Entune® How-To: Updating Your Entune® System (2.1.0) | Toyota

Entune® How-To: Updating Your Entune® System (2.1.0) | Toyota

– Hi, my name is Emily. – And I’m Tomas. And today, we’re gonna show you how to update your
display audio with Entune with the latest software to add three additional apps,
and voice recognition. First off, start your Toyota in a well ventilated, non-enclosed
area, but don’t drive it. Turn on your audio system. Next, you will select the apps button. You’ll see the apps main page on your vehicle display screen. Locate your vehicle’s
USB port in your car, and then insert the USB
memory stick in the USB port. There’ll be a slight delay, and you’ll see the message asking you to update your current
software to the 2.10 version. Select yes. – [Emily] From here,
press the confirm button. Allow about five minutes
for the update to complete. You’ll see the screen change
to indicate that Entune is updating one through
eight software packages. During the upload of package eight, your screen will go
blank for five seconds, this is normal. Please do not turn off your vehicle, and do not drive your
vehicle during this time. When the update is complete, the following screen will appear. You do not want to reinstall
2.1.0, so please press no. Your update is now complete. Remove the memory stick from the USB port, and keep it in a safe place. Now you can turn off your
car, or go ahead and drive while you enjoy your enhanced
Entune multimedia system.

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  1. Yes, HOW do you get this USB update? Did it come with the car? Is it sent? I don't have one but I do have the car…

  2. I bought my 2012 Camry brand new and the dealership sent me one about 8 months later. If you got yours used i wold give the main offices of Toyota a call and get one.

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