Electric Unicycle Tutorial For Beginners 01 – Getting To Know Your Wheel

Electric Unicycle Tutorial For Beginners 01 – Getting To Know Your Wheel

Goodmorning! My name is Elroy. I’m going to guide you in this tutorial. The first thing you’ll need is a FutureWheel. I think that’s quite Obvious. Before you start riding you need to fold out both pedals. As you can see the gyroscope doesn’t work yet. The next move from now is… …you push the power-button and the way you know it’s turned on…. …is when it stays in balance while you move the unicycle forward and backwards. At the beginning it doesn’t feel natural to stand on the unicycle and to move forward and backwards. So first we’re going to see how the system reacts on some movements. We recommend the beginners to use protection for your own safety. I’m using the unicycle longer than most of the beginners… …so I advise beginners to use a helmet, wrist protection and a pair of kneepads. In case you’ll crash. First you place your dominant foot already on the unicycle and create stability. Place your foot near the shell and your calf against the soft padding. Hold on to a fence or a person who walks along with you if you want to ride a certain distance… …just to get used to the feeling of how your movements react on the device. Place your other foot the same way. Be sure you’re standing comfortable… …and try to move a little forward and backwards… forward and backwards. Just to get used to the movements. As you can see my body is straight up. And when I replace my body weight, I use my whole body. Not just the upperbody. So lean with your whole body to the front or to back. Forward and backwards. Use the fence to stay in balance. When you got these movements under control, then try to ride a few meters. Like you’re about to see right now. Carefully moving forward. Use your legs to correct your balance if neccesary. Make a turn… …and try to ride the other way. When you’re confident enough, you can try to let go of the fence. But… {woow} …the cat is in the way. But when you lose your balance, Just grap the fence and recover. You turn around again… …and practice this exercise until you’re confident enough to let go of the fence competely and ride a certain distance. {And so on, so on…} One of the most important rule is that you don’t look at your feet or floor while you’re riding. It’s a common mistake by most of the beginners. It’s more difficult to retain your balance and it’s safer for you as well as for your surroundings. I hope this video is of use. Please share, like and subscribe this video and… …GOODLUCK!

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