Ellen Helps Mark Wahlberg Get Business for His New Car Dealership

So let’s talk about
all the different ways that you’re
investing your money. Very wise, by the way. You’re spreading it out
in lots of different ways. So you bought a car
dealership in Ohio. Yes. Columbus, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio. What made you want to Number
1, buy a car dealership, and then why there? Well, we have a restaurant
in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re opening in Columbus, Ohio. I love working. I have a lot of business in the
Michigan area, the Ohio area, and it was just a
great opportunity that we had discovered. My partner, Jay Feldman,
is from Michigan. He’s one of the biggest
car dealers around there. I was a car salesman
when I was younger. I was a mechanic in training. OK. And how long has it been open? We’ve been open for a
couple of months now. How’s it doing? It’s doing great. We’ve just gotten– I think we’re at like
197 on a Top 250 auto dealerships in the– All right. –country. Well, let’s make it Number 1. Let’s do– That’s the goal. I like the way you think. Yeah. Why do something– You should be my partner. Next time you
invest in something, let’s do it together. Absolutely. All right? But here’s what I want
to do to help you out. We’re going to do a car
commercial that we wrote, and you’ll just say the lines
that you see on the camera. And just don’t
ask any questions, and then we’ll do
a car commercial. And then you buy the
air time and stuff. We’re not going to do that. And then– Oh, wow. –we help raise awareness. I love this. All right, let’s go. Let’s go. All right. [APPLAUSE] This is actually funny. Going to be really funny. [CHEERING] Ready? We’re ready. All right. All ready. Yee-haw! I’m Ellen DeGeneres. And I’m Mark Wahlberg. And we’re here to tell
you to come on down to Mark Wahlberg’s Chevrolet,
Central Ohio’s largest inventory of new Chevys. Oh, yeah. Come on down. That’s right, I got a ton of
cars for you to test drive. Everything from
Camaros to Silverados. [CAR HONKING] Hey, do you sell Zambonis? Due to the high demand, we are
currently sold out of Zambonis. [BUZZER SOUNDING] Well, I tell you what he does
sell, this 2018 dump truck. This is not a joke. He actually sells a dump truck. I sure do. And imagine all the
things that you could do with that beauty, Ellen. You could dump gravel. Dirt! Or a mixture of gravel and dirt. And if you buy it
now, Mark’s going to throw in something for free. What? We don’t give anything
away for fr– oh, no. I will, that’s right. You get a copy of Ted
2 or Transformers 4 on Blu-ray or DVD. Your choice. And get this, all of Mark’s cars
come equipped with a steering wheel and four tires. Wow. With great deals
like that, I don’t know how to afford to
feed my– actually, you know what I’ll do? I’ll give them some
free Wahlburgers. Stop by any time, and Mark will
personally sell you a Chevy. You’ll be there, right, Mark? In spirit, yes. All right. Tell them where you’re located. 3900 Broad Street
in Columbus, Ohio. Just– OK. I’m sorry, go ahead. Just a half mile east
of Westland Flea Market. Uh, it’s a little
closer than that, but come on down to Mark
Wahlberg’s Chevrolet! We’ll suit you up, maybe
get you one of these hats. You’ll be glad you did. [APPLAUSE] I have a gift for
you, because it’ll help you with the commercial. You have to air that
commercial, all right? Oh, I’m going to. OK, good. [AIR BLOWING] [LAUGHTER] Oh, Yeah. [APPLAUSE] I like it. [CHEERING] We gotta turn– You’re supposed to turn it. There we go. [APPLAUSE] We’ll be back.

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