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  1. Toyota, this is wonderful for a mechanical action fault, but what about the consumers that have brought the car to a successful complete stop at an intersection, and with their foot STILL on the brake pedal, the car suddenly rev's and accelerates? None of the fail-safes mentioned come into play when there is no input on the gas pedal, yet the engine accelerates anyways.

    Luckily, you have deep pockets.

  2. The two sensors detect mechanical movement in the pedal. How they compare data is easily understood.

    Toyota's Drive By Wire system was designed by Toyota. Yes, it will have common elements and systems compared to Ford, GM, and others, but HOW components are individually designed to execute their purpose is different to some extent. Obviously, Ford's, GM's, etc. pedal design execution is done differently.

    However, Toyotas are also accelerating without pedal input. That is the quandry.

  3. The brake overrides accelerator is an additional fail safe which should be considered. Cruise controls have LONG had this feature. Tapping the brake disconnects the cruise. It also needs to happen with cruise off and the driver has slammed on the brakes with the throttle on full open. If you don't back off power, you will just melt the brakes.

  4. What happens if VPA and VPA2 get shorted on the ECM due to an intermittent fault?
    The voltages compare and there is no need to set a code. Fail safes don't work at this point.

  5. @realismnotideology
    Why dont throw the gear into neutral???
    Then the gear in the transmission will free spin and car wont accelerate, then stepping on the brakes will definitely slow down and stop the car.
    I bet some people just dont know what to do when the got panicked.
    Not everyone can drive, and a driver license doesn't proof that a person know how to drive.
    In my opinion, people who drive a manual car have a better driving skill and fast response than people who drive automatic car.

  6. This is why all cars should have manual transmissions. If the throttle sticks, Step on the clutch and the car will cost to a stop. That's real safety! There is just too many electronics on these cars today…

  7. What happens when the throttle body gets carbon in it and it sticks?How powerful is the return of the motor on the throttle body?

  8. Failsafe modes do not engage and data codes do not get sent. It truly is a great feeling not knowing how my car is going to react at highway speeds. Plus the fact that I am burning through my brakes and clutch at a unprecedented rate. Awesome, love it, thanks guys! I have 3 Toyota's, a 2000 Avalon, a 2004 Tundra and a 2010 Corolla. Still love the Tundra and the Avalon but unfortunately due Toyota's lack of ability to correct their problem the Corolla will be our last Toyota. See video example.

  9. mercedes 01 ml320 have the same thing. and is damn expensive (Electronic Throttle Actuator) to repair those thing.. Gimme one wire open the throttlebody. Too much safety = fail. The proper name is Electronic Throttle Actuator

  10. its control the airflow and gas ratio better in terms for eco friendly and engine risk of detonation. the pedal is also softer and smoother to step on for comfort driving.

    as for as liabilities, i think tradtional is better. since the incident of the sticky pedal on their Prius.

  11. One of the most boneheaded concepts in automotive history. Failure of this garbage either through throttle motor or ECM problems strands you. I have personally seen failure of this crap on Chevy trucks and Isuzus leaving the occupants stuck on the side of the road.
    Get a clue–manual control through a cable is FAR more reliable.
    In all honesty–Toyota is definitely NOT the only one to use this nightmare–it is in use by nearly all manufacturers. I will NOT own a vehicle so equipped.

  12. the Prius stuff was driver error that the media took and ran with, then it just turned into people trying to make a buck of off Toyota.

  13. I want to learn and understand how to implement the steer by wire system. Kindly help me. How can i learn to seclect the steer motor and the controler. Regards?

  14. This was the biggest mistake toyota ever made keep the throttle cable. Now some auto makers are going even farther in trouble by taking out the manual steering rod between the steering wheel and the front tires and replacing it with a computer. This will fail and cause many deaths. So So stupid.

  15. New technology new problem.
    check engine light of my Toyota corolla was on last night, I just removed the battery terminal and the following morning I connected the terminal back and start the engine, to my surprised the check engine light was off.
    Does this solve the problem?
    Please comment.

  16. please can anybody help me to design an automatic acceleration controlling system for my car? something like a retarder circuit for the engines rpm when the pedal is pressed

  17. Yes, the damn thing just failed in my tundra. Getting correct info is being a real burden as no one, even Toyota, calls the parts to fix the problem by a common name – one minute Toyota says accelerator pedal position sensor and the next moment it's a throttle control sensor (which becomes problematic when there is a throttle control sensor already as part of the assembly, but an entirely different part). You are almost forced to go to the dealer so that you can get the right part installed and then they jack you up with a $400+ labor bill for 15 minutes of work. Add to that, the price of the plastic box is excessive and unconscionable. The price gouging by Toyota on their repair parts is enough that, though I love my tundra, I would not recommend the purchase to anyone.

  18. vsc = vehicle skid control?! lmao.. push the VSC button to perform controlled skids
    pretty sure you meant vehicle stability control

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