Ep. 2: Gabriel Iglesias Shows Off His Vintage VW Bus Collection | Fluffy At Home | Fuse

Ep. 2: Gabriel Iglesias Shows Off His Vintage VW Bus Collection | Fluffy At Home | Fuse

We are coming to you from
my Fluffy Compound slash Volkswagen museum
right here. That second Volkswagen Bus
right there is actually a replica of my first car. My first car was a 1968
Volkswagen Transporter Bus, it did not look
anywhere like that. This was my first
Volkswagen Bus that I got when I started
the new collection. This is a 1966 basically
pistachio green bus. This was featured on
Jay Leno’s garage. He crashed this
one into a curb. Yeah Jay don’t know
how to drive these. The rarest of all the
busses is a fifteen window which is this one right
here that we just passed. They only made a certain
number of the fifteen window buses and they made
a lot more of the twenty one and twenty threes but
that one is the rarest one to find. But this still costs more
so you figure that one out. I call this one The
Blue Bomber right here. We lowered it but it’s not
the safest thing in the world cause you only got
two mirrors to go off of. This one right here is a
1956 Wolfsburg edition bus. This was built in Germany,
unlike some of the other ones back there that were
built in the states. And the main way you can
tell that it was built in Germany is based
on the bumper. This is called a
pressed bumper. It’s actually built
into the frame. And this right here
is my holy grail. The oldest bus I have, it
is a 1952 barn door bus. The Volkswagen Bus came
out in 1950 and this is the oldest one that I can
find in this condition. It’s called a Barndoor Bus
because the back of the bus itself has a gigantic
door that opens up. Eventually they figured
out that you know, sometimes you don’t need
a big one to get it done, sometimes one that’s half
the size can do just the trick. Now If you can get your
hands on one they’ll probably go for upwards
of two hundred thousand dollars. Uh and probably can’t go
faster than a caterpillar. They’re literally like
1920 horsepower and, you put enough people in
there, that’s not enough. So yeah I don’t take this
thing on the freeway, I barely take it outside. Alright well there you have it, those are my babies in the back. Well my metal babies,
not the furry cute ones. We’re gonna go check out
the other building in the back which is where I
have the Fluffy Shop Merchandise Company. Yeah I have an actual
merchandise company and I keep it in the back, that’s always where
you gotta keep it: in the back.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. T1 VW buses built in the states, really? The bumpers were added according to the market the bus was going to be sold at. The first generation of the Volkswagen Type 2 with the split windshield, informally called the Microbus, Splitscreen, or Splittie among modern fans, was produced from 8 March 1950 through the end of the 1967 model year. From 1950 to 1956, the T1 (not called that at the time) was built in Wolfsburg; from 1956, it was built at the completely new Transporter factory in Hanover. I guess having money and a lot of them doesn't mean you know what you're talking about.

  2. I honestly believe I would cry if I was able to go there, suuuuucchhh an absolutely massive VW enthusiast, especially for the busses

  3. He's completely wrong about the pressed bumper bus. It was built in Wolfsburg and the later ones were built in Hanover. The bumper is just a different shape. The pressed bumpers and the later bumpers both attach to the bus similarly.
    So he doesn't know what he's talking about, but he's still a funny guy.
    And that "pistachio colored" bus is turkis (turquoise).

  4. My son and restore vw bugs & busses as a hobby they all have names and are members of the faimly that just slepp in the garage. I have 2 bus project a 1967 15 window deluxe I been working on for many years and a 64 bus.. You sir have good taate in cars. My son and I started this project when he was 3 years old …

  5. it will be great if you get to drive them and not just parked . like jay leno said "cars are made to be driven" I have a 70 camaro and 66 bug and I drive them frequently. SO – drive your cars

  6. Gorgeous vehicles. My Dad a 1969 in El Salvador, he was the second owner. They are great vehicles. we drove to Mexico on a family vacation , but in Puebla which is famous for having very steep mountains motor gave up and had to be rebuilt right there and the irony of this is that I believe that’s were there was an assembly vw which ended in 2003.

  7. Nice collection but irks me a bit to see all these buses sitting in a museum, owned by one person and not being used, seems like a waste

  8. As a career graphic designer, one of the the first lessons I learned is when the graphics compete with the subject, you’ve done a terrible disservice to the client. All designers want to do cool stuff, in this case video producers, but when viewers can’t get more than a one second view of the Volkswagens, it’s maddening. I clicked on the video so I could see cool classic Volkswagens, but I left before the end because the quick cuts drew more attention than the cars. This is an example of production run amok, where the editor is more interested in adding to his portfolio than doing a good, informative job for his client.

    Sorry guys, I won’t be watching any more of your videos, they suck!

  9. Wow! I can’t believe you think busses were built in the USA. None were. They were only built in Germany and Brazil. I doubt you even know what you actually have since you got that wrong.

  10. The Wolfsburg bus was built in Germany for Germany and didn’t have the same safety requirements that were mandated by the DOT. The others were built in Germany for export to the United States. There were none built in Brazil for USA. They have come here by independent sellers and buyers but that is it. Still can’t believe you got that wrong.

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