[EN-SUB] Royal Enfield E4 Exaust Aftermarket Solutions

[EN-SUB] Royal Enfield E4 Exaust Aftermarket Solutions

SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH — SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH- Hello from your Ferdi Today I wanted to tell you about the discharges for Royal Enfield and do a bit of clarity on This topic so let’s see first terminals. This terminal you see here which was previously chromate as but then this is sanded and coated with this varnish was 800 degrees   because I wanted just this matte black, it was mounted on a EUR 3 while this one you see here is one of my € 4 and as you see the two mufflers, the two terminals are practically identical are identical, Fram here there is the same bracket same diameter as the inlet which is 43 mm virtually identical okay ?? Now we turn to manifold Fram here we see the exhaust manifold of this is € 3 and this is of EUR 4 as you see that has a catalyst here toward the late well quite as bad as I had said and then even more obvious difference is that we find the diameter you see I want to see well there is a narrowing of this part here not I understand why the also because the two converters have the same entrance so I do not understand why  Royal Enfield did this narrowing, perhaps you see is a bush just been fitted to drain better the exhaust gases after they had mounted this Catalyst then you see that virtually the only difference is this Here then as they did in order to mount the final? They inserted a graphite gasket Fram here you see this is now ruined and so the muffler you can then mount for those wishing to mount this type of collector which I do not recommend because there is always © this catalyst here than in I think a lot closes the outlet so I preferred to mount a so manifold, this unfortunately is involved in an accident you see so dented it had been discarded and had another I did blasted and then painted black as most of you know the lambda probe is equal and does not give any kind of problem practically equal I thought about using his original exhaust the Euro 3 because I © I in my changes never touch the parts  the original parts of the It must always have and I tried to change this or to get the approval you see then what has been done in this muffler you have been cut at this point as this muffler this also has three type catalysts satay here 1 1 1 here is in part final cakes are big so all openwork now thrown away if not fecevo I see him I’d put it somewhere on the forum then the first was removed completely the second it was all laundry with fairly large holes that the third unfortunately He could not reach it and so it’s stayed that way then I must say that then mounting this discharge virtually the differences were non-existent ie there’s been no change and then I thought what I did to mount thought I was saying to mount this discharge called MEGATON see very short because I feel fit © 40 I have to see centimeters are 43 42 cm, 44 cm has a diameter of 45 so then with its reduction rings is fine and I have to say that this muffler gave me much satisfaction though being short, very short and as you see then all open non sò if you can see both inside of glass wool inside here though I say this really makes noise and felt the discomfort in the ears of see how ceases to the curve made as a bit exaggerated say a little exasperated made touched the novelty still repeat this muffler that will not cost relatively both gave good performance at low speeds in the sense that the provision of Power was immediate though I had the problem of noise that that to me bothered then this here with this concealer with the reduction ring the result was this lambda probe no problem no shot say the release anything well fitted and disassembled this Indian jug that was chrome though the chrome After almost a week was already yellowed around here and see the connecting bracket will Riotta for vibrations I do not recommend to buy © these products because the quality is really just the fact I removed put to rest if you do not know if I fit  again and this will perhaps precisely with this discharge pipe too long He gave of shots ie issues they felt the barrel of really not indifferent okay then final tip then put them well as a Video of Dunstall with the size the Dunstall measures 70 centimeters and has a terminal that measures 10 centimeters want you to see this as well as it appeared though this step was covered with a heat shield okay I am leaving the Dunstall images between economic in my opinion is the one I like best is fine greet you and give you an appointment possibly in the next video you want to change this collector drain eliminated you find one like this to be hitchcock de Ciccio and there seems that they care a slightly larger inner diameter if you ask some some undoubtedly dealer or the site managers royal.it they will give you all the information useful to solve the problem goes well I thank you for giving Following   greet  hello  Ferdi

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