgy and a change of leadership for people not toxic way, one thing I am sure about is burning more toxic oil will never be a answer to any long term problems but give us more mass extinction more WAR. Yes a big problem more toxic clearly a con form 1% it is criminal system we have developed need to now change for 99%!!!!!!!. Three quarters of the world is in poverty this is a problem our world has had to much poison from this our old crap system of greed selfishness backward thinking . The old toxic car has had its day thankfully! I also see cracks in old toxic ways now is the time to go E.V and #buzzofftoxic We now drive a all electric BMW i3 it is amazing!!!!!! cool!!!!!!! too!!!!! the new clean fair system for environment for people is cool too! ….. A quote, Humans as a species are very successful at ignoring the poisonous and catastrophic effects of our existence. Looking forward to buying a Tesla soon. What do you think? I think our advisors are from trillion dollar global energy companies BIG TOXIC OIL/ NUCLEAR DEATH INDUSTRY/ have coned us with war and made trillions do have a BIG influence on our gullible politicians and leaders and so called experts in there pockets, I see hope I see a end to this broken system do you? Influence must end big TOXIC must end toxic Banking must end OIL GAS NUCLEAR must end DRUGS go non-profit and may be a future and some truth for once? A Island A Pyramid A Project TV STATION LINKING PEOPLE ALL AROUND OUR WORLD WHO FEEL WE NEED A CHANGE NOT OLD TOXIC WITH NO FUTURE YOU MAY CONTACT MY FACEBOOK THANK YOU BUZZ KNAPP-FISHER #BUZZOFFTOXIC

  24. There are a lot of issues with Tesla if you need to repair the vehicle after a even small accident. Tesla will not sell you parts.You have to go to a Tesla authorized repair dealer.They will not sell you the parts either as they will tell you only they can repair the vehicle. The cost to repair a Tesla is astronomical. Plus if a Tesla is in an accident and written off as salvage Tesla can remotely disable your fast charge option.So you are stuck with always having a 5 hour charge.
    Then you look at other EV vehicles like a Chevy Bolt.In Canada you are looking at $54,000. for the base model and $10,000 more for a model with all the new fancy safety features. Too much for a frugal guy like me.Plus electric cars take a long time to charge in cold weather and that battery will lose power fast in cold weather.

  25. Haha funny. Who the hell drives more than 300 miles per hours everyday or at one trip? You need break… there is nothing wrong charging for 30-40 min unless you want to keep driving and keep pissing or shitting your pants ..lol

  26. Well, there is simple reality. Battery tech isn't going all that fast as predicted. R&D is costiing billions to come to a state of usefulness. Indeed Tesla has come far, however do mind that the battery takes 40% of the cost of an EV. The price isn't going down soon since economy of scale doesn't apply here. Continious costs of R&D in the billions constantly needs to be added. Gels and super capacitors have been developed as a next step… again costing billions.
    The investors of EVs are the biggest ones in the world pushing for return and putting EVs too early into production… The push for price up is too high. It's not a matter of economy of scale, but on-going R&D costing billions. On top of that… A battle for standards.
    It's the reason why Tesla wants to move in to the premium market. That's where the margins are. Hence, return for the investors.
    The choice is either cheaper more settled Lion-Ion batteries with lower range or the latest tech for better range at high price.
    Cheaper EVs will come from India or China. However, the US and EU will protect their markets…
    See how EVs are being marketed emotionally and hyped… notion of super acceleration all the time which is irrelevant, and notion of all kinds of gadgetry wich also is irrelevant (rather extremely annoying caused by crazy non-ergonomics).
     So affordable EVs… not in the next years to come.

  27. I thought it might be incredibly picky and ignorant, but it wasn't. It was reasonably fair and fairly knowledgeable. The last point he makes about being short of charge is one of changing a habit. Learn the ABC of electric vehicles – Always Be Charging. When you get home and you're not going to use the car anymore, make sure it is plugged in ready to be charged at the scheduled cheap time at night, which you can schedule from the car. Then you wake up to a fully charged battery. Imagine setting off in the morning always having a full tank of fuel. It's the same. Only it costs a fraction. Just by getting some good habits together. And in a few years, you'll be able to drop those habits too, because battery tech will have progressed so far that you'll be able to fill up in minutes, if you want. Oh, and we may be able to breathe again, once they sort the National Grid out.

  28. Haha.. you compare a sedan with a sports car… compare it with a sedan also, like a bmw 760 around the track and after draw conclusions about handling.. on drag race it beat your race car :))

  29. He should of unrolled that extension lead before charging the Nissan. With 10 amps running through it the coil could overheat and cause a fire.

  30. Phenominal presentation !!!! Fair and unbiased !!!! But beware, I'm sure the Tesla FANBOYS / APOLOGISTS / ENABLERS / ELON'S CULT will be blasting you below…..

  31. Wonderful presentation but I noticed that you didn't once mention the issues Tesla is having with build quality ….Also no mention of why Tesla took the base Model 3 off their website….Could it be the profit margins don't exist for this car and it simply will not come to market ? Elon talks a lot of *hit …you know, "Free supercharging for life!!" etc, etc, etc….

  32. What an embarrassing show. It's done before – showing that a Tesla runs out of power – without the driver being aware. Financial Times should be taken to court for this show.

  33. Did anyone notice this so-called car reviewer never showed the cars charging screen while plugged in? Only his word how long it would take to charge. A Tesla normally will get 180 miles of range in 20-30 minutes. You only charge to 100 percent just before you leave your home when starting out on a road trip. He either has no experience with an electric car or is following a script written to show it fail.
    This video is intended to show any electric vehicle in a bad light no matter who built it.

    Not a proper test at all.

  34. I highly recommend you take a Tesla for a test drive as it will open your eyes. Little known fact is on average 95% of all cars simply sit in the garage waiting and with Tesla there is the ABC’s.
    Always Be Charging.
    This way you always leave the house with a full charge.

    How long does it take to charge?
    Anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds as unlike a gas or diesel car you don’t need to stay while it’s charging/filling the tank.
    No worries with someone unplugging the car at night as the charging cable locks into the car so it can’t be unplugged until the owner arrives to drive her.


  35. Lame ending intended to discourage people. Earlier, instead of a long wait for a full charge, he could easily have had two short waits.

  36. The average person will charge their phone more often than their electric car.
    And, no matter how big a petrol tank one has, if you ignore the low fuel light – you WILL get range anxiety..
    I've more than once found myself fueling up in the rain, snow, and wind. Plugging in an ev and walking indoors for a cuppa doesn't put me off. Use the car as designed and it's not bad at all.

  37. The words "A charging point in the rain" at the end of this video highlights one of the few down-sides of EV ownership; nearly all charging points are open to the weather and few are simple to operate with a mandatory phone app for each company.

  38. My metallic blue 2011 LEAF 24kwh. has done under 19,000 miles and still has full battery capacity .I have imported it into Portugal and I would like to sell it and replace it with a 30kwh version .

  39. Forgot to charge and got range anxiety. Right, I'm going on a long trip, oops I forgot to fill up with petrol, now what? Same thing

  40. What a terribly biased video! I have driven a Leaf for more than 4 years and never had range anxiety. It just takes a little common sense to charge the battery before driving, and looking at the remaining available charge as you drive. Use your head!

  41. My diesel can be "recharged" in about 3 minutes at any one of about 60,000 "recharging" stations throughout the US and Canada.Once "recharged" I can travel more than 700 miles at 65mph. Electric cars? No thanks…not in this lifetime.

  42. why don't electric cars have SOLAR PANELS on the roof, hood and trunk so you can charge you car in the parking lot while at work?

  43. Are we all buying a race car or a long-duration family transportation device we're going to keep for 15 years or more, instead of constantly paying and paying the bankers' awful loan rates for a race car that depreciates every month more than you eat?
    How stupid these "this EV is faster than this EV" nonsense is. If you drive it like a race car, you won't make it out of town!

  44. Tesla Model S P85 5 years 80,000 miles never in this position. Did they talk to even one EV user, did they look at any research? No rehashed antiquated and misguided FUD great journalism.

  45. As an EV owner I can honestly say the most important thing to have is a drive way outside your home. If you have that owning an EV is an absolute pleasure and will save you thousands on fuel, maintenance and depreciation as the transition to EV's excelarates they'll hold their value a lot better than fossil cars.

  46. 5:50 she said to hold off because their isn’t a fast charging network…. seriously, the Superchargers maybe?

  47. You didn't really forget to charge the car. You deliberately left it uncharged just to dramatize a point.

  48. Electric cars are to expensive. I got Corolla 2.0 T.Diesel 6 years ago for £2.700 (now worth £1000) and done 45k (85-130k). Spend in total fuel cost £6000 parts and service about £600 bcs (I have done oil changes myself). Insurance £350 / year and TAX £200/year. Let say total cost for 6 years about £10k …. That what Tesla is loosing in value just by signing 1st owner in to log book.(how much Tesla is loosing on value in 6 years$$$$) …. Sorry for that price Im out. (And what peoples like Musk are doing with money of those trendy who overpaid for electric hoovers? …. they spend it on pleasure to save the planet!

  49. The battery decay discussed here is particular to the Nissan Leaf – which still doesn't have a thermal management system. Tesla/Panasonic is much better than the Leaf. And the we "forgot to charge the Tesla" bit here is totally lame. It's no more plausible than someone claiming that they're heading off into West Texas with 1/8th of a tank of gas in their ICE.

  50. According to the latest UK where they loaned people an EV for 3 days over 50% said they would not buy one ,2021 =EU to unify the cost of energy =eon charged me last yr £60 standing charge & 12.34 Kwh this yr =£120 standing charge & 17.44 Kwh as UK race to catch up to what the Germans are paying = 30 euro cents per Kwh come 2021 the running costs for EVs in UK will be close to petrol cars =2025 EU to ban fossil fuels = higher taxes /charges until the total ban in 2030 /40 .

    UK = a luxury car tax =VED [road tax ] of £310 per yr for 5 yrs for cars costing £40,000 & over
    Inc EVs ,UK gov also scrapped the feed in tariff for micro power generation then raised the VAT [purchase tax ] from 5% to 20% for all things green .

    £40,000 loan now =increased running costs in 2021 = not a good out look for repaying the loan !

  51. Model 3 got range of an average petrol car. So if you not going on a road trip around the country, it will be fine. 300miles is about 4.5hours of highway driving, so you need to stop at least ones in between to just rest or eat something.

  52. Anybody wanting to keep up with all things electric, feel free to join TOTAL EV, https://www.facebook.com/groups/401902793475619/

  53. And he had 5 miles of range in a 200 mile range car. 😂 Whilst remembering to charge every camera used to film this.

  54. We talk about waiting for the car to charge on a trip as if it’s inherently bad. I think it gives us an opportunity to enjoy life in the meantime. Take a walk; go exploring.

    This video does, to one extent or another, line out the positives and negatives, but it’s overwhelmingly negative overall. If I had the finances to do it, I’d buy an electric car this very minute. And when I do have the finances, I will. And I think a great number of people feel the same way. Try putting that in your video, will ya?

  55. "I forgot to put gas in my car and it stopped working when it ran out. What a piece of crap!!"

    What kind of absolute chump forgets to fill up their vehicle. If you manage to run out of gas or run out of battery power you should just drive your car into a ditch, cut up your drivers license, and then walk home while you think about what you did.

  56. might as well hold your petrol, then in 2021 get a used bimotor leaf plus, then get hydrogenin 2024 (electric is not the final solution, just the intermediate step)

  57. Just not in the UK =gov slashed £1000 off the EV grant & went onto raising the VAT on solar from 5% to 20% + your in for a shock come 2021 when the EU UNIFY the price of energy and brexit cant save you from that one as the UK grid is linked to the EU grid via 2 under sea pipe & cable networks + buy something like a Tesla costing £40,000 and you get caught inthe UK luxury car tax bracket =£310 per year for 5 years inc EVs .
    The grand plan is the EUs plan to make all transport ,houses & work places all electric ,ok for the Germans & France where they have a massive energy businesses & infrastructure ,UK does not its a shambles hence the under sea links .

    Example couple of months a go an offshore windfarm went down & took an onshore power station with it via the overload we had half the country without power ,although both thenwind farm and the power station were in the grid area the gov & an energy spokesman said the 2 incidents were not connected which was a total lie .

    Evs are the way to go but when they out law the piston car as in the Paris accord life is set to get very expensive !

  58. it would honestly take a complete idiot to not remember to charge while only having 5 miles of range left. i imagine the car would switch to energy saving mode as well as warn the driver quite a bit before. the real advanatage of EVs for a person with a charging point on their drive way is that all they need to do is plug in and basically have the equivalent of 2/3 of a tank of gas every morning.

  59. Need charging points in my area as i would like to get the Honda-e eventually. You have to keep these EV charged overnight which is an issue.

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