Dirt bike crashes, motorcycle crashes, motorbike accident insurance, personal injury lawyer, epic dirtbike fails, fails compilation 2015, crash compilation, vehicle crashes, vehicle accident lawyer Epic Dirtbike & ATV Fail Compilation 2015 [Ep.#43] – A Moto Madness crash compilation of some of the best and baddest dirtbike and ATV crashes including motocross, enduro and trailbike fails.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. when the guys crash at 6:37 the quad and the dirtbike  I have never herd such a whiney bitch they just got into a accident and all he cares about is his fucking gay quad the other guy says 3 times my throttle stuck I have had that happen usually u just pull the clutch and hit kill swtich but shit happens I just don't like that fucker bitching about his quad oh my quad not hey bro you alright I

  2. and his dirtbike didn't make the quad flip he jacks it to the right that's what makes it flip my friend or not if that happened to me and he said your paying I would promptly say get fucked bud learn to ride shit happens

  3. Last crash: ide hate to be him, getting stitches. Ever since I saw that someone had to get stitches on their balls, I've developed a fear of stitches

  4. If you're rippin with your bros and you happen to get into an accident you need to have a better attitude about it

  5. I ate shit hard at Pala Raceway too. Stand up staff. Had in an ambulance and to the ER in 30 minutes. A year to get my shoulder back and operational but the people at Pala were all class.

  6. " look at mah fuhkin quad"….if ya punk ass would have been wearing anytype of gear at all you wouldn't have been whining like a little bitch. fuxk your quad look at dudes bike…he woulda had a face full of helmet with that mouth. mfker act like hes never fucked up before

  7. "your going g to need stitches dude"…. "FUUUUCCCKK!". I know that feeling well. just did it the other day. witches eyes can be a MF.

  8. The one at 3:24 that dude is an idiot hes like yo dude you okay i be like who are you im not alright i just got into a dirt bike crash dumn fuck

  9. The one dude about like 7:12 or so is a pussy. He gives riders a bad name. When you go riding you know what is at risk. Now if it is completely someone else’s fault yes asking for a little to fix it is ok BUT, still when you go riding you know what is as risk.

  10. I was going up a hill with my quad and i saw a hot chick in the sky so i floated up there and now my roblox account is banned

  11. The dude from 7:30 needs to fuckin chill. He was yellin at the dude that hit him before he new he was even okay. A quad is easier to replace than a fucking collapsed lung of snapped femur

  12. 7:54 I once owned the four wheeler the guy in the back pulls up on. I highly recommend it as it was reliable, rode great, was not too fast but fast enough to get a thrill out of, and very safe. It's a Yamaha 350 with electric start, and lights.

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