Electric cars vs Petrol cars

Electric cars vs Petrol cars

Electric cars or internal
combustion engine cars: Which is better? Electric cars were in their
heyday back in 1900. But a sudden rise in petrol engine cars, accompanied by battery technology inefficiencies
killed electric cars by 1920. However, with recent improvements in
battery technology and power electronics, electric cars have made a strong comeback. We will compare these totally
different technologies scientifically, and come to understand which is superior. An IC engine is the prime mover
in petrol cars. The fuel supplied to the engine produces
combustion and enough pressure and temperature
energy to move the pistons. The linear motion of the piston is
transferred to rotary motion using a slider crank mechanism. A transmission is used to transfer this rotation to the drive wheels. In an electric car the power source is
from a battery pack. An inverter converts the DC battery power
into three-phase AC. The three-phase AC can turn
an induction motor, which will thus turn the drive wheel. Now, let us directly compare
these technologies: In an IC engine the force and
power production is never uniform. The reciprocating components cause
substantial mechanical balancing issues. In addition, the engine is not self-started. Many accessories are needed to
sort out these issues, which makes an IC engine quite heavy. Such issues are not there
in an electric motor. The induction motors work with the help of a rotating magnetic field,
generated by the stator. You can easily control motor speed by adjusting the frequency of
the AC power input. They produce uniform power and
speed output and are self-started. For these reasons, an induction motor is
much lighter than an IC engine, and, at the same time, produces much
greater power and torque output. It is interesting to note that both the IC engine and
induction motor require cooling. Both the prime movers must reject
the waste heat generated in order to keep the temperature
within a certain limit. However, it is worth noting that
the waste heat generated by an induction motor is much
lower than that of an IC engine. The main advantage of an IC engine car is
the ease with which it can be refuelled. A petrol car can be refuelled
in 5 minutes or less. However, recharging electric cars can take
at least 1 hour as of this present moment. Another major advantage of
petrol cars over electric cars pertains to their high energy density. The energy density of current
lithium-ion battery is nowhere near to that of the gasoline. Both these cars produce
comparable travel ranges. You can just compare the size and
weight of their energy storage devices. The poor energy density of
the battery produces a huge weight penalty to the electric car. The huge weight of the car reduces
the coefficient of friction between the tire and road considerably
making cornering difficult The battery pack also has huge heat
generation issues: If you tear down the battery pack
of an electric car, you will see that the battery pack
is a collection of common lithium-ion cells
that you might use in your daily life. Continuous liquid cooling is required to
keep battery temperatures at normal levels. The removed heat is rejected to
the atmosphere via a radiator. A petrol car’s energy storage part does
not require any such cooling mechanism. The battery pack of electric cars does
have advantages as well. Because the heavy battery pack is sitting
very low to the ground, it lowers the center of gravity
and increases car stability. Thus, overall safety is increased. The large battery pack is also
spread across the floor, offering structural rigidity
against side collisions. Another primary difference visible
from these visuals, is that in an IC engine car, a complex
exhaust gas treatment is needed to keep pollutants and noise
at statutory levels. Now, let’s compare the power dynamics
of these two technologies: Electric cars are the clear winner here. IC engines cannot be operated beyond
a certain speed range. This necessitates the use of a complex and costly transmission mechanism
for speed control. The motor can work efficiently
in a wide speed range. So, in an electric car speed can
be controlled directly from the motor. As a result, a speed varying transmission
is not required for an electric car. Induction motor speed is accurately
controlled by the inverter, simply by adjusting the output power frequency.
In fact, improvements made in the last decade to the software behind
inverter power electronics, played a key role in the revival
of electric cars. The electric car can produce
great torque even at the start, whereas an IC engine car
will struggle at low RPM. A DC motor is thus needed to take
the engine to the optimum RPM range at the start. Moreover, the torque and power of
an electric motor can be controlled instantaneously while the IC engines
have a low response. This, in effect, leads to far superior
traction controls in electric cars. Electric cars have inherent advantages
when it comes to regenerative braking. The same induction motor acts
as a generator here. In a petrol car, in order to achieve
regenerative braking, you must install a separate
BLDC motor and a battery pack. Before concluding the video,
let’s solve the big question: Which car is more economical? An electric car is much costlier
than an average petrol car. However, to get the full picture, you must
also compare the cost required to travel a mile. The calculation based on current
US gasoline and electricity prices, shows that electric cars are at least
one-third cheaper compared to petrol cars. Moreover, the maintenance cost of
electric cars is also low when compared to IC engine cars. As you might already be aware, electric cars
are much safer than internal combustion cars. With technological advancements in
internal combustion engines almost saturated and rapid development of electric cars
taking place. One can clearly see how electric cars have
an edge over IC engine cars as the cars of the future. To learn more about
this interesting topic, please check out this excellent video
by the channel Kyle drives. Kyle is an automobile expert and
Motorsports design and analysis engineer. Please support us at Patreon so that we
can sustain our free educational service. Thank you.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. One, who need DIFFERENT and have patience would suit electric cars (at least bloodshed for gasoline will be decreased in mid east countries) especially in european countries becoz they actually buying cars by spending $ 30000- 80000 money
    BUT technically DIESEL engines are good for heavy vehicles like trucks…. Even petrol and electric engines are not suitable for heavy engines anyway, I am waiting for Tesla SEMI…we can see…what happens…

  2. EV Drivers can get range anxiety as they often dont know WHERE to charge. BUT NOT if you use the EVHOTELS app to easily find all the hotels that offer charging.. hotel charging is far better than roadside chargers.. wake up to a full tank.. it's great!

  3. i need this in Spanish ?? I will love to make traduction of this video. if you don't have one and a update. this i a really really good video.

  4. I wish Tesla continues doing a great job in making the cars of the future. There is still room for improvement.
    Dear friends, please don't forget to support us at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqnhiE5nEN8Sj8RoJcRkI8w . Your support keeps us going !

  5. Fantastic! Best intro level comparison displaying that electric cars are far superior.

    …check out the Rivian R1T pcikup….. puts Elon's to shame.

  6. Most people are not familiar with the "Keeling Curve" that kids learn about in school, in Europe.. you can google it to become aware.

  7. I wish there were charging stations instead of gas stations I hate gasoline cars I wish everyone had electric cars ! Oh the possibilities! Imagine a charging station with a mall and you can shop and chill

  8. I disagree with your diagram shown at 6:30. The left figure is misleading and incorrect.
    Battery energy density is not increasing in that way; recent jump comes from employing lithium as the central element. It is lightest among all electron carriers.
    However, NOTHING CAN BE BETTER THAN LITHIUM as shown from periodic table. Thus, better energy density will reach limit in close future. You just cannot have that jump; this is the law of physics and chemistry.


    Nov 30 2019

    New test reveals electric cars are practically unusable in winter

    A new comparative test of the car picture shows that electric cars massively lose range in winter. In frosty temperatures, the range of four out of five test candidates dropped to under 70 kilometers, and that of the Renault Zoe to under 60 kilometers.

    Due to its enormous battery, only the Tesla Model S was able to reach a range of over 200 kilometers even in winter temperatures, but the luxury car is in a price range (it is available from 78,000 euros) that most drivers simply cannot cope with.

    Performance can drop by 50 percent in cold conditions
    Electricity In Cold Weather Tesla Inc Electric Vehicle
    The result is not surprising. Batteries are less efficient in winter due to their chemical properties. This insight does not seem to have reached the planners of the traffic and energy turnaround yet. Tests conducted by the independent German Dekra testing organization have also shown that the power loss of a battery can be as low as minus five degrees up to 50 percent.

    The results of the Auto-Bild test are simply a catastrophe for politicians, who are still persuading citizens that it is possible to switch from private transport to battery-powered vehicles. The truth is, however, that electric cars have so far only been suitable as city cars for rich people who can afford to put a classic car with a combustion engine in their garage alongside an electric car. This is certainly not environmentally friendly, because dual motorization consumes money, parking space, and resources.

    When it's cold, driving into the next district becomes a problem

    The new test results now prove that electric cars are not only anything for journeys on vacation, long distances, and commuters, but with some models, it is probably already difficult to master an easy journey to the next county in winter at all.

    Anyone who then considers how bad the resource and CO2 balance of e-cars is if their production is taken into account gets a first idea of the castles in the air that politicians are currently building. Perhaps the car industry and politicians should first remember to calculate physically and chemically correctly instead of acting politically correctly.


  10. "Electric cars were in their heyday back in 1900, but a sudden rise in petrol engine cars, accompanied by battery technology inefficiencies KILLED electric cars by 1920" end of quote.
    And so electric vehicles have resurrected and are about to kill ICE cars … Weird scenario playing out here.
    ICE cars killed electric cars;
    Electric vehicles are about to kill ICE cars;
    Cassette killed gramophone;
    CD killed Cassette;
    Flashdrive killed the CD;
    eMail killed postal services;
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, add what u know killed whatever?

  11. Just store some 10 batteries in a station and charge them to full. A car comes with an emptied battery,detach his battery from the car, attach the new charged battery from the station and plug in the emptied one in the charger at the station.

    Leverage up the capacity of stations later when the number of cars in the road increase

  12. This comes off as a sales pitch for electric cars. Although there have been advancements made in the technology, the vehicles still make use of dangerous and toxic materials, still have to contact the ground and utilize many of the same material (and as much) necessary for current ic vehicles.
    By that standard, electric cars are just a convenient, gimmicky diversion from reality for the masses.
    Oh, yeah. The cordless tool batteries certainly are saving money and the environment! Ahahaha!!! Wrong.

  13. Another rather significant issue with electric cars is the fact that they are so quiet. While this means they are far more efficient, producing minimal waste energy, it is a threat to the wildlife and pedestrians, particularly the elderly.
    Then there is the global destruction involved for obtaining the materials to produce the lithium batteries, which doesn't seem to be mentioned too often. Then of course there is the means of getting the electricity, until more sources become renewable at least.
    People don't seem to realize this. It's only logical. There is always a way in which we pay.

  14. now electronic car is good
    before mobile technology was same its starting era but now mobile technology many development
    same electronic car also developed in future
    we all people reject petrol engine car because its harmful for our environment

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  16. Learn Engineering: learns others
    Also Learn Engineering: shows unexisting i4 Chevrolet Camaro engine in his video (1:22)

  17. What about the safety of the batteries during a crash? Posibilities of a short circuit? Would be a heavy explosion and fire..

  18. Can't heard a single word, The electric car is environmental friendly… The Petrol & diesel engine cars already spoiled the planet…😠😠😠

  19. Mankind must kill PETROL CAPITALISM before P.C. kills humanity. Oil companies are the cancers of the earth and life.

  20. i would love to see copper strips on the highway so i can scoot to work in my electric car like the slot car tracks we used to have

  21. Petrol car 25k 5k p/a -fuel
    Electric car 65k 2k p/a -electric
    6 years depreciated to 50%
    Cost of ownership = same
    The only electric adantage . Scedual service of 2k @ 6 yrs.
    Save $300 a year with electric. But will cost more to fix if batteries die. So whats better.
    Hydrogen …..

  22. Yea electric car seems like the better choice om paper….but when shit gets real…..you're screwed. Oh and that's false information about the one hour recharging. When florida had the hurricane evac there were dozens of Tesla's on the side of the road out of juice.

  23. While EV is the future I have to admit I'm quite impressed at the level of engineering that goes into the creation of an ICE vehicle. They're basically ran on controlled explosions!

  24. Everyone : talking about everything else
    Energy density of gas : uh hello! I'm 98% better then electric! No? No one? Ok

  25. my 1987 electric stacker truck cost me £2000 for a new battery in 33 years…. wish i could drive it on the road! nuts and bolts are more reliable.

  26. So you've gotten away from using petrol as the propulsion fuel for the vehicle well that's all fine and good .
    Did anybody stop to ask just how many components of that electric car are made out of oil based products ?
    Buy some vehicle makes as much as 7 barrels, not gallons, 7 barrels of oil going into making just one tire !!!
    Anybody want to guess what the paint job, dashboard and seat covers are made out of ????
    Anyone ?
    Anyone ?
    Bueller ?
    Bueller ?

  27. Electric is like driving with a bomb under the car bed, only way I buy ev is price half the Gas car or lease it for $200 a month no down payment

  28. When he says the electric motor produces more power what do u need to power that motor?

    A battery pack which weighs more than ur mom so Tesla's weigh 2.5tonnnes and mercedes Audi's BMW's Volkswagen's are all much lighter coz the battery weighs like 700kg and the motor weighs 31kg

  29. It's actually closer to 20-40 minutes of super charging , it's at your house that it would take forever to charge. You would have to install a 220 or 240 v outlet in order to charge your car in just 5 hours- whereas a 110 v outlet charges your car in 36 hours.

  30. In Canada, the average person spends 1800 dollars per year on gasoline in a petrol car, the average cost per year for an electric car is 300 dollars on re-charging ( From Statistic Canada website). That is a difference of 1,500 dollars per year per car. In Canada the tax rate on a litre of gas is 45 per cent, on diesel it is 35 per cent. When the switch overcomes from gas to electric ( which it will) where is the government going to re-plenish its tax revenue base after losing billions upon billions of tax revenues from the gas taxes…just asking

  31. Thanks for this useful video! I have 2 questions. The first question is about the effects of water when washing the whole car, particularly from underneath and the effects of rain. The second question is regarding the safety in terms of accidents; such as collision or turnover of the vehicle-what is the possibility of batteries explosion and the impact on the passengers?

  32. How come nobody mentioned how they going to heat and chill cabin, seats, windows. Does not simple in electric cars. It will drain all your battery power very quickly. Plus it is not the way to make cleaner environment. Nobody calculate how many more electric power station should be build if all cars become electric. All those power plants will polute air probably more then regular gas engine. But most people see clean electric outlet from the wall and not even thinking how electricity gets to it.

  33. You forgot about maintenance, the number of parts a engine use, number of parts of transmission and overall parts vs electric cars.

  34. I don't believe electric cars will be very effective in places like the Australian outback and other extreme conditions like ICE are, obviously there are your usual mechanical faults that can occur but it seems like charging your electric car in the Flinders might be a reason why electric cars don't become the future


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