Eli | Official Trailer | Netflix

Eli | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hey, I’m Hayley. I live down the road.I’m Eli. They say you’re what, like,
allergic to the world, right? I guess you can say that.We looked everywhere
for a doctor to help you.
-You’re gonna get better.
Promise. -Hello, Eli. I’m Dr. Horn.
-Hello.I hope you don’t think of this
as a medical facility.
To me, it’s a home.
And, for now, it’s your home.
It’s been so long. Everything we’ve hoped for is right here.Shall we begin?What do you think is making you sick?Lots of things. The air, water, dust. Eli will get worse
before he gets better.There’s something in my room.Bad dreams are a side effect.
It’s perfectly normal. I don’t mean to freak you out,
but this place gives me the creeps.I think she’s making me sicker.-It’s the medication.
-It’s not the medication! -Why do I feel worse?
-Because it’s working. I think something bad is happening.We all need to leave!Is his life in danger? Why are you doing this? -You are sicker than you realize.
-Get away from me!I’m not sick!Let me out! Let me out!-You’re gonna get better.

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  1. What is this movie all about???
    Devil wins..??? !!!
    Does this director worship of devil..??? And … trying to promote which idea?
    Just ask these questions after you watch this film.
    The film has worst moral story and every often tried to scare audience. Thats it.
    The only thing I like is the young boy’s acting.

  2. I am going out on a limb here and guessing that Eli is telekinetic or has some other paranormal ability he is unaware of.

  3. If u suffer from depression do not watch ur soul is sad and weak and it will lead all the wrong spirits to u,Let God be with u?

  4. I'm not into commenting about movies I have really liked. But this film is so fckingggg great! Yes it may look like an ordinary horror film. But after watching this, you could tell that this is so much better than any horror film you have already watched! Even Insidious and The Conjuring!!!! This is my fcking favorite now! ?

  5. Spoiler alert: Ending explained
    At the end of the movie, Eli is forced into the operation room for trail 3 after finding out the doctors secret. The nurses and the doctor perform what looks like an exorcism on him. At this moment, Eli’s dad is holding his mom back bc she knows that at the end of trail 3, Eli will die bc she too, found out about the doctors secret. While doing the exorcism, the doctor finishes it by lifting a dagger and striking Eli with it, however Eli’s power within is much stronger than the nurses and the doc so he breaks free from their clasps and ends up killing the nurses and the doctor with his powers. While doing so, he questions his “mom” about the whole situation and that’s when he learns why he was feeling ill. Eli is the son of the devil and The doctor and nurses (nuns) were injecting Eli with holy water, and that’s why he reacted bad to it and was feeling worse. Again, while this is all happening his birth dad comes right behind him and tries stabbing him with a dagger, but Eli soon turns around and kills him easily without hesitation due to the fact that he was never his dad. Eli as well as his birth mom exits the house and that’s when they meet Haley near their car and she also explains that she’s Eli’s half sister, a child of the devil as well as the many other kids that were taken to that house for “treatment” but because they weren’t strong enough to defeat the “doctor and nurses” they ended up dying due to the “doctor” killing them on trial 3 (that’s why When Eli sees the files for the kids, on trial 3 all the kids are dead). The movie ends with all three of them getting into the car and to my best knowledge, they’re going to meet Eli’s and Haley’s REAL dad (the devil) ///// hope this explains everything. Sorry for any grammatical errors ?it’s currently 3am and I didn’t want to spend much time typing this

  6. when life fucks you over and you have to live in a bubble and then life fucks you twice and scares the shit out of you while still being a damn bubble boy.

  7. It was an okay view on a slow dreary Saturday afternoon. Not a strong movie to say the least, but a good twist at the end. The movie wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either.

  8. See I’m an unofficial movie critic and this movie was terrible to me. I don’t like when movies are confusing and drawn out taking forever to get to a plot rather than being suspenseful. I especially hate when a movie seems to start out with a certain plot and then goes in a completely new (or multiple) directions because to me it makes it seem as though the director/producer wanted to make multiple movies but just didn’t have the time or money to make them so they just shoved it all into one movie. I was not impressed with this film and by the end of the movie it felt like a complete waste of time. A little over half way through the movie is when I started to feel like the movie was playing games and by the end I was rolling my eyes HARD. This was a total miss. Kudos to the boys acting skills though.

  9. Good movie and very convincing acting throughout. But why oh why are good horror movies (and movies in general really) being let down badly by terrible endings in the last few years.!??

  10. strange mindset in this film … dig deeper and you´ll find a lot of disturbing thoughts. Sarcasm at is´s best/worst.


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  13. I was expecting a decent horror, the trailer looks very promising, but once they try to explain it, it's just stupid. Don't bother.

  14. will this be a series..omg good from start to end…The brains in story telling like S King….but better! no cheap thrills great story all the way through..An ending you would never predict!!!?

  15. Well lets say it like this its for me a great movie with a twist that no person on this planet could have forseen but it relies so heavily on that Plot Twist that the build up seems worthless

  16. I watched this because my friend told me it’s about kids and very scary so I shouldn’t watch it alone in the dark.

    Well…I watched it at 12am alone, and literally my only reaction was thinking his face looked funny when he became a devil…the ending was surprising but not a good one.

  17. I had the movie playing while I went to another room, when I came back my oldest was watching and walked in just to see the unexpected! Decent movie.

  18. 1 of the best movies i have seen with a plot twist you dont see comming and the act talents from the kid ..simple WHOW..and for once a trailer dident gave away the plot

  19. Terrible movie. Seems like they really wanted to do something "different." The movie could have gone in a much better direction. The plot twist and ending were pretty lame.

  20. Don't even waste time watching this movie. I watched it the day it came out and let me tell you what this movie serves.

    Not what trailer looks like.
    Shitty story.
    The directors don't even know the story line.
    Don't watch it. Save your time.

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