Ep. 007 – How to make your horn work with an aftermarket steering wheel.

Ep. 007 – How to make your horn work with an aftermarket steering wheel.

One of my most popular videos on my
channel which I’m currently blogging on is a video about my Celica and in the
video I’m talking about the NRG slim quick-release, Momo hub and a Momo
steering wheel which I installed in my car. There’s two very popular questions
on that video the most popular being how did I get the horn to work? I’m going to
show you how to do that right now this modification is going to require some
creativity on everybody’s part. Everyone’s car is different so
everyone’s going to have to figure something out on their own. This is
the basic idea .This should work for everybody. Most of these hubs are all the same they just happen to have different
spline size, count and shape for different cars. You can’t just buy this you have to
make it yourself. You have to get creative. I think this is what separates a guy
who buys parts for his car from an enthusiast.
This is pretty obvious here’s a horn button here’s a steering wheel it’s a
quick release but if you’re not using a quick release this still applies to you.
Behind the quick release are contacts. Those contacts mates to the quick release. Behind these contacts are two Spade connectors male and a female. One is going to be ground and one is going to be for your
horn. That one’s going to be positive. Tthis trim piece is screwed on to the
steering column. The only thing holding that trim piece onto the steering
column is a couple of screws. Affixed to the trim piece I have a small
piece of brass which makes contact on the bottom of the hub. If you look very
closely you can see the screw that holds the trim piece onto the column and if
you follow that screw to the left you’ll see a small brass tab. That small brass
tab is touching the back of the Momo hub. The Momo hub has a brass ring on it
as well. Which you touch and that’s how you get
the power for your horn. The ground is another story. Here’s the MOMO Hub and
here’s the trim piece that goes around it. Behind that trim pieces are some metal
workings and on those metal workings is where I affixed a bolt and a nut along
with the ring terminal to give me a ground for my horn. The copper tab you can get from a hobby store preferably a hobby store which involves a lot of
materials for building models not so much RC cars. I went with about a quarter
inch to half inch width. The thickness I don’t remember but it’s
thin enough that I can flex it with my hands. You don’t want it to break when
you bend it. You want to be able to shape it in any way or form so that it
could suit your needs. I’m sure that something like this would work with
cruise control but I don’t recommend it. There’s a lot more than just one power
and one ground for cruise control. If you really wanted to keep your cruise control… I would install it onto the steering column trim piece. That way it doesn’t move with your steering wheel but you’ll still have access to it. Similar to your
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  1. Great video, and beautiful Celica. Just wanted to say keeping the cruise control in a toyota or lexus is pretty easy. As you said just move the stalk to the steering trim piece it self just have to make a little bracket. http://i771.photobucket.com/albums/xx358/mr_driftnice/cruisereloc.jpg (some guy's lexus is as an example)

  2. That other video brought me here. One question still remains., Are those the same air freshners? Just kidding. Thanks for the video.

  3. Great vid, but you need to get does 500 like…. i hope you do because i don't know shit about gethinh the hurn to work 😠 don't care about the air bag to mutch…

  4. Do you have to have a quick release? I mean does it work only with the hub adapter?

    how would you re-wire the function panel?

  5. Great video, very informative. Getting my horn working was the biggest issue that I had when installing an aftermarket steering wheel.

  6. is there a way to just connect the wires when I want to honk? my stock steering wheel has lost the screw holes that hold the horn button on so I cant honk

  7. The combination of your song (although amazing) and your instructions made this seem fucking complicated. Otherwise, thank you for taking time out to do this.

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